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New Infrastructure: "Internet + Smart Site"

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"Internet +" promotes the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. "Internet + smart construction site" is an important carrier for the construction industry to use the existing mature technology to develop intelligently, which helps to solve many problems existing in the current construction site management The transformation to digital, intelligent and efficient management. Through the comprehensive application of Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, the construction site has the perception function, realizes data interconnection, and achieves intelligent management of the construction site; based on the information, visualization, and intelligent management mode, real-time monitoring of various elements of the construction site , intelligently respond according to the actual situation of the construction site, and finally realize the intelligentization of construction site management.

Smart Site

Smart Site is a new concept. Smart construction site is the concrete embodiment of the information revolution in the construction industry. It is a new construction and management mode based on a high degree of informatization. It includes a comprehensive perception of people and things, comprehensive intelligence in construction technology, work interconnection, and information collaboration. Sharing, decision-making scientific analysis, risk intelligence pre-control, etc. It mainly includes three aspects: the first is the application of various new information and network technologies; the second is the convenient realization of various functions required by the project construction; the third is to improve the efficiency and value of the project construction.

▲ Three-dimensional spatial information flow relationship of smart construction site system

New information technology is the basis for the construction of smart construction sites. At the project level, its core technology is BIM technology and IoT technology; at the enterprise level, its core technology is big data technology; at the government level, its core technology is cloud computing technology.

At present, there are many application cases for smart construction sites, but less scientific research work has been carried out in the depths. The main body of each smart construction site project is a single enterprise. In terms of scale, only a certain project is used as a pilot project, rather than a full-scale deployment. In terms of functions, it is mostly composed of real-name management, video surveillance integration, environmental monitoring, material management, etc., lacking deeper intelligent management. idea.

Investment in the construction of smart construction sites in my country

my country has made certain investment in the construction of smart construction sites. The department has established an "Internet +" supervision system. By integrating the supervision data resources of various systems and platforms of the department, it has achieved the establishment of the department's "Internet +" supervision system data warehouse, making full use of the existing supervision business system to build or improve related application systems. To provide the public with services such as supervision information inquiry, supervision work publicity and other services in light of the actual work. The construction industry is promoting the construction of the BIM review and approval system and the common information model (CIM) platform to provide support and services for the construction of smart cities. The construction of smart construction sites is a part of the construction of smart cities, which can promote the construction of a new generation of urban infrastructure, create a new smart city with "Internet of Things, Data Connection, and Intelligence" in one, and strengthen the city's comprehensive operation and management system, thereby promoting a new round of urbanization. high-quality development. At present, smart construction sites in some parts of the country already have a mature cloud platform system. Centering on the five production factors of "human, machine, material, method and environment", a new generation of information technology is used to establish comprehensive perception, intelligent production, scientific management, and interconnected collaboration. The project management ecosystem of China is characterized by process digitization, result visualization, and management digitization. It is the integration and value creation of "Internet +" thinking in the construction stage of construction projects.

Relevant situation of smart construction sites in Hunan Province

Hunan Province has established a smart construction site supervision platform to achieve institutional innovation in construction site supervision and further improve supervision Ability and supervision level. Under the leadership of the Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Hunan Province has formed a preliminary structure for the construction of the smart construction site management platform, and will continue to build and improve it in the next step, and plans to build key projects for demonstration construction sites. The smart construction site supervision platform is used in engineering projects and promoted throughout the province to promote the development of smart construction sites.

▍1. Main construction content of smart construction sites in Hunan Province

Hunan Smart Construction Site Cloud Platform mainly serves construction projects, construction companies and the construction industry in the province. The overall construction of the cloud platform is divided into project-level, enterprise-level and industry (government) ) level three levels.

※ Project levelB/S structure, deploy according to "5+X+PM". "5" is the basic platform Five mandatory modules - quality management, safety management, personnel management, environmental management, equipment monitoring (including video, tower crane, elevator monitoring); "X" is the optional module of the basic platform, such as material management, safety education, mobile patrol More systems, each project or enterprise can choose according to their needs; "PM" is the PM project management platform.

▲ Project Management Platform—Integrated Management

※Enterprise-level summarizes the monitoring data (including personnel, environment, equipment, etc.) of enterprise-owned projects through the platform ), and process the data and push it to the enterprise management in the form of charts. At the same time, you can also view the personnel, environment, equipment, quality and safety data of a single target project, and strengthen the management and control ability of the enterprise on the project. The construction covers the enterprise and the project site. Linked visualization and intelligent smart construction site.

※Industry (government) level Focusing on the overall goal of smart supervision of construction sites, using modern information technology to build Hunan Province Construction engineering supervision information platform, and formulate related planning and design, management system and technical standards of smart construction site supervision platform, etc. Obtain massive data from the platform, conduct big data analysis by aggregating massive information, filter out key data, and create an early warning mechanism based on rankings. Push the rankings in the form of charts, provide data support for industry management and decision-making, and further improve supervision capabilities and supervision levels.

