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Featured Jobs for Global Fortune 500 and Other Companies No. 9 (Q3) _ Ling Jiajia

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In April, do you want to create new opportunities for yourself, a new beginning? Then start looking for a job!

Shanghai's famous enterprise general jobs are coming again! The positions that Ling Jiajia brings to you today are from

foreign pharmaceutical companies, large state-owned enterprises , Bank Securities Company, State-owned Enterprise Insurance Company . Friends, please take good care of it~

The 5 positions in this issue are: strong>

For those who don't know "What is a general job position in an enterprise?", Ling Jiajia will show you:

What is a general job position in an enterprise?

Generic jobs are functional, supportive jobs that are required in any industry. These positions do not have special requirements for the professional knowledge and technology of the industry in which the company is located, but they often play a role in escorting the normal operation of the company.

Typical general positions include: marketing assistant, sales assistant, financial assistant, personnel assistant and other assistant positions, as well as administration, secretary, front desk, etc.

What are the advantages of general jobs?

Also, once you are familiar with generic jobs, since generic jobs are a necessary part of most companies, you can also Help you realize the freedom of business choice.

The general positions recommended by Ling Jiajia can give you a higher-end career starting point and a more lucrative career. salary, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to find your dream job?

Just follow the official account "Shanghai Foreign Service Ling Jiajia"

1. A foreign pharmaceutical company

Senior Assistant


Job responsibilities▎

Tile of role: Senior Assistant of Marketing, Wellness Marketing Director Assistant, Wellness (Shancun, Calqi, Qianlin) Admin support MD Calendar Mgt Private affairs Marketing Department Assistant, WellnessCalci, Qianlin) Admin support Meeting Mgt Team activity/teambuilding mgt. (team size: 20+) Process support (Internal process) Global/regional visit Service KPI setting (TBD)

▎Job Requirements▎

3-5 years working experience Good communication skill Education Re: BA Degree level Competencies Strategic & analytical thinking Planning and project management Strong communicator with regional and global, both written and verbal in English Creativity and problem-solving Team working capability with cross functional departments Proactive, results-oriented with “can do “mentality Contract period 2 years Service scope

▎Monthly salary (before tax) ▎

12000-18000 yuan


People's Square, Huangpu District

▎Please send your resume to the following email address▎

.cn →The subject of the email should be set to: 0401+A foreign pharmaceutical company +Senior Assistant

2 , a foreign pharmaceutical company


Job responsibilities▎

Responsible for daily red ticket work collection of red letter invoice information form and recording and issuing of compensation notices Red ticket preparation work for Tianjin factory and Sino-American Smith Kline company Compensation payment progress Tracking and recording importer's red ticket settlement Responsible All contract-related matters, including: contract application stamping, collection, consolidation, filing and recording Seal, mail, and follow-up agreement manager for other matters

▎Job Requirements▎

College degree or above, proficient in written English, patient, meticulous and stable

▎Monthly salary (before tax) ▎

6000-8000 yuan


People's Square, Huangpu District

▎Please send your resume To the following mailbox▎

3. A large state-owned enterprise

Clerical staff

▎work position


Draft comprehensive documents such as work requests, plans, summaries, reports, etc. Arrangement, notification and material preparation for various meetings, make meeting minutes, prepare meeting minutes and make resolutions for daily administrative affairs and management of the department, Document sending and receiving and circulation, filing and management of documents and files, registration of assets and items, and other logistics support affairs, communicate with the outside world, connect with government, government agencies and other offices or service cooperation units or customer units, and implement tasks assigned by leaders to learn and improve Business skills, participate in the management and coordination of specific business or affairs of the department, and play their due contributions

▎Job Requirements▎

Full-time undergraduate or Graduated with the above degree (returnees from overseas studies should obtain the degree certification from the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education) Have strong English listening, speaking and writing skills (college English level 4 and 6 or above), mastering a second foreign language is a priority, optimistic and optimistic, Pursue progress, work meticulously, have a strong sense of responsibility, have good physical quality, psychological quality and pressure resistance, have strong learning ability, good interpersonal skills, communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit, strong document writing ability, skilled use OFFICE and various office systems have good personal conduct and professional ethics, and agree with corporate culture and values

▎Monthly salary (before tax) ▎

RMB 5800-6500


Zhuguang Road, Qingpu District

▎Please send your resume to the following email address▎

.cn →The subject of the email should be set to: 0401 + a large state-owned enterprise + civilian staff

4. A bank securities company

Sending and receiving letters Staff

▎Job Title


Investment Banking Business Letters and Receipts

▎Job Requirements▎

Secondary School The above education is serious and careful, and the work is not procrastinated and efficient. Can use Excel

▎Monthly salary (before tax) ▎

5000 yuan


South Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District

▎Please send your resume to the following email address▎

.cn →Please set the email subject to: 0401 + a bank and securities company + letter mailer

5. A state-owned insurance company

Life insurance sales


Job Responsibilities ▎

Responsible for Life Insurance Personal Business Sales

▎ResponsibilitiesJob Requirements▎

College degree or above, aged 22-45 years old, with good physical and language skills, more than 1 year experience in sales, dedicated and dedicated Strictly abide by the company's business secrets, strictly abide by the company's compliant sales related code of conduct, have strong marketing awareness, service awareness, customer awareness, unity and cooperation awareness and confidentiality awareness No bad sales records

▎Monthly salary (before tax) ▎

3000 yuan + post allowance + commission


Tianmu West Road, Jing'an District

▎Please Submit your resume to the following email address▎

.cn → Please set the subject of the email to: 0401 + a state-owned insurance company + life insurance sales

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Ling Jiajia will help you to change your resume by yourself. During the epidemic, job-hunting preparation can't be stopped

It may become more and more difficult to apply for a job after the year, but no matter what happens, Ling Jiajia will accompany you in this cold wave of job hunting walk by.

If you have friends around you who need to find a job, don't forget to tell them the good news,

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