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Your face determines the color of your child's world, just like seeing your parents' faces darken

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Original title: Your face determines the color of your child's world

Only a sensible child can be liked by parents. I think many parents have said this to their children. In fact, to be sensible, a child also needs to learn to look at the face of his parents in a certain sense. For example, when he sees the face of his parents darkening, he will know that he has done something wrong. But learning to look at faces is sometimes not a good thing. Let's take a look at such a story.

Two mothers went out with their children, and when they were about to go home, they met a candied fruit seller on the way. One of the little girls told her mother that she wanted to eat candied haws. Her mother told her that she could only eat two, and the rest would be distributed to her mother. The little girl agreed. At this time, the other child looked at Tang Hulu and his mother, and remained silent. Then another mother came over and said to the child's mother, your child seems to want it too, why don't you buy her one too, she seems to be looking at you all the time.

After reading the above story, I don’t know what everyone thinks, if your child can be like the child in the story Will you really be happy if you learn to "see your face"? A large part of the reason for this is that in life, children are educated by their parents in a repressive manner, so that they dare not communicate bravely with their parents, and do not know how to express their thoughts to their parents. So what else can we do as parents?

1. Actively communicate and open the heart

The most important first step is to communicate with children. Many times children see their parents' faces, but they have already guessed their parents' feelings for them. dissatisfied", but is that really true? Maybe the starting point of the parents is just to be strict with their children, but in the eyes of the children, they may think that their parents do not love themselves enough.

So parents should not only focus on themselves, but also learn to look at problems from the child's point of view and look at the child's face. What kind of thoughts are hidden behind the child's emotions? Even if there is a contradiction, one cannot deny the child's thoughts, tell the child what is in his heart, and at the same time learn to listen to the child's thoughts, no matter what kind of absurd request the child makes, try to be patient, and under the premise of love Provide proper guidance to children.

Second, step by step practice, giving children more choices

After communicating, parents You can start to practice slowly, after all, many times, there is a huge gap between saying and doing. Parents should abandon the previous repressive education and lower their high expectations for their children, because children also have a growth process, and encourage children to express their truest thoughts to their parents. Small enough to give children an opportunity to choose, for example, asking the children what they want to eat at noon, noodles or rice and other small questions; big enough to let the children participate in major family decisions, let the children feel the atmosphere of family democracy and experience Mom and Dad respect their feelings. Asking more about the child's advice and looking at the child's face does not mean spoiling the child. If it is really an unreasonable request, the parent should also clarify the rules and not be too accommodating to the child.

​Three, create a warm and loving atmosphere

After experiencing good communication and positive practice Afterwards, children gain more choices, they feel the respect of their parents for them, their self-awareness level will also develop better, they will not be overly pleasing to others, and they will not always feel inferior and cowardly. But this is not enough. Parents also need to create a warm and loving atmosphere for the growth of the child. The growth of the child needs to be bathed in the sunshine of love. For a sensible child, TA may have enough right to choose, but this does not mean that she has in her heart. enough security. How many children who are sensible in the eyes of their parents, but cannot get close to their parents when they grow up? When the child is still young, remember to give the child warm hugs, sincere encouragement, and active companionship. These will make the child gain a full sense of security and fill his heart with strength.

The face of the parents determines the color of the child's world. Maybe a lot of times, you are for the good of your children; maybe there are many times when you think your child is too young to make your own decisions; maybe a lot of times, you really can't be happy in front of your children... In the adult world, apart from gaining weight It's easy, everything else is hard. But please remember that children grow up only once. When facing children, talk to them more, smile more, and don't rush to deny and reprimand them. For little children, you are everything to them.

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