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Commentary: Which one is more risky to buy one stock with all the money or split a few stocks?

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Original title: Remarks: Which one is more risky to buy one stock with all the money or split a few stocks?

Now the amount of meat children eat is limited every day. Boys like to eat meat when they grow up. But it is also easy to gain weight. Under our training, I have started to eat green vegetables, so I have grown white and fat. Looking at the strong body of the child always reminds me of my childhood and my poor mother. . .

That day my son suddenly asked me "Dad, when did you weigh 118 pounds like me?", I said, "I remember that I was only 70 pounds after graduating from junior high school, and I wore a cotton jacket when I graduated from college. The shoes are only 108 pounds, and they are not as heavy as you in elementary school!". . . Thinking of this reminds me of my lonely childhood. My mother went to the Donghuan market to buy a lot of rotten vegetables. She could only pick out a small portion of the good ones for me to eat, and there was no meat. She gave me a bite after get off work. If you don't eat, you have to rush to Liaoning University to study English. How can you die? Excellent people's teachers have poor living conditions, working conditions, and family conditions. They are exhausted!

The illustrations in the comments today are all beautiful pictures of childcare, only mothers are the world The only truth is that a mother will never complain about her child, but when the child grows up and earns money, can he go home once a week and feed the elderly like this? I think 99% of people can't do it, so those who have parents should reflect deeply and seize the time to do their filial piety. Life is impermanent. If the time comes when the child wants filial piety but the parent is not there and it is too late, everything will be too late!

Recently, my body is very weak, and my nerves are sometimes in a trance. The more time there is, the more I think about it. When the market comes, the daily limit of hundreds of companies is rising. When everyone is making money, I guess I am also happy. I don’t have time to think about those bitter past events. When I passed away, I was 45 years older than me. It was too bad. . .

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Since ancient times, the eyes of the masses have never been sharp, and the vast majority of people have The things that are recognized and executed are wrong most of the time, and the truth is always in the hands of a few people. This assertion is especially accurate in the stock market. The vast majority of investors belong to the flock, who like to get together, and only those who think in the opposite direction can achieve success.

There are many fools, and there are many fallacies. There is a jingle in the stock market: "Eggs cannot be put in one basket..." A typical foolish fallacy, foolish words are naturally foolish to believe , Many failed investors believe this and do the same. They spend a total of tens of thousands of dollars to buy a dozen or even dozens of stocks.

The correct stock market motto should be: "Eggs in several baskets, depends on how many Only eggs can be set.” If you have a dozen eggs or even a few eggs, of course, you can only put them in one basket, and divide them into baskets when only one basket can’t fit. This is the way to scientifically allocate positions. In the stock market, you must unswervingly follow the king, and give up most of the fools and foolish fallacies.

Some people are beginners, or they are stupid, so I will elaborate. An egg is like 10,000 yuan. A small retail investor of 108,000 or 80,000 can just buy one stock. If it is hundreds of thousands or millions, you can get two or three. If it is tens of millions, consider a little more combination. If there are more than 5 stocks, more money can buy high-quality stocks with a slightly larger total market value, such as China Dream. In my impression, no matter how much money there is, those who buy a lot of stocks are the losers with the lowest level!

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