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Stock Economic Channel ✔ The specific timetable of various satellite TV, stock market and stock review programs across the country

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Can the "People's Finance" program of Sichuan TV Economic Channel be watched online? Give me a detailed list of radio stations (radio) that talk about securities (stocks) and a list of stocks that talk on TV. Which channel, which channel, financial stock TV channel, and which central financial channel usually invites stock commenters? What TV shows should I watch to trade stocks? Is there any good stock data website, don't tell me about Oriental Fortune? What is the channel number of Central Finance and Economics Channel?

I. Can the "People's Finance" program of Sichuan TV Economic Channel be watched online?

xiaoniuniu point net to change the point. Jiangsu Financial Channel Jiangxi Economic Channel Hunan Yiyang Economic Channel Hebei Economic Channel Wuxi Economic Channel Central Second Set of Economic Voices One Financial Channel ...... Expand All Basically all stock TVs have, financial TV programs.

two、tell me about securities(stock)the radio(broadcast)List and on TVTalking about the list of stocks, which channel's

is probably broadcast after 6 pm. Not sure where your location is? The Central Second Set, Phoenix Information Channel, and Dongfang Finance are all good TV channels. Especially the best of Phoenix Information Station and Phoenix Station. The broadcast has the Central People's Broadcasting Station's financial frequency FM96.6 Voice of the Economy program schedule broadcast time Monday to Friday 05:00 Fresh Morning World 07:00 News and newspaper summaries 07:30 World Finance 10:00 Fortune Plaza 12:00 National broadcast 13:00 Noon time 14:00 Wealth and Health 16:00 Colorful life 17:00 There are you along the way 18:00 City chat 19:00 Financial management every day 20:00 Wealth life 21:00 English night 22:00 National News Network 22:30 Financial Night Reading 23:00 Fortune Stars 24:00 End of all-day broadcast Note: Monday to Friday: 7:30 to 21:00 in the morning, "Today Express" every 20 minutes, every hour Formerly The Weather Express. In China, there are Hubei Satellite TV "Zuo Dao Caimen", Beijing TV World Finance and SDTV, etc. have financial programs.


1、4Sichuan Economic ChannelWeek 1 to Week 511:55 Noon Finance 17:30 People's Finance 2, Fujian Southeast Taiwan Week 1 to Sunday 17:50 Fortune Road 3, Zhejiang Satellite TV Week 1 to Week 506:43 Today's Securities Morning Edition 17:00 Today Securities Evening Edition 4. Hebei TV Economic and Life Channel 22:10 Stock Affairs and Finance Week 1 to Week 65, Hubei TV Week 1 to Week 507: 20 The Information Express Lane of Born My Wealth 07:48 The announcement of Born My Wealth Read every day 08: 02 Born with my wealth information fast lane 10:56 Born with my wealth without limit 11:21 Born with my wealth stock sea gold rush 11:29 Born with my wealth without limit 12:56 Born with my wealth without limit 17:20 Born with my wealth, my stocks have a bumper harvest 21:30 Born with my wealth, the stock of the wealth gate 22:02 Born with my wealth, playing and earning data 6. Jiangxi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology TV Channel Economic Life Channel 07:00 Securities (replay) 12:10 Shares of the Sea Compass 18:35 Today's Talk 21:20 Financial Broadcasting (Premier) 21:35 Xiaoliu Finance (Premier) 21:45 Reading the News Talk 23:00 Securities (Premier) 23:10 Shares of the Sea Compass (Premier) 23:30 Securities (first broadcast) 7. Gansu TV Economic Channel 23:00 Stock Market (Monday to Friday) 06:34 Stock Market (Monday to Friday) 8. Shaanxi Satellite TV Monday to Sunday 12:50 No. 1 Fortune 9, Beijing TV Economic Channel 06:40 Daily Financial Management 12:05 Daily Financial Management 12:30 Tianxia Financial Lunch Edition 18:24 Tianxia Financial Afternoon Edition.

Four、Central Finance and EconomicsWhich stock commenters do Dao usually invite?

1. Investment consultants of securities companies, star analysts of securities companies, can help their companies increase brand exposure Secondary market.

five、What TV shows should I watch to trade stocks??

Oriental Finance, etc. CCTV2 financial channel CCTV13 news channel Ningxia Satellite TV has financial news in the morning, noon and evening, and in the evening there are programs such as investment weather vane, chief analyst, wealth relativity and so on.

six、有没有什么好的stock数据网站,Don't tell me Oriental Fortune?

I often look for first-hand information on this site. 3. The Da Vision website includes financial report analysis, valuation analysis and other functions. It mainly aggregates and analyzes the figures in the annual report, and digs out the secrets behind the figures in the annual report. The largest and most comprehensive securities website in China, the company's basic data and report websites are available, and the website can be used as a content source. For other more detailed data, you need to pay someone to download it. 2. Juchao Information Network This should not be mentioned, basically everyone who does research knows it. But the disadvantage is that there are fewer reports. A less popular company may only have one or two analysis reports, and the updates are not very timely, which can be used as a reference. I find that what many people share is not very useful for research, let me share a few that I often use in research! 1. The Radish Investment Research website integrates information, research reports, company and industry data, covering most of the A-share companies, and the data is relatively accurate. Personally, I prefer WIND. Currently, it is the software that is used by the most people, has more detailed data and is very fast. It is definitely the first choice when conditions permit! Pay attention to Muyu Investment, and slowly become rich with you! . And you can output a graphic table to see the digital changes at a glance.

seven、Central Finance and Economics道是频道几?

October 20, 2003, the channel was changed from the Economic·Life·Service Channel to the Economic Channel. In 2009, the Economic Channel was renamed the Financial Channel. In 2014, the high-definition signal was broadcast on the satellite through Zhongxing 6A. , start high-definition and standard-definition simulcast. January 1, 1993 to May 31, 1998: Appeared in the upper left corner of the TV screen and began to hang around the clock. On October 21, 2021, the revamped channel packaging and studio design of CCTV Finance Channel will be completely new, with a new channel LOGO. In 2021, it will be officially broadcast in the CCTV headquarters building. On July 3, 2000, it was changed from the Economic·Integrated Channel to the Economic·Life·Service Channel. The Central Financial and Economic Channel is CCTV-2, a TV channel with financial information programs as the core and life service programs as the auxiliary. Extended information: From February 1st, 1987 to July 7th, 1991, CCTV-2 used the text "CCTV-2", which appeared in the lower left corner of the TV screen, only at half o'clock and the beginning of the program appears. The sea blue curve constitutes the economic development trend, the implied character pattern forms the scene of economic operation, and the upward arrow shows the vigorous vitality of economic development. On June 1, 1998, the channel officially replaced the transparent font "CCTV-2" logo. The promotional film began to use the text-type double-line CCTV logo, and the background was unified with CCTV-1 and CCTV-7 in blue-gray. In 1987, CCTV-2 officially began to broadcast to the whole country. On January 1, 1993, it was officially named as the Economic Comprehensive Channel.


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