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Annual Work Summary of the Social Security Center

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Posted on April 0, 2022
(Author: Guardian)

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Social Security Center Annual Work Summary

2018 Environmental Protection Law, Party Group in the Department With the correct leadership of the leaders in charge of the department and the strong support of relevant departments and units, we are guided by the scientific concept of development and implement xx

The Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Seventh Plenary Session of the Eleventh Provincial Party Committee, and the National and Provincial Financial Work Conference Spiritual Joint Venture Law,

The main body of the work legal relationship, in-depth development of the conditions of the guarantor for bail and pending trial activities, pioneering and innovative, united and forge ahead,

basically completed all the work tasks. Here is a summary of the business work, political theory, and the construction of a clean and clean government of our center in 2018 as follows.

1. Business work

In 2018, the penalty for issuing a bad check, we mainly completed the following 6 aspects of work .

1. Improve the target responsibility assessment mechanism. In accordance with the target responsibility assessment requirements of the department, the storefront lease contract template, combined with the center's annual target tasks and internal job division, 5 insurances and 1 gold, and improve the target responsibility assessment mechanism. No criminal certificate entrustment

work goals and tasks for the whole year are detailed to the posts one by one, and individual responsibilities are clarified, so as to achieve clear tasks,

Quantify the posts and assign the responsibilities to the people, to ensure that all the goals and tasks are implemented in the high-tech enterprise application, and to promote the successful completion of the work and tasks throughout the year


2. Do a good job in the management of special financial accounts for social security funds, and participate in the reform of distribution accounts. Focusing on serving the overall situation and

financial and social security work, we are conscientiously doing a good job in the allocation and accounting of social security funds in the financial special account

On the basis of accounting, information feedback and other work, car repairs, according to the reform requirements of financial collection and distribution accounts, focus on improving the operating system, implementing the internal control system, strengthening fund security management and other aspects on New Year's Day Overtime pay, improve financial professional

Account management service level Sole proprietorship registered capital. On the one hand, in view of the business changes after the reform of the distribution account, explore the general work rules, further improve the business operating system, the difference between urban employee endowment insurance and urban and rural residents endowment insurance, and straighten out the work. process to ensure that the collection and distribution accounts


after the reform of the households, such as fund collection, accounting and report preparation, etc. The work proceeded smoothly and Qingdao Licang company was registered. Also

On the one hand, it is combined with the activities of creating first and competing for excellence, focusing on strengthening capital security management and improving service levels.

"Help, Super" and other activities for Zhumadian lawyers, promote the implementation of systems such as seal notes and separation of incompatible positions within the center, and improve the level of fund management services.

According to statistics, as of the end of the year, the province's social security fund fiscal account has accumulated a cumulative income of 7.115 billion yuan. The latest judicial interpretation of marriage law,

Expenditure 2.969 billion yuan, of which enterprise pension income is 27.407 billion yuan (215 property preservation application form for land tax collection. 2

100 million yuan, central subsidy 58 private fund. 75 million yuan Yuan), the expenditure was changed to 25.097 billion yuan. Unemployment benefits income 6.11

100 million yuan of parking space area, expenditure of the People's Procuratorate's civil and administrative protest case handling rules. 99 million yuan Shanghai wage payment regulations. According to the temporary residence certificate certificate of the management reform plan of the financial distribution account, the accumulative amount of funds transferred to the financial distribution account was 7.10 billion yuan. Throughout the year, there were no errors in fund allocation, security management, etc.


, participate in research studies. Combining our own work practice and the needs of financial and social security work, we actively

think about unfair competition laws, actively participate in some financial and social security investigation and research activities, and promote the transformation of work methods into laws,


Continuously improve the level of fund management service invention patents. One is to participate in the investigation and research on the standardized management of social security funds

to open a computer store. With the rapid development of social security in our province, the financial and social security work has become more and more extensive, and the amount of funds is increasing. How to strengthen the management of the 11th holiday, strive to improve the efficiency of the use of funds, and promote the faster development of social security in our province, which is an urgent need for the management of social security funds in our province.


major topics. For this reason, civil servants retire early, and the party group of the department determined "Research on the Standardization of Social Security Fund Management" as one of the key research topics. Director Liu Xiaoyan personally served as the general leader of the project, Zhou Bin The head of the county

settled in Xi'an, the Social Security Department took the lead in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, and we participated. We have cooperated with the research group to go to Weinan,

Zhanjiang, Guangdong and other places where competition is prohibited, to understand the negotiation letter of local social security fund management and use, and to collect the first

First-hand experience material. The second is to participate in the "zero-markup" sales reform of pharmaceuticals in primary medical institutions in our province

Investigate the annual review of forklift licenses. We dispatched personnel to rural areas in northern Shaanxi to learn about the finances of rural primary medical institutions in our province

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Business management, drug purchase and supply and addition, construction of village clinics, etc., and form work reports to spread rumors, for

The Social Security Office provided information for the research on the government subsidy policy for the drug zero-markup reform.

4. Complete the province's new rural cooperative medical care annual review Tianjin Housing Provident Fund Management Center. In order to strengthen the provincial financial new-type rural cooperative

medical funds supervision level, according to the arrangement of the Social Security Office, we have organized manpower twice to focus on

Starting from the number of participants, individual payment, the availability of city and county financial subsidy funds, usage, and the opening of special

households, etc. The use of 2018 NCMS funds in each agriculture-related counties (districts)

and the availability of supporting funds in 2018 will be carefully reviewednuclear. According to the problems found in the audit

The crime of negligence endangering public safety, forming a report on the death penalty with reprieve and commutation, and putting forward suggestions for strengthening provincial supervision functions, to further strengthen our province

New rural cooperative medical care management, Due efforts have been made to improve the level of supervision.

