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It is said that 90% of the high-paying CPA gods work here!

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We take Lixin Certified Public Accountants as an example

The picture below shows some of the positions recruited by Lixin Certified Public Accountants, which involve the above mentioned positions. Audit, engineering cost, tax and other positions, and the audit business has the highest recruitment demand.

On the recruitment website, offers a salary of 25K-40K for the position of audit project manager, which means that The conservative annual salary is 250,000-400,000. Of course, there will be salary differences between different branches and headquarters. However, from the auditor to the audit project manager, it usually takes at least 5 years of working time in the firm.

The picture below is Li. Xin's description of the audit project manager's job content and qualifications. Several of the key points are that they can independently lead the project team to complete the audit of listed companies, have the qualification of certified public accountant, have more than 5 years of experience in accounting firms, and have experience in IPO auditing of listed companies is preferred. In terms of academic requirements, a bachelor's degree or above is sufficient.

This also means, yes For many CPA candidates, as long as their academic qualifications are not too bad, with the help of CPA, they can enter the top eight domestic-funded or the top four international jobs. After more than 5 years of work experience, it is normal for an annual salary of 200,000 to 400,000.

Salary structure of the firm

Of course, many people feel that the work of the firm is stressful, in fact, this is understandable, no high-paying job is easy Yes, it is fair to use overtime in exchange for high wages.

The salary structure of the firm mainly consists of several parts. The first is the basic salary. The difference between the basic salary of the Big Four and the Big Eight is relatively large. The salary of the eight majors is around 4.5K-6K.

The second is the commission and bonus. The commission rules for different departments are different, so the difference in salary is actually quite large. For example, for the same level of employees, the bonus of some departments is more than half a year's salary than others. , but the projects of some departments are very training people and grow very fast.

Then is the compensation for the difference. The compensation for the difference actually has a great impact on the salary. Therefore, many new employees will try their best to get the opportunity to travel when they join the accounting firm. On the one hand, there is an increase in wages.

There are also benefits and year-end bonuses. Regarding benefits, it involves the luxury of the leaders of different departments. Moreover, some departments can also reduce a few projects each year and prepare for the CPA exam in the firm with a basic salary. This has a lot to do with whether you can meet a good leader. Relationship.

Therefore, for many CPA holders, accounting firms may not be just a simple job, it means a leap and promotion in their careers, and there are opportunities within a short period of time. Get a high salary, and have the opportunity to jump to a high-end company while abroad, and be competent for a high-paying job.

Therefore, almost 90% of CPA high-paying gods work in accounting firms or have worked in accounting firms. In addition to accounting firms, there are of course other high-paying jobs and positions that are also very popular with CPA holders.

Other work units that CPA high-paying masters like

Large commercial banks

In recent years, many people feel that the wave of unemployment in banks has continued to expand, and the banking industry has not been as brilliant as before. will always be basic practitioners, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of my country has always hired CPA holders.The banking institution with the most witnesses, and the monthly salary of senior product managers in many large commercial banks is as high as 25K or more.

Large-scale securities companies

Anyone who knows my country's financial industry knows that investment banks in my country exist in the form of securities companies. The department is engaged in investment banking business such as investment, mergers and acquisitions, equity private placement, etc., so they also trust CPA holders. There is a saying that investment banks prefer CPA and examination holders, which is the guarantee of high salary.

Consulting Firms

People who have not taken the CPA exam have probably heard of the three major MBB consulting firms, McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting, Among them, McKinsey and Bain are both financial professionals, and even if these large companies recruit fresh graduates, the annual salary starts from several hundred thousand, which is very attractive to CPA candidates.

Fortune 500 companies

When it comes to Fortune 500 companies, the finance department, audit department, marketing department, risk control department, etc., all hold CPA certificates People love it. But for a fresh graduate, it takes at least 10 years to become a senior financial officer of a Fortune 500 company, and CPA is only one of the steps.

Well-known CPA training institutions

The last point is actually a good direction for CPA candidates. In recent years, the number of CPA candidates has been rising rapidly. , With professional CPA knowledge, it is also good to be a teacher who imparts knowledge. And if you start your own training class and start a business, there is no upper limit on the salary.

What other professional qualities do CPA high-paying masters need?

We often say that a person's professional ability and professionalism can be seen behind a high salary, so the CPA exam is only the first step on the road to a high salary. Entering a firm It does not mean that there is a high salary waiting for you. To become a high-paying CPA master also requires the following abilities and literacy.

Maintain learning ability

A person's ability in the workplace is usually manifested in two aspects, one is professional ability, the other is practical ability, and CPA is only professional A representative of ability, whether the CPA knowledge can be properly applied in actual work and improve one's overall quality has a great relationship with promotion and salary increase.

Extreme enthusiasm for work

High salary and high pressure often coexist, so can you maintain extreme enthusiasm for work in a high pressure work environment? Persistence is also the key to getting a high salary. It is common for many CPA holders to work 16-18 hours a day, so there is a saying that a lot of work is hard to the end.

Have a clear understanding of career planning

About career planning, it is a person's macro understanding of self-development, and it is a guide for financial personnel to work hard. And the direction and motivation of learning, so we often emphasize that the premise of preparing for the CPA is to know your career plan, because at any time, only people with clear minds can take the initiative and become the winner in the workplace competition.

▎The source of this article is Gordon, the author is Xiaoqi, and the author is signed by Gordon Finance

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