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Huajin Securities "Jin Yinghui" mentor team PK battle and the second class meeting discussion style

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"Jin Ying Hui" Financial Manager Marketing Skills Training Camp jointly organized by

Huajin Securities and New Power ”, since the camp opened on March 31, students have been enthusiastic about learning, and business and learning go hand in hand. In order to test everyone's recent learning effect and knowledge sharing. On April 16th, the 2nd class meeting with the theme of

"Tutor Team PK Battle" was held. This class meeting is a bit different from the previous ones. Next, Ms. Kuan will take you to review what is in this class meeting. "Fun"!


7:25 pm, China Jin Securities "Jin Yinghui" financial manager marketing skills improvement training camp seminar gradually kicked off through the small program sign-in warm-up method. This "Tutor Team PK Battle" is divided into six parts:

Group ranking, ranking of top students, sharing by representatives of top students, outstanding cases, special rewards, and what the class has to say.

The one-and-a-half-hour class meeting was full of goodies. From course study to career advancement, students actively spoke and actively The interaction made everyone feel the charm of this class meeting. So what did everyone share in this class meeting that made everyone so enthusiastic?


The first is to announce the PK record of the mentor team and the ranking of the top heroes.


group has the most points? Who are the scholars? Who is the best to share? What rank are you in? How do learning outcomes contribute to work?

Everyone is holding their breaths, waiting for Banban to announce tonight's list of oiran. In the end, the Dream Team won the first place with an overwhelming advantage in total learning points, and the Feiyang Team ranked second with a difference of 15 points. At the same time, the ace with the most extra points has a strong stamina against the ace team, and is constantly attacking our championship and runner-up. The Dream Team representative who won the Best Learning Award opened the first sharing session tonight.

The key to winning a dream team is to stay on the same page and leave no one behind. From class study to punching record, it is basically uniform. After listening to the wonderful sharing of the dream team, the class meeting quickly switched to the top student list. From attending lectures, submitting homework assignments, exhibiting career exchanges, professional sharing and other dimensions, the academic masters have shown amazing study completion rates, study time and professional skills. Once again, it shows the quality of Huajin's excellent professional talents. Let's communicate and discuss together,

Learn from excellent people and masters!

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After listening to the sharing of the top students, I have benefited a lot. Everyone said that they should continue to learn from the excellent colleagues around them, constantly improve their self-ability, and grow together with the company , and eventually become an excellent

understander of marketing and excellent service

financial Huajin



Finally, I hope Huajin Securities students will cherish the hard-won learning opportunities. The new force practical training camp is only designed for performance, study with the students, complete the second quarter business PK competition, and empower the securities industry!

In order to solve the many pain points and difficulties of the securities industry friends, the new mechanicsYuan Qing strives to build a

"Learning Organization", from new employees, business backbones to middle-level management cadres, on the basis of the existing securities industry institutions,

Committed to providing talent training for the securities industry strong>

A one-stop solution that is faster, cheaper, and cheaper.

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