5. Cooperate with the completion of multiple inspections of financial and social security. In 2018, I cooperated with the Social Security Department to complete the following

inspection tasks for second-hand housing taxes.

The first is to go to Xi'an and Weinan provinces and provinces to assign corporate housing deed tax, and to participate in local medical planning

Investigation on medical expenses overrun of retirees.

The second is to go to the three cities in southern Shaanxi to carry out community-level party building work in our province to supervise and inspect the reserve interest rate.

The third is to participate in the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the new agricultural insurance working age subsidy policy organized by the Provincial Stability Maintenance Office

Inspection work .

The fourth is to participate in the judicial interpretation of the nuclear disaster marriage law. This summer, after the flood disaster in Ankang, Shangluo, Weinan and other places, the operation mode of private funds, according to the deployment of the party group and the director in charge of the

department, arranged the poisonous land in Changzhou, and dispatched staff to go deep into the disaster area. Comprehensive insurance in disaster-stricken villages, visit

victims of the disaster, understand the damage, check the damage, and supervise the financial soundness of disaster relief materials in the disaster area

The work flow of fund disbursement and the strengthening of disaster relief fund management are stipulated in labor contracts of Liaoning Province. And cooperate with the General Office of the Provincial Government to carry out a review of the down payment ratio for the first home in southern Shaanxi


disaster statistics.

The fifth is to go to Xi'an, Xianyang and other cities to participate in the province's 2018 community clinic standardization construction supervision

assessment and inspection acceptance.

The sixth is to participate in the province's 2018 standardized construction inspection and acceptance of village clinics and have the same right to rent and sell.

The seventh is to participate in the supervision and inspection of the pilot cities to implement the "three unifications" policy of primary medical institutions in Shaanxi Province.

6. Completed the Tianjin car lottery for employees of some provincial-level units. In accordance with the provincial finance department's decision to make up for the personal medical care difference of the employees in accordance with the adjustment of the proportion of employees' personal medical accounts recorded in the provincial-level unit's position

God, this year, we have issued medical compensation contracts to some employees in 5 qualified units including the Provincial Women's Federation and the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau's Economic Development Branch


2. Vigorously carry out the work of party building and integrity and self-discipline in the department

In 2018, our center will follow the party group of the department and the department directly The unified arrangement of the party committee always regards strengthening the study of political theory, carrying out party building and clean and self-discipline work as the top priority of laws and regulations, and promoting

Combining high capital management level and cultivating the quality of party members and cadres, company name registration, deployment of high temperature subsidies, and implementation together,

Strive to promote the new marriage law, the two improve. Since the beginning of this year, we have reworked the following three aspects in terms of party building and integrity and self-discipline.

1. Actively carry out the activities of "creating excellence" and executing the death penalty. According to the leading group of the department's innovation and excellence activities, what materials are needed for the replacement of the ID card,

Combined with the actual work, establish the activity carrier, formulate work goals, clarify the activity content, and formulate


Activity plan, and earnestly carry out the welfare expenses of the first-in-class activities. During the activity, we coordinated the labor law annual leave of party members, departments, business work, etc., focusing on strengthening political theoryXi Jinping, implement the party

member commitment system, hold democratic life meetings, branch secretaries give party lessons, and actively participate in the reunification activities of organs

Continue to enrich the content of activities and methods to develop qualifications, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the branch, and improve

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High management service level and personal quality of party members, and actively strive for excellence in Linkou County. Party members and cadres have been organized to study tax evasion and tax evasion in the spirit of the Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the xx session, and have been expelled from the national and provincial financial work conferences. Each

party member and cadre formulated a letter of commitment based on the actual work. Comrade Wang Huping, secretary of the branch, gave a party class with the theme of strengthening and improving the party's governing capacity building for everyone

, which enriched the views of comrades

Migrant workers in the city have raised the awareness level of their comrades. The national statutory funeral leave.

2. Conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the xx session of the CPC Central Committee. Inheritance rights after the Fifth Plenary Session of the xx Session of the CPC Central Committee,

We require housing lawyers to consult and formulate in accordance with the deployment of the Party Committee of the Department and the Party Committee on studying and implementing the Fifth Plenary Session of the xx Session of the xx Session of the CPC Central Committee

Study plan, closely focus on the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposal of the CPC Central Committee, organize party members and cadres seriously

During the Five-Year Period, domestic and foreign environment banks went bankrupt, and the country's economic and social development was positive

Factors and scientific analysis of unbalanced, uncoordinated, unsustainable and other problems , to study the Party Central System

The guiding ideology, basic requirements and goals and tasks of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposal are set within the key points

Capacitive bribery, highlighting the profound connotation of the theme of scientific development, the main line of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, and the approval certificate for foreign-invested enterprises to accelerate the reform of the fiscal and taxation system, Constructing a tax system, reforming and improving the tax system, etc., which is conducive to changing the mode of economic development, and further strengthening the government of party members and cadres

Transitional pension for governance acumen and ability to serve financial centers and do their jobs well.

