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Shenwan Futures Ranking (000728 stocks)

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Shenwan Hongyuan released its 2021 results.

During the reporting period, various financial indicators of the company performed steadily and continued to rank among the top echelons of the industry. The company achieved a consolidated operating income of 34.307 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase of 16.66%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 9.398 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.02%; basic earnings per share were 0.38 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.58%; weighted The average return on equity was 10.26%, a year-on-year increase of 1.21 percentage points.

Looking back on 2021, under the background of China's high-quality economic development, deepening supply-side structural reform, and increasing the proportion of direct financing, the capital market will play a pivotal role in promoting technological innovation and the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. Strengthened, the securities industry continued to release dividends, and its performance grew steadily. Shenwan Hongyuan actively adapts to the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, fully implements national policies, continues to build a comprehensive financial service system featuring "investment banking", and strives to serve the development of the real economy.

In 2021, the company's performance highlights are as follows:

The reform of the registration system is steadily advancing, and the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange will help the development of investment banking business. In 2021, the corporate finance business segment will achieve an operating income of 3.599 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 58.87%. The company actively serves the national strategy, participates in the reform of state-owned enterprises, assists the development of emerging industries, and fulfills the responsibility of financial central enterprises. In terms of equity financing business, during the reporting period, the company's total underwriting scale was 34.565 billion yuan, and the number of underwriting companies was 29, ranking ninth in the industry in terms of underwriting scale (data source: WIND, issue date), and the industry ranking rose rapidly. In addition, the company adheres to the strategy of "specialization, specialization and innovation", vigorously develops inclusive finance business, and fully promotes the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The company's new third board listed companies ranked second in the continuous supervision market, and the innovation layer ranked first in the continuous market; in terms of debt financing business, the company will underwrite and issue 329 full-caliber bonds (including corporate bonds, financial bonds, and corporate bonds) in 2021, with a scale of issuance. 225.764 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 51.40% (data source: WIND, release date), ranking eighth in the industry in terms of both the number and scale of issuance. The company actively deployed and developed a full range of fixed-income financing businesses, and achieved breakthroughs in several first bond projects across the country and the company. The company closely adheres to the new situation and new requirements during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. On the basis of strictly controlling risks, the principal investment business further focuses on the capital market and securities business. Taking business synergy as the starting point, the company actively optimizes the business transformation layout and continues to strengthen Build investment and research capabilities, continuously improve institutional investment capabilities, and enhance the market competitiveness of principal investment business.

In line with the trend of large wealth management, the scale of futures brokerage business continued to increase. In 2021, the personal financial business will achieve an operating income of 9.660 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.25%. Benefiting from the overall recovery of the capital market, the company's securities brokerage business actively built an online and offline customer service system, increased the introduction and vitality of customer assets, and continuously improved its wealth management system. At the end of the period, the company's securities client custody assets reached 4.38 trillion yuan, and the net income of agency trading business reached 4.345 billion yuan, ranking the forefront of the industry. In terms of financial product sales business, the Company actively integrated internal and external resources and continued to provide customers with professional and multi-level products and services. The total sales of financial assets amounted to RMB 354.147 billion, an increase of 37.04% over the previous year; the net income from agency sales of financial products was RMB 452 million, A year-on-year increase of 104.49%. At the same time, the company carried out margin financing and securities lending and stock pledge business under the condition of controllable risks. The balance of financing business was 72.592 billion yuan, the balance of securities lending business was 5.793 billion yuan, and the scale of stock pledge was further reduced to 5.876 billion yuan. The futures brokerage business achieved a record high daily average customer equity, the scale of Shenwan Futures’ brokerage business continued to increase, and Hongyuan Futures promoted the innovation and upgrading of the brokerage business.

Institutional business grows steadilyto build a whole industry chain. In 2021, the company's institutional services and trading business segment will achieve operating income of 19.570 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.78%. The company takes products as a link, and integrates internal and external resources of the company to provide customers with one-stop comprehensive financial services such as research, products and transactions. Seat rental income increased by 46.31% compared with the same period of the previous year, maintaining the first echelon in the industry; the company has 926 institutional accounts in the PB system, with an asset size of about 269.2 billion yuan, and successfully connected with a number of tens of billions of top quantitative private placements. The scale of products connected to SWHYMatrix’s high-speed trading platform has exceeded 28 billion yuan; the number of new public offerings and private placements is in the forefront of the industry. In terms of self-operated business, the company has built a complete FICC business chain, steadily allocated fixed-income investments, insisted on risk control and structural adjustment, and steadily promoted the transformation of investment style. The investment yield of bond business has greatly exceeded the market index; Non-directional, low volatility, absolute return” as the investment objective to accelerate business transformation; focusing on OTC options business and swap business as the driving force, the scale of OTC derivatives business grew rapidly, and the scale of new and existing businesses remained stable. In the forefront of the industry.

In the year when the new regulations on asset management came to an end, public and private funds developed independently. During the year, the investment management business segment achieved an operating income of RMB 1.479 billion. The company vigorously developed "fixed income", FOF, equity and quantitative products, established "carbon neutral" and green finance themed products, issued inclusive financial products, launched the first snowball product, and further improved the product layout. Equity active management products, quantitative equity products and fixed income investment products have achieved outstanding returns, and the asset securitization business has achieved many benchmark projects and won many honors. Shenwan Hongyuan Securities seized the first-mover advantage of one of the first batch of pilot securities firms for the investment advisory business of public funds, and built and improved the asset allocation research system, transaction risk control system and supporting marketing service promotion system around the fund investment advisory business. During the year, a total of 95,000 public fund investment advisors signed contracts with a management scale of over 3 billion yuan, ranking among the first batch of pilot securities firms. Shenwan Xinling and Wells Fargo Fund showed outstanding achievements in public offering business; subsidiaries Hongyuan Huifu and Shenwan Direct Investment promoted the transformation of private equity fund management business from the perspective of comprehensive financial services.

With the unprecedented rise of the status of the capital market in the financial system, the pivotal role of "connecting the whole body" has become increasingly apparent. With the continuous improvement of the rule of law, the accelerated reform of the basic system of the multi-layer capital market system, the further increase in the proportion of direct financing, and the optimization of the investor structure, the securities industry has ushered in a huge space for development. Looking forward to the future, on the basis of insisting on making progress while maintaining stability, Shenwan Hongyuan will adhere to the vision of simple finance and fulfilling dreams, unswervingly promote business transformation, focus on improving institutional investment capabilities, and actively create an integrated investment business and securities business. High-quality development system to create greater benefits for shareholders, customers and investors.

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