2. Main functions of smart construction site in Hunan Province

By using Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, BIM and other technologies to build It is a modular, one-stop information management platform composed of labor management, quality and safety data early warning, real-time video monitoring of construction sites, major hazards and civilized construction monitoring. The platform can realize construction site data collection, comprehensive data statistics and analysis, mobile app application, etc. The site data is presented to the construction site project department, construction enterprises, government authorities and supervisory agencies at different levels for decision-making reference.

Hunan Province's "Internet + Smart Site" consists of three levels of platforms, namely project level, enterprise level and industry level.

▲ Hunan Province "Internet + Smart Site" Architecture Diagram

※ The project-level platform consists of three platforms, namely PM project management platform, Philosopher Assistant and 5+X IoT module. Among them, the PM project management module divides functions according to the seven key positions of project management, and manages nine elements including integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, and procurement according to job responsibilities. The functions of Zhejiang Assistant are mainly aimed at technical personnel, including the quality management and safety management functions of the project. 5+X IoT modules are divided into mandatory modules and optional modules. The required module is the basic function, including personnel management, environmentenvironment management, video surveillance, tower crane monitoring and elevator monitoring functions. The optional module is the freely selected function (X), including material management, safety education and other systems.

※Enterprise-level platform mainly serves construction enterprises. Through the collected project basic data, captured workers' real-name system information, collected project quality unqualified data, collected safety production standardization and quality management evaluation data, and collected data from the project-level platform, the data is summarized and analyzed in the smart construction site cloud. The platform is displayed at the enterprise level, which is used to improve the comprehensive analysis ability of construction enterprise information and the efficiency of dispatching and commanding.

▲ Enterprise smart site management content

※ Industry-level platform is a comprehensive information service platform for the entire construction industry, mainly used in the supervision of projects and enterprises. The industry-level platform is composed of a smart construction site management system, a government supervision platform, and corresponding planning, standards and management systems. The data. Use big data collection and cloud computing technology to organize data, realize arbitrary retrieval of enterprises, projects, personnel and equipment, automatically compare data, generate early warning information and rankings, intelligently recommend knowledge bases, and manage information-based industries.

3. Staged planning for the promotion of smart construction sites in Hunan Province

Led by the Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and supplemented by other parties, the development and promotion of smart construction sites. In recent years, the release of a series of plans, standards, guidelines and work requirements related to smart construction sites, as well as the rapid development of information technology and intelligent equipment, have provided technical support and implementation conditions for the establishment of smart construction site management platforms.

Hunan Province's smart housing development planning is divided into smart management planning and basic platform planning, and the smart construction site supervision platform is an important part of "smart construction" and "engineering project dynamic supervision platform" . Recommended general principles for smart construction sites: government-led, division of labor between government and enterprise, overall planning, integrated construction, and step-by-step implementation. Specifically: Hunan Province's housing and urban-rural construction leads the overall planning for the construction of the smart construction site supervision platform, carries out top-level design, and formulates relevant technical standards; On the basis of , top-level design, and unified technical standards, an integrated construction of a provincial, prefecture, and county government smart construction site supervision platform will be carried out in pilot projects and implemented step by step. Construction enterprises and construction sites build smart site management systems, deploy smart sensing equipment, and access the smart site supervision platform in accordance with the technical standards and management systems formulated by the government.

▲ Smart construction site overall supervision information flow diagram

"New Infrastructure: "Internet + Smart Site"" (Guo Feng, Xu Hao. Beijing: Science Press, 2022.5) is expanded by the research and analysis of "Internet + Smart Site" in Hunan Province To new infrastructure and new construction methods, from traditional buildings to intelligent construction and building industrialization. From the perspectives of collaboration, benefit and implementation, it systematically introduces the relevant research results and practical application status of "Internet + smart construction site" in collaborative management, application benefit and intelligence evaluation and management mode.

At present, most of the intelligent technologies used in the smart construction site system are limited to the information collection stage. The use of artificial intelligence algorithms to predict and evaluate building information, and the use of deep learning to achieve multi-objective decision-making are still smart. The technical development direction of the construction site. At the same time, realizing the deep integration of intelligent management and intelligent technology is an important direction to promote the construction of intelligent construction sites. The management model constructed in "New Infrastructure: "Internet + Smart Site" is still in the stage of informatization. How to build an intelligent management model and enhance the competitiveness of the entire industry chain through the application of the smart site management model , to realize the automatic management and auxiliary decision-making of the system, and then to promote the spiral self-learning and cumulative evolution process is the direction that can be studied in depth.

This article is excerpted from the "Foreword" and "Introduction" of the book "New Infrastructure: "Internet + Smart Construction Site" (Guo Feng, Xu Hao. Beijing: Science Press, 2022.5), with deletions, title Added by the editor.

(Editor of this article: Liu Sidan)

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