Actively participate in the financial and cultural construction of private enterprises, and vigorously carry out honesty and self-discipline education. For a year without wearing a seat belt, we follow the unified requirements of

government agencies. Has organized and studied xx,

Comrade xx's speech at the fifth plenary meeting of the xx Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Comrade xx is implementing it

Speech on the "Integrity Code" teleconference and "Integrity Code", learn from Zhao Leji's book

Recorded in the speech at the Fifth Plenary Session of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection China Merchants Bank Loans, learn the spirit of the province's fiscal anti-corruption construction work conference

, improve party members' integrity and self-discipline awareness, how to borrow money to buy a house. The second is to earnestly carry out the study of Shen Hao's advanced deeds, etc.


trademark rights, organize party members and cadres to visit " The first secretary" theme education film and television and "Anti-corruption and anti-change every

monthly" online film and television and other three-year labor contract trial period, continue to strengthen the world outlook and values ​​education of party members and cadres , cultivating

Party members and cadres who love their jobs and consciously dedicate a few days to the 2021 Tomb-sweeping Day holiday. Third, in accordance with the requirements of the Youth League Committee of the department, actively

to participate in the activity of recommendation letters from the leaders of the learning department, Liu Yongjiang, and require every young cadre to actively select the leaders of the learning department to recommend

Recommended bibliography, write and read carefullyBook experience and experience, actively create a cultural atmosphere, the new regulations of the Divorce Law in 2020, and vigorously cultivate financial

The cultural temperament of people for the public financial management and service for the people codes for taxpayers, and ensures the discipline of clean government work Don't relax, don't move

Shake, make the alarm bell ringing for a few days on May 1st and triple the salary.

Over the past year, I have always been consistent with the party organization and

superiors ideologically and politically. Be able to adhere to the guidance of theory and the important thought of "xxxx"

, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, and actively achieve unity and mutuality in daily work


With the cooperation, the goals and tasks set in early 2018 have been basically completed. Now I will report on my study, work and clean government construction in the past year

as follows:

I. Study:

Be able to actively participate in various educational and learning training activities, while striving to learn business skills

Pay attention to the full application of the new knowledge and new methods learned to your actual work. Go to Ningbo Social Security for personal inquiries.

1. Strengthen the study of railways to increase wages, and focus on laying a solid theoretical foundation for the reward of having a second child in 2020. In the past year, according to the request of the superior, Huoqiu County Health Bureau, combined with

my ideological situation and the actual work situation, the Beijing pension has been raised, I have carefully studied the theory and business knowledge of the resignation letter template, Actively devote myself to

Innovating and Compensating Lawyers for Land Acquisition and Adhering to the Learning System, especially in the activities of Innovating and Competing for Excellence,

Be able to take the initiative to study and write study notes and experience and experience the policy of returning farmland to forest, and continuously improve their theoretical literacy

and the level of real estate certificate.

2. Apply what you have learned to the second-child policy, and strive to achieve practical results. Full text of the People's Mediation Law. While strengthening the study of theoretical knowledge, the application for termination of the contract also

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Combining the needs of one's own work, labor law, working hours, and community work, the actual Hangzhou factory relocation, the combination of learning and practice,

The experience and results of learning are transformed into ideas for planning work, measures for improving work, and effectively improve professional quality and work ability.

2. Work performance:

1. Civil affairs work for the people. Adhere to the people-oriented principle, share the worries of the government from the top, and solve the problem for the public from the bottom

It is difficult for one's own responsibility to drive a car and kill someone with a sentence of several years. First,

Continue to do a good job in the dynamic management of the minimum living guarantee, so as to ensure that the guarantee is fully guaranteed, and the refund will be refunded if it should be withdrawn. Currently

There are 178 households with 264 people who enjoy the minimum living allowance policy in the community; br> 25 new subsistence allowance households were added, and 12 subsistence allowance households were cancelled; the second is to do a good job in the relief work of the residents with serious illnesses, and jointly help the people with serious diseases in the community. 95 person-times, more than 400,000 rescue funds

yuan, and the fund utilization rate is 100%. What conditions can be refunded for personal income tax. The third is to steadily carry out the basic-level investigation work on affordable housing construction and low-rent housing system

. This year, there are 1 households who cannot become the main body of unit crime. The community has thoroughly reported low-rent housing and annual rent subsidies.

1 household. Fourth, in-depth development of double support working hours. Frequent contact with family members of military personnel to help

To help solve practical difficulties in life and work, the preferential treatment for military family members was distributed to their families in a timely manner

This year, a total of more than 70,000 yuan of preferential treatment was paid out. The fifth is to do a good job in the investigation and registration of the disabled at the beginning of the year

As a self-supporting institution, actively provide services such as identification and replacement of disabled persons and similar disabled persons in the jurisdiction Work

work. The timely distribution of various difficulties assistance, condolences and year-end condolences has effectively guaranteed the vital interests of the difficult and vulnerable people in the jurisdiction. Shanghai Labor Contract Regulations.

2. Publicity work. Use all propaganda tools and mobilize all positive factors to actively publicize the party's

's policy of benefiting the people and the people's livelihood project veterans' preferential treatment certificate, so as to improve the residents' awareness of the various policies. Awareness, make it home

It is well known and known to everyone. Through various publicity methods, rural pension payment standards, community work, and active contributions to labor contract law,


Up to now, 4 reports have been published in various media, and the goals and tasks set at the beginning of the year have been completed; According to the division of labor and contract responsibility, China Life Property Insurance claims settlement, proactively and timely

with some petitioning households, communicate with them about house purchase restrictions, and put "know what they are doing and thinking about" , what do you need?”

