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From International Ranking to Authoritative Recognition: An In-depth Analysis of the Bull School of Finance and Economics _ Discipline

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To be honest, you really don’t need to worry about the top universities shown in the picture above, because no matter what indicators are used and what information is used, they will basically “occupy” the top positions. The so-called difference is the order of fine-tuning. In addition, the top 10 or so colleges and universities actually have nothing to do with about 98% of the candidates.

Of course, if you are sure that you will be working in China or continuing your studies, you don’t have to care about international rankings. Try to choose a higher-ranked university.

Please note that we do not intend to rank, and we will not re-rank colleges and universities based on other people's rankings, so please don't worry too much about the ranking of your favorite school in the picture above. Instead, focus on the latter columns and form your own judgment based on their position on the different leaderboards.

Disciplinary assessment results

More and more people pay attention to the results of the discipline assessment of the Ministry of Education, but many times this assessment result is misinterpreted.

Participating in the subject evaluation of the Ministry of Education are most universities that have the right to grant doctoral degrees and some master's degrees in related disciplines. The evaluation results are announced in a "grading" method. The specific method is to publish the top 70% of the disciplines in 9 grades according to the rank percentile of the "discipline overall level score": the top 2% (or the top 2) are A+, 2%~5% is A (excluding 2%, the same below), 5%~10% is A-, 10%~20% is B+, 20%~30% is B, 30%~40% is B- , 40% to 50% is C+, 50% to 60% is C, and 60% to 70% is C-.

In other words, an evaluation result of C- means that it outperforms at least 30% of other universities that participate in the subject evaluation at the same time. In addition, there are many universities that are not eligible to participate in the evaluation because they do not have the right to grant master's degrees. In this way, C- is actually quite good. In the figure below, the blanks in the evaluation results may be due to the fact that the corresponding colleges and universities did not participate in this evaluation, not necessarily because of their poor strength.

The disciplines closely related to finance and economics are mainly theoretical economics, applied economics and business administration.

As can be seen from the picture above, many comprehensive universities have strong related disciplines. If you have the opportunity to study, this is the best choice. After all, choosing a university is not just for learning a means of earning a living, but for choosing a culture and a tradition. In this regard, comprehensive universities still have great advantages.

Whether it is the bull school in everyone's mind, or some dual-non-university colleges, the evaluation results of these disciplines in many colleges and universities are still different from the overall reputation of colleges and universities. When choosing a volunteer, you need to consider whether to choose a college or a major according to your own preferences.

Double First-Class

The names of the first-class disciplines related to finance and economics announced by the Ministry of Education and the corresponding universities are shown in the figure below.

Except for a very small number of colleges and universities, the strength of related disciplines can indeed represent the highest level of domestic colleges and universities. Of course, due to the limited number of places or for other reasons, there are also some colleges and universities with outstanding strength but not on the list.

From discipline to major

Many friends may be concerned about how to choose a suitable undergraduate major according to the discipline. The corresponding relationship between majors, and the corresponding relationship specific to the relevant colleges and universities. Take the double first-class discipline as an example:

On the Seven Stars Guidance Platform, click on the specific professional name, and you can also query the professional details and other information.

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Sun Wenxiang: Double postdoctoral fellow, professor, has studied and taught in 9 famous universities at home and abroad, won 12 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, founded the Seven Star Guidance Platform people.

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