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Kuai Cai Business School Advanced Financial Management Course

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Kuai Cai Business School Advanced Financial Management Course , the course includes the following content, friends who do not understand financial management, this course must be studied.

1. Stock Investment Training Camp

The first lesson of the art of stock trading

Lesson 2 Techniques for Stock Investing

Lesson 3 Quick Pick - Cash Flow Stock Picking

Lesson 4 Quick Pick - Profitable Stock Pick


Lesson 5 Quick Picks - Asset Demining

Lesson 6 Quick Picks - Income Mines

Lesson 7 Quick Picks - Industry Screening method

Lesson 8 Play with valuation method of price-earnings ratio

Lesson 9 Play with valuation method of price-to-sales ratio

Lesson 10 Market Sentiment

Lesson 11: Essential Trading Knowledge for Stock Investing

Lesson 12: Risk Management in Investing

Lesson 13 Refinement Good investment attitude

2. Fund investment training camp

Lesson 1: Ordinary people bend Overtaking nirvana: Funds

Lesson 2: Open the door of the fund family

Lesson 3: A good fund that earns safely

Lesson 4 : A good fund to help you increase your wealth

Lesson 5: Domineering Index Funds

Lesson 6: Index Fund Screening Practice

Seventh Lesson: Buying a fund depends on the "temperature"

Lesson 8: Fund investment finale—scheduled investment

Lesson 9: Four steps to cut your head to help you make a fixed investment

Lesson 10: Analysis of Fixed Investment Cases

Lesson 11: Detailed Fund Trading Operations

Lesson 12: A Collection of Investment Mentality

Chapter 1 Lesson 13: Asset Allocation Helps You Make More and Stable Earnings

3. Stable Income and Earning Lessons

The first lesson will introduce you to stable income investment products

The second lesson and two tricks to improve your deposit income

The third lesson of treasury bonds and treasury bond reverse repurchase, let you Steady Earnings

Lesson 4 There are various types of bank financing, how to choose?

Lesson 5: Steady and good income; pension-type floating income insurance

Lesson 6: Ultra-short-term debt fund

Fourth, Alipay financial management class

How to use Yu’ebao in the first lesson

The second lesson is said to be 90% Everyone buys the wrong insurance

The third lesson reveals the weapon of wealth appreciation

The fourth lesson will take you to play gold investment

The fifth lesson how to filter high Income Fund?

Lesson 6 Everyone can make money from stocks

Lesson 7 Alipay that can be used for wool

5 、Insurance practical training camp

Must listen before class: industry insider you must know before buying insurance money

Section 1: You must know 3 major misunderstandings and 2 major routines

Lesson 2: Five Steps to Save Money: The Most Practical Tips for Buying Insurance

Lesson 3: Scientifically Set Insurance Budgets Premiums become a burden

Lesson 4: A lecture on critical illness insurance

Lesson 5: Comprehensive analysis of insurance: medical care, life insurance, accident

Sixth Lesson: Is it difficult to settle a claim, the key is only this step

Lesson 7: Understand the insurance contract in one lesson

6. Children's wealth Business class

Lesson 1: Loving children starts with talking about money

Lesson 2 Don't miss the golden period of financial education for children

Lesson 3 Where is the financial education in Europe and America high?

Lesson 4: How to use supermarket shopping to raise children with high financial quotient

Lesson 5: Do you need money for housework? Pocket money to cultivate children's financial intelligence

Lesson 7 Can I help my child save the New Year's money?

Lesson 8 What should I do if my child buys and buys every day?

The ninth lesson helps children establish a correct view of money

Seven, the rich thinking and cognition class

The first lesson is to upgrade the cognition and correctly understand the wealth

The second lesson is what is the difference between the poor and the rich?

Lesson 3 How to cultivate rich thinking?

Lesson 4 ESBI Quadrant between the Poor and Rich

Lesson 5 Say Goodbye to Dead Wages, 5 Ways to Diversify Income

Lesson 6 Workplace Competitiveness, your biggest open source weapon

Lesson 7, leave good things idle and turn into pocket money

Live video of Lesson 8, you can also become a profitable anchor

The ninth lesson is to play with the media, private domain traffic monetization guide

The tenth lesson learns time management to make your life more efficient

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