As the condition of fundamental parole, take solving practical problems as the core network, grasp the dynamics in time, and deal with problems in a timely manner

Manage and report short positions.

4. Do a good job in grid management contract management. Be able to face

different situations and problems of fixed asset deductions that appear in the grid meticulously and carefully.

All kinds of information are provided to relevant departments.

In addition, it can cooperate with other tasks, such as the creation of standardized demonstration communities.

3. Integrity and self-discipline:

In the past year, I have been able to strictly abide by the "Party Constitution" and "Integrity in Politics" The relevant

regulations, take the lead in building a clean and honest party, standardize one's words and deeds, and earnestly achieve self-respect and self-respect

Provincial, self-police, self-motivated compensation standards for house relocation, consciously accepting public supervision, and how to handle divorce procedures to prevent corruption from the source.

IV. Existing problems and next steps:

Reviewing the work in the past year, there are achievements and shortcomings During holidays, if the study is not in-depth, the knowledge is not enough


Wait, these problems and deficiencies, I am determined to overcome Baishan second-hand housing in the future work, and strive to improve:

1. Continue earnestly to carry out the activities of studying and practicing the scientific concept of development, consolidate the learning results of the traffic accident compensation indictment, and creatively

what procedures are needed for the transfer of household registration.

2. Continue to implement and implement the "people's livelihood project" maternity leave application, such as subsistence allowances, serious illness assistance, labor security,

Affordable housing and low-rent housing, etc., carefully do the work, how long does it take to apply for a trademark, and make the party's policy of benefiting the people

truly fall In fact, Hebei industry and commerce annual inspection.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------The latest recommendation of the model essay-------------------- ----------------------------------

, increase publicity efforts, and truly realize the party's policy of benefiting the people and make the minimum living allowance application conditions known to every household. Regularly organize

activities, and take advantage of major festivals to hold some popular, easy-to-attend and colorful

cultural and sports activities

4. We should receive every resident who comes to work in a good spirit, and always keep in mind that "residents

No trivial matter" Qingyuan City traffic violation inquiry, never let the phenomenon of "difficult to enter the door, difficult for people, ugly faces, difficult to handle"

happen to oneself, in All work can go to a new level Chifeng car accident.

5. Complete other central tasks assigned by superiors.

This year, our Xitang court has handled the patent process under the leadership of the party group of the court, and has been supported and supervised by the higher court

Depending on the type of enterprise, adhere to the theme of "serving the overall situation of business license inspection, and serving the people's justice". People's Court Trial" principle of "two conveniences", and strive to practice

"fair, honest, and for the people" the people's court to teach the new secret car accident, and regard public appeals as strengthening and reforming

Focus on the work, constantly innovate the safety inspection standards of carrier construction, adhere to the father of "active justice" and "people-based justice",

Efforts are made to make the court work in line with the public sentiment and recruit troops, reflect the new labor contract law of public opinion, and win the hearts and minds of the people. The main work of the court in 2018

is summarized as follows:

2018 work situation

I. Basic information on case acceptance and trial:

In 2018, our court accepted 787 civil and commercial cases of various types. Save 18 cases to release the third child, a total of 805

accounts, compared with 2018 (765 cases + 22 old deposits = 787), the calculation of overtime pay is more accepted. 18 related-party transactions of listed companies, accepted

cases increased by 2 trademark registration applications. % of the registered capital of the limited company. The court filed 7 cases on its own.


77 marriage and family law cases of various types of disputes were concluded, and the annual completion rate reached 96.02%. Among the 77 cases concluded

the May 1st Labor Day holiday is a few days, of which 510 cases were mediated plus mortgage, 115 cases were withdrawn, and the rate of adjustment and withdrawal reached 80.9%. Corporate.

Most of the cases accepted this year involve sales, private lending, divorce, contracting, separation of properties,

financial loans Five major categories, in addition to involving lease contract disputes, health rights disputes, employee victimization disputes, and guarantee contract disputes and other self-defense. Among them, there are 98 disputes over sales contracts (including 4 cases of old deposits), 90 cases of civil loan disputes (including 7 cases of old deposits), and 71 cases of contract disputes (including 7 cases of old deposits)

87 divorce cases (including 1 old deposit), 61 disputes over separation of properties, financial loan contracts

Disputes over 17 national statutory annual leave.

There are 6 appeals against the jurisdictional objection to the minimum wage standard in Jiangsu Province, of which 1 was upheld and then transferred, and 2 were revoked in the second instance.

The first instance mediation concluded the case (the second instance maintained the original jurisdiction ruling). In this year's judgment on the loan interest rate of Bank of China,

appealed for 9 cases of where to apply for business licenses, 4 cases of maintaining facility agricultural land, and 1 case of withdrawing the appeal for land transfer Policy, the remaining 4 cases are under review, and the latest news on pension increases in 2022.

Over the past year, the entire court has been closely surrounding the central workerWork in solidarity to carry out supplementary appraisal, personal interests obey

How much is the copyright registration for the overall interests, departmental interests obey the overall interests, cooperate with each other and support each other, strengthen cooperation with others

If the legal representative of the court and department is changed, the bid bond will be waived according to the work characteristics of the court at the grass-roots front line.

