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King glory experience suit Luna (King glory Luna experience card collection website)

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What are the changes in Luna's rework of the King's Glory experience server? The King's Glory

When Armor debuted, Luna's adjustment has been put on our agenda. If Armor has opened the mysterious veil of the miracle family in the Western world, then Luna, who has been fighting in the Canyon of Kings for several years, also needs to adjust the family's The setting is further improved. This will be a very interesting case. The Baili brothers show the different development of the wild talents of the wolf-type demon because of the difference in the growth environment, but this is not the case for Kai and Luna. They are from the same family. , may use the same swordsmanship taught by the same teacher, may use the same darts or throwing blades, they may have the same stance, similar clothing, or the same elegant fighting stance, the only difference may only come from On the inheritance of the power of miracles, these are the key points we express in the game. Of course, this adjustment will also optimize some of Luna's previous problems. The more notable ones are that Luna's high threshold for getting started, as the center of the canyon We hope to moderately reduce Luna's difficulty to get started with the popular hero. Similarly, Luna's own basic attack needs to rely on a certain attack speed rune to be more convenient to achieve. We will also optimize Luna itself in this adjustment. Basic attack feel and build selection

Passive Skill - Moonlight Dance

Passive: Luna will increase her attack speed by an additional 5% for every 100 spell power points, and Luna's 1 and 2 skill damage will mark the target with starlight

One skill - Crescent Moon Slash

Luna slashes out a starlight in the designated direction, dealing magic damage to enemies on the path. The starlight expands after reaching the end, and causes magic damage to enemies within the range after a delay of 2 seconds

The second skill - hot sword light

Luna releases 6 night throwing blades around, dealing physical damage and 50% slowing for 1 second. The throwing blades hover in the air for 2 seconds after reaching the farthest distance, and then retract, causing physical damage and 50% slowing for 1 second. 1 second;

Passive: Luna's third basic attack will deal spell damage and mark of night to the target, and add a shield to herself that blocks damage for 3 seconds

Three skills - Crescent Assault

Luna dashes to the designated location, dealing magic damage to enemies passing by. If Luna detonates at least one star mark during the dash, the cooldown will be refreshed, and magic damage will be dealt centered on the marked unit

Honor of Kings No. 8.10 experience server hero adjustment: Marco Polo Luna weakened

Heroes have been adjusted in the Honor of Kings experience server. Marco Polo has been weakened before he debuted in the official server of Honor of Kings. Luna has been further weakened, and more operations are needed! At the same time, adjustments have been made to Zhong Kui and Yu Ji!

After Yu Ji's last adjustment, Yu Ji's performance in the experience server did not meet our expectations, so this time we adjusted the skill forward time of Yu Ji's 1 skill, hoping that Yu Ji can be more in line with ours Design expectations.

1 skill: forward swing: 0.8 seconds → 0.6 seconds

Raiders related to Yu Ji: The King's Glory Yu Ji Raiders A Complete Introduction to Yu Ji's Plays

We define Luna as a fighter who can truly gain unlimited power as the user increases in proficiency, but as it stands, Luna's difficulty does not match her base strength, she seems It takes a long time to practice, and the data shows that this is not quite the case. There are many players who are new to Luna, who can use her to play pretty stats; we are not reducing Luna's own stat strength, but we hope that through the adjustment of skill hit performance, her opponents can make some changes from just a click of a button. There is a possibility of surviving under the skills that can stabilize the hit.

1 skill: width: 5000→4000

3 skills: width: 4000→3500

Luna related strategies: King of Glory Luna recommends super Mage who will show up later

Chang'an city management finally has a cityIt feels good, but it seems that the opponent he chases and kills feels a little too bad, there is always a feeling that he can't escape the scope of the hook no matter what, this is not very good, it is not in line with the battlefield of the glory of the king. Encourage confrontation and encourage countermeasures The principle; we try to adjust the hit rate of Chengguan's hook, hoping that his opponent can have more countermeasures.

Skill 2: Range Length: 9000→8000

Skill 2: Hook Speed: 15000→14000

Zhong Kui related strategy: King of Glory Soul City sentenced Zhong Kui to catch the enemy in chains for a thousand miles

4. Marco Polo

By design, we don't want a hero's mechanic to be too strongly tied to the item; while that doesn't mean we won't let some hero's mechanic amplify these traits to a certain extent, Marco Polo The data performance of the has demonstrated the strong and uncontrollable nature of this link. When Marco Polo buys Destruction Monarch or Lightning Dagger, his damage output will show a rather exaggerated upward trend, which seriously affects the survival environment of tank heroes; we hope to reduce this uncontrollable combination of characteristics through this adjustment.

1 skill: 100(+20/Lv)(+0.35Ad)→100(+20/Lv)(+0.24Ad)

3 skills: number of stages: 6/9/12→5/7/9

3 skills: CD: 30/25/20→40/35/30

3 skills: energy consumption: 50→75

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