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Furniture industry stock code, the leader of the stock furniture sector

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Q1:What are the good stocks in the furniture sector

The stocks in the furniture sector are as follows:

1. Shengda Forestry. A forest products enterprise that adheres to the development strategy of "integration of forest and board" in the field of forestry industry, has the ability of independent innovation, gives full play to ecological benefits, and achieves sustainable development. The company was approved by Sichuan Renmin Chuan Fu Han [2005] No. 249 document, with the original shareholders of the limited company as the promoters, based on the audited net assets of 125,188,599 yuan on August 31, 2005, at a 1:1 share conversion rate A joint-stock company established with an overall change in proportion. The company completed the registration in Sichuan Administration for Industry and Commerce on December 26, 2005, the registration number is 5100001817876, the registered capital is 125,188,599 yuan, and the legal representative is Jiang Changzheng.

2. Del Home. The leading professional wooden floor brand service provider in China has been committed to providing consumers with environmentally friendly, technologically advanced home products and cutting-edge home experience for many years. Del International Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and successfully landed in the capital market in 2011, becoming one of the domestic A-share listed companies (stock code 002631). It is one of the leading enterprises in the production and sales of wooden flooring with leading domestic strength, scale and brand influence.

3. Sophia. Another translation of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is located in the southern part of the Sofia Basin, surrounded by mountains. After the end of the Russian-Turkish War and Bulgaria became an independent nation-state, Sofia became the country's capital.

4. Weihua Shares. Founded in October 1997, it is located in Dongsheng Industrial Zone, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. It is one of the largest fiberboard manufacturers in Guangdong Province, with an annual production capacity of 70,000 cubic meters. The company has more than 200 employees, with good wages and benefits. According to the national social security system, the company has handled different types of insurance such as endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and comprehensive insurance. Under the guidance of the company's corporate tenet of "people-oriented, pursuing excellence, developing Weihua, and benefiting the society", it has continued to grow and develop, forming a corporate culture with rich connotations and establishing a good corporate image. Driven by the enterprise spirit of "unity, diligence, integrity and innovation", a group of outstanding talents has been brought together to cultivate a high-quality workforce.

5. Happy to come. It is a leading enterprise in the domestic mattress industry, always with the mission of "committed to human healthy sleep", focusing on the design, research and development, production and sales of high-quality furniture with mattresses as the core. The company's main products are mattresses, soft beds and ancillary products. It owns four major brands: "Xilinmen", "Fashman", "SLEEMON" and "Aibei". The company's core product mattress has an annual production capacity of 1 million pieces, making it a world-renowned bedding manufacturer.

6. Daya Technology. It is mainly based on Daya Technology Group Co., Ltd., and jointly sponsored by Shanghai Aotu Color Printing Corporation, Shantou Qianye Tobacco Materials Co., Ltd., Beijing Milk Company and Chengdu Wuniu Kemei Investment Group Co., Ltd. through fundraising. In 1999, the company issued 80 million shares to the public and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Q2:What is the stock code of Yazhen Furniture

Yazhen Furniture officially landed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 15, 2016. Stock name: Yazhen Home Furnishing, stock code: 603389.

Q3:Furniture sector concept stocks, what are the furniture sector concept stocks

600337 Meike 600978 Yihua Wood 000910 Daya Technology 002047 Chenglin 002084 Seagull Sanitary Ware 002174 Plum Umbrella 002240 WeihuaShares 002259 Shengda Forestry 002354 Kemian Wood 002489 Zhejiang Yongqiang

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Q4:The various manufacturing Industry leading companies and stock symbols to me

. General machinery manufacturing [industry leader: 600786 Dongfang Boiler]

. Special equipment manufacturing [industry leader: 600320 Zhenhua Port Machinery;]

. Construction Machinery [Sany Heavy Industry 600031]

. Other machinery 【Industry leader: 600255 Xinke Materials】

. Plastic Manufacturing [Industry Leader: 600143 Kingfa Technology]

Q5:What are the stocks in the automotive industry

FAW Xiali, BYD.

Q6: What are the latest leading stocks in the auto industry? Thank you!

SAIC Motor, Dongfeng Motor, JAC~ By the way, it is different whether you focus on passenger cars, trucks or accessories.

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