During the lunch break, we will receive visitors, conduct mediation, and prepare for afternoon court hearings, and implement a single-break system throughout the year. In addition, since the opening of the Xitang Scenic Holiday Court, high imitation traffic tickets have been discovered, and all the police officers in the court have voluntarily given up

to take turns on duty during the rest time on Sunday.

2. The work of the court

1. Political study creates a good atmosphere for study

Our court, in accordance with the political business study issued by the party group of the hospital, informed my husband how to recover from cheating and divorced, and formulated the Xitang court study system

, and The Friday of the fourth week of each month is the group study day. After a long period of political,

business knowledge to learn the current deposit interest rate, the entire court police adhere to the "three first" work guiding ideology, closely follow the "for

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Serve the overall situation, serve the people's justice" The topic is the skills of buying auto insurance, and fully implements the requirements of the "Eight Divisions

Law" proposed by the Provincial High Court. Utility models for all kinds of conflicts and disputes, faithfully perform duties

The good momentum of the overall progress of the trial execution

has been maintained.

Since October this year, Chapter 3, Chapter 261, Jiashan Library has set up a branch in Xitang Town (Zhao Xianchu Library),

The library is located in the second suite near the court. At the call of the president, the court policemen have borrowed books one after another.

Kahezhang, Taking advantage of the lunch break to borrow newspapers, periodicals and books for work-related injury insurance benefits, enriching the spare time beyond 8 hours, and forming a good learning atmosphere in the court


2. Staff adjustment and team building is more reasonable

In this month, our hospital adjusted staff according to the needs of case handling to build a website. Xitang Court currently has 1 president

, 2 vice-presidents, 2 assistant judges, 4 clerks, and 2 additional judges. /p>

1 resident bailiff, 1 resident people's assessor, anti-doping regulations. The three chief judges are respectively responsible for contacting a township

(Xitang, Taozhuang, Tianning) What is the trust, in addition to the normal case handling, contact the judge at least every week

Once to contact the township judicial office to get familiar with the situation, to participate in guiding the grass-roots organization people to mediate the marriage leave stipulated by the state for a few days.

At the beginning of June this year, our court invited Lao Yuan, who has rich experience in grassroots work and rural work, to reside in the court

. For more than half a year, Lao Yuan accepted the assignment of creditor's rights from 68 people, assisted in 176 cases, participated in a total of 6 civil mediations, participated in 2 collegial panels, and effectively facilitated the parties to reach a settlement. Mediation

The agreement justifies the defense of civil liability, and better realizes the legal effect and social effect of the civil trial. A win-win industrial product sales contract model. The court specially established

to establish a registration system for the work of people's jurors.

The treatment of martyrs' families, annual work assessment tax collection and management, to ensure the effective development of people's jurors in court.

, actively participate in grid management


The participation of the people's court in the work of "grid management and group service" means that the people's court participates in the management service team formed by the local party and government department

, through the grid Information management platform, visits

and other means to rent houses in Liangping, provide legal services and judicial assistance for residents in the jurisdiction, Shenyang medical insurance, and provide services for court trials,

A job that performs job gathering information. On the morning of September 9, 2018, the Articles of Association of the branch company, Xitang Court was invited by

to participate in the deepening of "grid management and group service" in Xitang Town and the promotion of comprehensive management of safety

Entered into the conference to dismiss employees' compensation, formally participated in the work of grid management and group service in Xitang Town, labor and personnel disputes arbitration case handling rules, and

Begin to take responsibility for how to pay taxes for the member individual industrial and commercial households in the grid, especially for "people who need the most attention, need the most attention

people who need love most”, work providing legal aid.

Through the daily contact between court police officers and service personnel in the grid, regular visits are made to the method of applying for unemployment insurance benefits,

During the visit, I encountered legal consultation, rights protection and other issues about traffic accident personal injury compensation standards, or answered on the spot, or contacted the relevant judge for legal assistance.

"The court uses the circuit trial as a platform, walks into the grid unit to remove and dismiss, and provides legal services and judicial aid benefits face to face for

grid cadres and ordinary people, learn from Feng Bridge experience, "trivial

is not out of the ordinary, small things are not in the village, big things are not in the town", go deep into the dispute scene for small-scale taxpayers' VAT, and maintain "zero

" p>

"Distance" contact, work face-to-face, solve problems on the spot, ensure that conflicts are alleviated within the grid

Affordable housing Buying and selling, eliminating hidden dangers in the bud, and the company's self-liquidation, to achieve seamless connection between lawsuits and investigations.

4. Circuit trials are effective for the convenience of the people

(1) Circuit trial station

On July 29, our court held the unveiling ceremony of the circuit trial station in Taozhuang Town, the jurisdiction. p>

The trial station established the Taozhuang Town Judicial Office's company loan agreement from shareholders. So far, our court has successfully completed the trial of Tianning, Xitang,

The unveiling work of 4 circuit trial stations in the three jurisdictions of Taozhuang has taken a substantial step in building a convenient litigation network

Detailed rules for special deduction of personal tax , to expand the "judicial for the people" service diameter branch how to pay taxes. Up to now, Xitang

court has set up Tianning Circuit Trial Station, Hongxi (Community) Circuit Judgment Station, Xitang Traffic

----------------------------------------- ----------------------The latest recommendation of the model essay--------------- ---------------------------------------

Circuit Trial Station for Accident Compensation Cases, Taozhuang Circuit Trial Station. Although Hongxi has been merged into Tianning Town at present, the Hongxi (Community) Circuit Trial Station Still playing her role, the insurance claim application form is easy to solve

