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What stock automatic trading software is there now? Which is easy to use, please introduce one.

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Sell ​​stocks at market price, can no one buy it and make a deal? Is there any stock software for automatic trading, please recommend? After the daily limit of the stock, the selling order shows that no one is selling. Is there actually anyone selling? How to determine the price of a stock when someone sells and no one buys a stock. Only a two-way transaction can establish a transaction price. If someone sells and no one buys, what will happen to the stock price, and what will happen if someone buys and no one sells. If the stock is to be sold, no one can buy it and sell it. Can I get the money? If a stock is only sold and no one buys it, the price will fall. If no one buys the stock holder, what should I do? Can the order be canceled if no one buys the stock?

1. Can you make a deal if you sell the stock at the same price and no one buys it?

Of course not~ To make a deal, you must have a counterparty to do it~ To make a deal, you can only place an order~ In fact, the principle is very simple~ Just follow the market There is a reason for buying and selling pork in the above~ For example, there is a swine fever~ Everyone thinks that eating pork is very unsafe~ There are very few buyers, and you still sell at the usual price. .

two、Is there any stock software for automatic trading?,Ask for a recommendation?

At present, the stock software for automatic trading in China is generally used by institutions, and it must be able to access the trading port of the brokerage...Because of the requirements of risk control, the brokerage is not willing to use it by individual customers. If you are unclear, please continue comminicate.

three、After the stock limit,The sell order shows that no one is selling,Does anyone actually sell it??

The daily limit is still sold by someone, depending on the volume, in real time.

Four、How to determine the price of a stock when someone sells and no one buys it

On the contraryA drop, that is, in a single stock, the seller keeps listing the ask price at a lower price, or the buyer does not buy at the current price and keeps listing the lower price to buy, which will cause the stock to drop little by little. That is to say, if you simply consider the stock trading operation, there are two situations where there will be a drop: 1. The seller sells desperately and keeps lowering the price, corresponding to basically no one buying, and occasionally no one buys after a price is traded, and the seller can only log out A lower price, when a buyer sees this low price is suitable to log out the same amount to buy a transaction, then in the stock trading software, "S" or "SELL" will be marked as the main seller, that is, understanding should be the main thing. It is the behavior of the seller to sell, which keeps happening until the close. 2. The buyer posts a very low price to buy, the seller posts the asking price at a high price at first, no transaction or occasionally no one buys after a transaction, and finally has to post the same price and quantity as the previous buyer's pre-registered bid price, then When the transaction is realized, "B" or "BUY" will be reflected in the trading software, that is, the main buyer, and this situation will continue until the closing. I'm too tired to write this~~ I don't understand now, add me as a friend and ask me~ I hope it can help you! . All the price increases in a single stock require someone to buy at a higher price, someone to sell at this price, and then the person who sells sells at a higher and higher price or the buyer buys at a higher price, which reflects a little bit of a stock. went up. That's right, if this situation of no one buying continues until the closing and no other prices are traded, then the closing price is 7 yuan. Correspondingly, there are two situations in which the stock price rises, all of which are opposite.

five、Stocks are two-way transactions before the transaction price can be established,If someone sells and no one buys,ThatWhat happens to the stock price, what happens if someone buys and no one sells.

If no one sells, those who want to buy will pay a higher price until someone is willing to sell, so the stock price will rise until the daily limit, otherwise no one wants to buy, and those who want to sell will Sell ​​at a lower price until someone is willing to buy it, so the stock price will drop until the limit down. Hope the answer is useful. The fluctuation of the stock price is not only influenced by the intrinsic value of the company and the macro economy, but the relationship between supply and demand will also greatly affect the fluctuation of the stock price.

six、stock to sell,No one can buy and sell,get money?

The transaction is unsuccessful, of course there is no money. Of course, stock trading involves buying and selling. It can often be seen that a stock with a limit down has almost no transactions. In this case, even if you hang to sell, it is impossible to sell successfully. There is also a commission fee of a few dollars. There is now a 10% price limit for normal stocks in the Chinese stock market.

seven、If a stock is only sold and no one is buying, the price will fall.If no one ever buysWhat should stockholders do

There will be a market if there is a price. It can only be said that the amount of buying and selling is a matter of size. If the amount of selling is large, the biggest possibility is the limit! ! ! .

Eight、Can the order be cancelled if no one buys the stock after the selling price goes up?

Cancel the order during the unified auction at the opening and closing (Shenzhen market), and see the pending order returned to the account after the auction is over. Cancellation is a term for stocks. When a securities firm accepts an investor's entrustment to buy stocks, it must buy stocks according to the investor's requirements. Therefore, this part of the funds must be locked for this purpose on the same day. After the contract is automatically voided the next day, this part of the funds can be unfrozen. No one can cancel the order after the selling price of the stock rises.

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