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How to buy stocks, what are the precautions for buying

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Q What are the precautions for buying a second-hand house?

A Precautions for buying a second-hand house 1. The guiding ideology of buying second-hand houses: buy what you need, not cheap ones. (except for real estate investors) 2. There are only wrong buys, no wrong sales. To buy a second-hand house, please shop around and see more houses. 3. Please remember the building number and room number of the house you are looking at. 4. If an intermediary shows you the house, do not ask the intermediary why the seller is selling the house, please directly ask the owner why he wants to sell the house. In addition, when the house was purchased, whether the owner has been living there, and whether there are others who rent it out, you must ask them one by one. . 5. When buying a second-hand house, be sure to clarify the ownership of the house. If there is a dispute over the property right, or a house with partial property rights, common property rights, unclear property rights, or no property rights, do not buy the house even if it is suitable. 6. Look at the surrounding environment of the second-hand house (inside the community), and carefully check whether there are pollution sources around the house, such as noise (including road noise), harmful gases, water pollution, and (open-air) garbage stations. The cleanliness of the corridor, whether the small advertisements are full of walls. 7. Understand the surrounding environment of the community, whether there is an open-air garbage plant, road conditions, and whether there are high-voltage lines, high-voltage transformers, mobile base stations (at least 200 Mine does not), this point about mobile base stations is easily overlooked by everyone. 8. The inspection of the supporting facilities and equipment of the house mainly includes: water quality, water pressure, power supply capacity, gas supply, heating supply and charging standards, TV reception clarity, and residential broadband installation status. 9. When viewing the house, look at the structure of the house, its orientation, the ventilation of the house, the lighting conditions (it is said that it is best to see the house at 8-9 in the morning), and whether the living room is bright. Whether the wall is cracked, whether there is water seepage, whether the wall is falling off, pay attention to the condition of the water pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. 10. Investigate the property management of second-hand houses, whether the sanitation and greening of the community are clean and comfortable, whether the facilities and equipment are in good condition and operating normally, etc., and also understand the standard of property management fees, the prices of water, electricity, gas, and heating and The charging standard of parking spaces, etc., and whether a special fund for the maintenance and maintenance of public facilities and equipment has been established, so as to avoid paying huge maintenance and maintenance costs in the future, and the situation of affording a house and not being able to live in a house occurs. 11. If the owner has decoration, please ask the owner for the decoration cost, decoration method (full package or half package), and when the decoration will be completed. Generally, the homeowner needs to make a discount for the decoration cost. 12. Whether the house type is reasonable or not, the living room can be smaller, but it should not only be used in the past, this is a feng shui taboo. 13. After viewing the house, in the presence of all three parties (if there is an intermediary present), confirm with the landlord: whether all electrical equipment is left, whether the price of the house (net price) is possible or not. Do not forget this point, so as to avoid illegal intermediaries from taking the difference. 14. After looking at the house, the general agent will ask you about the low price, please think twice and let it know. If there is no confirmation yet, and you need to calculate, you can weigh it after the fact and let us know by phone. 15. If you are interested in buying this house, you will not have the opportunity to observe the surrounding conditions of the community during the inspection, and you are unfamiliar with the community. You can choose another day to observe the vicinity of the community, and find an opportunity to talk with the neighbors of the house and ask whether the house is rented out to others and whether Unlucky things have happened, etc. You can also spend money to buy a newspaper as a guise, and get to know the situation of the entire community and whether there have been major incidents with the old man and the old lady at the small shop inside the community or at the door. If you want to know the noise situation when you fall asleep at night, you need to take time to investigate at night. 16. If the renovation time of the house is less than one year, and it is a luxury renovation, you need to pay attention to indoor decoration pollution. If you want to carry out indoor environmental inspection, you need to discuss with the landlord when signing the contract, and indicate in the contract, if If the test fails, I have the right to cancel the contract or the landlord will pay for the processing fee, and the testing agency agreed by both parties must be indicated in the contract. The above answers have been collected and sorted by lawyers. If you are satisfied, please accept them! ! 17. The transaction procedures for second-hand housing should be completed at the transaction venue. When buying a second-hand house, both the buyer and the seller should go to the real estate transaction place designated by the government.Manage property rights transfer procedures, pay various transaction fees according to state regulations, and receive government-issued property rights certificates. It is best that both buyers and sellers can hand over the money and the house (referring to the property rights certificate). Don't leave it to others to handle it with full authority

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