Some simple civil disputes at the rural grassroots level are difficult to resolve in time. Our court regularly visits the circuit for trial

Sentence points for "three support" (support, support, support), marriage, loan, adjacent relationship correction

The trial of civil disputes such as disputes, separation of properties, etc., facilitates local people's litigation, and properly resolves various disputes. CITIC Securities Account Opening Commission. The establishment of the design patent of the circuit trial station reflects the judicial service concept of "facing the countryside, facing the public, facing

grassroots national lawyer platform, for the people, benefiting the people and protecting the people" New share subscription rules, in order to strive to realize the transformation from "case-centered

centering" to "contradiction-centered" infringing the right of reputation, and timely grasping social conflicts and disputes in the jurisdiction

provides a legal basis for the local party committee and government to resolve major and difficult issues regarding postnatal leave regulations, and

resolve disputes in a timely manner , resolve conflicts in the format of grass-roots situation descriptions, and solve the problem of resignation in the budding state, five insurances and one housing fund. At the same time, it is beneficial for the court to guide the people's mediation on the ten-level work injury compensation standard at a larger level, strengthen the function of people's mediation, and realize the people's mediation

The connection between settlement and litigation mediation is connected with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau's household registration department. Our court also often uses the platform of the circuit trial station to do a good job in judicial linkage entrusted mediation work.

Child Support Agreement. Since the beginning of this year, the circuit trial stations have held a total of 65 trials and mediation cases

, and participated in more than 50 times of people's mediation work at the grassroots level.

(2) Xitang Road Traffic Circuit Trial Station

Since April 2018, the property management regulations have been Timely handling of compensation matters and surrendered, our court specially set up a road traffic circuit court in

Xitang Traffic Police Brigade to directly handle road traffic in the three towns under its jurisdiction

Corporate Income Tax Deduction for Accident Civil Compensation Cases. This is a great convenience for the court. In dealing with such cases, the limited liability company,

after discussion and decision by the party group of the court, exempted the litigation cost of the case, the litigation cost of divorce, and took the spot on the spot. A series of convenient measures such as case filing, on-the-spot mediation,

performing on the spot and other convenient measures for whoring prostitutes, to fight for the rights of the plaintiff and to provide insurance for the defendant

Compensation provided to facilitate the legal age of marriage, the parties expressed their satisfaction with the household registration transfer procedures, and generally believed that the court really did a good job for the people


The service has achieved good results through more than a year of running the criminal case process. Since the beginning of this year, the personal information investigation company, Xitang Court Road

has been handed over to the circuit court to handle 281 road traffic accident cases (26 in 2011), mediation,

How to deal with illegal parking when the withdrawal rate reaches 100%, and there is no case where the conflict intensifies due to improper handling, and the bank pays for the mobile phone in installments.

() Xitang Scenic Holiday Court

In November 2011, our hospital set up a scenic holiday court in Xitang Ancient Town , which mainly handles civil disputes between tourists, tourists and scenic spots, and residents in scenic spots. I

The court will send a judge and a clerk to use the rest time. What is billing? During holidays and peak travel periods

The holiday court has negligently concluded the contract, and the civil and commercial disputes in the scenic spot shall be filed and mediated on the spot

. At the same time, Yubei Second-hand Housing, Scenic Holiday Court will also cooperate with the previously established Xitang Town Tourism Management Committee

Committee, Xitang Police Station Tourism Police Team, Scenic Spot Urban Management Team, Scenic Spot People The mediation committee and

West Street, Xiyuan, Tangdong Street, and Chaonandai 4 community neighborhood committees work together to coordinate timely

Handle conflicts, properly handle all kinds of disputes, and create a comfortable travel and shopping environment for tourists.

As of today's Yulin car accident, this year's scenic holiday court has accepted more than 100 visitors, providing advice for tourists

Thirty people have provided legal advice to the Changsha Public Security Traffic Police Network, and how much does it cost to transfer the house in 5 cases of conflicts and disputes on the spot.

5. Xitang court entrusted to mediate goes ahead

The court will notify the party committee, government and other departments of the jurisdiction during the trial work Work, distribution of materials, etc.

methods, actively obtain the latest marriage law from the party committee, government and other departments of the jurisdiction, and support and help the court work.

Actively strengthen ties with grassroots organizations such as people's mediation State regulations on bereavement leave, make full use of people's mediation organizations throughout the city

The township and network have sound drunk driving standards, and the mediators are rooted in the grassroots, close to the public, low cost and high efficiency. Simple cases, especially some civil disputes such as compensation, neighborhood disputes, separation of property, etc. that occur in the jurisdiction


After the consent of the parties, immediately entrust the people's mediation committee of the town where the parties are located to mediate and reach a mediation

---- -------------------------------------------------- ---------The latest recommendation of the model essay -------------------------------------- ----------------

Agreement, and then the court will issue a mediation letter to confirm the mediation agreement and give enforcement effect to other warrants What's the meaning.

Taking full advantage of the platform of the circuit trial station, the unit price is all-inclusive, which not only effectively solves the contradictions between the parties, but also

The judicial cost has been greatly saved, and good social effects have been achieved through more than one year of operation.

A total of 4 cases of entrusted mediation during the summer vacation are illegal.

6. The court blog carries new experience in creating models

Xitang court blog was founded on (in November 2011) to date It has been more than a year

Shanxi reissued, with rich content and regular updates, and now it has become a publicity for Xitang court and public opinion

The traffic violation inquiries in Anshan have reached nearly 2,000 times. This month, at the regular meeting of the people's court in the whole province,

Our court is Jiaxing Regional People's Court Representatives Attending the Conference College Students Internship Certificate Sample, President Huang Zhen as a specially invited court representative

to speak on illegal detention, and make our court blog "take the Internet as the boundary and the blog as the Media—Building Public Opinion Communication

Bridge” was introduced as the highlight of the work in 2018, reviewed and summarized and communicated in recent years

Work experience in Xitang court listing conditions. It was delivered by mail in May, and the city-wide court work conference held by the Intermediate People's Court on the East Social Insurance Network. Experience exchange labor arbitration proxy words.

7. Three measures to strengthen court security work

Our court held a meeting on the afternoon of August this year for rapid implementation The national law

the spirit of the video and telephone conference of the court, fully aware of the importance of strengthening the security of the people's courts,

urgent To ensure the safety of the trial, we should take responsibility for the originality, fully implement the three measures of civil air defense, physical defense, and technical defense, and strengthen the security work of the court

(1) Strengthen "personnel defense". Not regularly report the court's quarterly corporate income tax report on security incidents to enhance police officers' risk awareness, prevention awareness and self-protection ability. Since the Xitang court moved to the new site in XX year, the traffic accident in Yunnan has been equipped with

2 full-time security guards, and the 24-hour rotation system is implemented. Where to enter the lawCourt personnel must


present a valid ID or work permit and register and conduct necessary security checks in Hangzhou Purchase restriction policy. After the scholastic party

group discussion, the parole officer, the Xitang court in the second half of this year is equipped with a court-based bailiff, who is in charge of the court.

Security work, and establish a joint public security joint defense mechanism with the Xitang Police Station to ensure that there are enough

forces to deal with various emergencies.

(2) Consolidate "technical prevention" against the prohibition of trade in wild animals. Security gates, electronic monitoring systems, dedicated alarm telephones and other advanced equipment

are currently in place and put into use by the financial leasing company. p>

Police equipment, stab-resistant vests, helmets, walkie-talkies, etc., to provide material for court security

Organ donation.

() Implement "system defense". The Supervision Committee that formulated the "Rules for the Implementation of the Safety and Security Work of the Xitang People's Court" is my country's. Check layoff notices,

Strictly restrict entry to outside vehicles. During the trial, the judge and the bailiff shall judge the situation and strictly

and take precautionary measures to prevent compulsory traffic insurance.

The bailiff and the doorman use the walkie-talkie to realize real-time intercom, and press the alarm bell in case of emergency to ensure that

Rapid response to emergencies, ensuring the safety of the participants, ensuring the safety of the majority of police officers, and

ensuring the safety of the trial office.

8. "Court Open Day" pupils entered the courtroom

October 15th was the first time for Xitang court More than 20 famous teachers from Dujuan Primary School became the first batch of court guests. The presiding judge led the students to visit the definition of old age in the trial court,

to understand the basic situation of the court trial as an agent of taxation, and to observe a simple private loan dispute case on the spot

The trial accounts payable debit balance for the program. Combined with the typical cases of juvenile delinquency and crimes, a photo exhibition was held, and

students had a vivid legal education class and settled in Shanghai. The primary school students entered the trial seat with great excitement,

sitting on the trial seat, knocking on the gavel, and earnestly imitating the judge to try the labor law New Rules for 2020, Experience the Court

---------------------------- -------------------------The latest recommendation of the model essay------------ ------------------------------------------

The solemn house purchase limit of the trial, and several students also expressed that they will be a judge in the future to refund their tickets. We hold the "Court

Open Day" event, which aims to use the "Court Open Day" as a way to spread court culture and popularize the law

Knowledge classes, and more importantly, to enhance the public's understanding of courts and judges when family planning started, and to strengthen general law education classes.

9. Sunshine Trial invites representatives and committee members to participate

In order to further enhance judicial transparency, children with collective hukou will be settled and the courts will be strengthened. Communication with deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the CPPCC

Contact mechanism to broaden the channels for deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to participate in supervising the work of the court. Income tax rate, 10

Starting from the end of this month, our court has made a case schedule based on the actual work of the trial, and regularly

(Friday) to the Xitang Town under its jurisdiction , Taozhuang Town, Tianning Town, the deputies to the people's congresses and the members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

issued an invitation letter to the "Sunshine Trial", inviting them to visit them from time to time and selectively.

The designated time and place of the trial to observe the trial work of the case, which has achieved good social effects.

On October 16, the Xitang court sent the first invitation letter. A case accepted by the Xitang Court

The dispute over compensation for employees' compensation in Hualian Village, Xitang Town, was concerned by Zhu Canhong, a member of the town's CPPCC

Note limited liability company registered capital. On the morning of October 29, Commissioner Zhu came to the court early in the morning. Undertaking Judge Ding Kouhong briefly introduced the case to

and invited him to participate in the mediation of the case. The plaintiff is an outsider

Migrant labor arbitration law, and the defendant is a villager in Hualian Village. /p>
Note, I was moved by Seibu and actively cooperated with the judge. With the participation of all parties, the case ended yuepao with compensation

5672 yuan for the plaintiff.

10. The vice-principal of legal publicity and publicity enters the classroom

In order to strengthen the connection with the school, carry out the legal system in a targeted manner Propagandize and educate Yang Lv, enhance youth

Students' awareness of law-abiding, improve self-protection ability Criminal Law Amendment IX Bribery crime, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of school students How to collect property tax ,


To prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency, our county political and legal committee, education bureau, law publicity office Jointly issued a document

Set up vice presidents of legal affairs in each school in our county. Our presiding judge Huang Zhen and police officer Shan Xiuli are honored to be

respectively serving as the legal vice principals of Dujuan Primary School and Jiashan No. December 4th this year is the

10 legal publicity day work-related injury identification period in China. br>

Classroom endowment insurance for urban and rural residents, and held a photo exhibition based on typical cases of juvenile delinquency and crimes, giving students a vivid lesson

Legal Education Section Kindergarten Resignation Letter. President Huang Zhen also won the honorary clothing cash on delivery of the county's "Excellent Legal Vice


11. The work of the branch pays attention to all aspects of clean government

Existing party members in the court are suspended from the shareholders' meeting, and 2 retired party members Automobile energy-saving subsidy policy, 1 party activist took a holiday on October 1, and established a party branch under the leadership of the party

group. The branch has been working solidly to carry out maternity leave in Guangdong, and party members have always played a leading and exemplary role in the various work of the court. In the past two years, Shanghai's new traffic regulations, the court branch of Xitang Law

has always taken the construction of clean government as its primary task, except for the monthly court affairs meeting

Xi will emphasize the management of external project files, and also use a variety of carriers and forms to consolidate and deepen, and actively respond to the supervision of higher-level courts


(1) When the court files a case on its own, issue a clean government supervision card along with the case to expand the scope of social supervision.

The Integrity Supervision Card is a shareholding system issued along with the notice of acceptance of the case, notice to the parties and other materials at the stage of filing a case

, and implement "one case, one card". This supervision card is specially designed for the case parties to complain to the judge

Whether there is any violation of the "Five Prohibitions" and related regulations during the trial and execution of the case

The high temperature subsidy distribution standard is set, and the trial work style of the undertaker is assessed. After the case is settled, the

party will send the supervision card to the court supervision office.

(2) Distribute the "five strictly prohibited" warning cards to each police officer to falsely issue VAT invoices, and combine the actual work

It is used to make computer desktops, screensavers for buying a house in Hefei, and install it on every computer in the court. From the second half of the year, the holiday will be scheduled on October 1st. President

------------------------ ----------------------------------------The latest recommendation of the model essay------- ----------------------------------------------

A slogan of integrity for every police officer, printed on the back of the police officer's work card, requiring large

to be placed in the office On the table or on the body, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere in the trial work

Tariff rates, always alert yourself how to calculate overtime wages on National Day, and sign contracts with integrity and self-discipline .

() Multi-level development of party conduct and clean government construction, in accordance with the requirements of the hospital discipline inspection team, through the establishment of education,

management, Supervision, investigation and promotion of five mechanisms, signing responsibility letters at every level and signing with the police officers' families

Signing the responsibility letter for promoting integrity and supporting integrity , unit, family, three-pronged supervision and management system, law, morality,


(4) Every major holiday, the house sales contract is filed, in strict accordance with the procedures for applying for the business license of the self-employed and the self-employed sent by the discipline inspection team of the hospital every weekend.

Police officers are required to always pay attention to maintaining the image of the court and judges , The crime of being cautious and careful with the huge amount of property of unknown source refers to the state functionaries who do not act for the sake of good and small, and do not act for small evil. All the police officers in the court earnestly learn

Xi Chen Yanping's advanced deeds, accumulate experience in handling cases, improve the efficiency of handling cases, and adhere to the judicial

Classify the land for the people, strengthen integrity and self-discipline, be a good judge convinced by the people, and write a learning experience

(5) At the same time, according to the requirements of the Party Group of the Court, the court convened quarterly issues of clean government

According to the report to Anxin Fund Company, according to the "Responsibility Letter for the President of Xitang Court for the Construction of a Clean and Clean Government", and the cover of the "Police and Integrity Commitment" signed at the beginning of each year

, Quarterly personal

reports on integrity and self-discipline in work and spare time by court officers to the presiding judge. The presiding judge analyzed and commented on this one by one, and

required all the police officers in the court to strictly abide by the "five strict prohibitions" regulations, be honest and self-disciplined, and strengthen party spirit.

(6) Participate in various anti-corruption activities in Shenzhen Notary Office. On April 0, Gaoping rented a house. Our hospital launched the "Ode to the Breeze" speech contest with the theme of "fair and honest law enforcement"

. Police officer Sun Xiaoqing participated in the

competition and won the first prize on behalf of the court. She integrated the art of speech into the effectiveness of education, so that


All the police officers in the hospital received a profound integrity education in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to apply for a patent. In May's

Court Integrity Education Monthly Company House Lease Contract Template, the entire court and police were organized to watch the middle-level cadres of county-level organs in our county

Crime-based warning films and the duty-related crime case division of the Criminal Court of our hospital

According to Shanfa (2018) No. 2 document "Developing a country with the theme of "people's judges for the people"

Notice on the Celebration Cup Essay Contest", led by the discipline inspection and supervision department of the hospital, using 40 days of

time to carry out an essay contest in the whole hospital , our court police officers and their families actively participated in

to contribute to the adoption of orphans, consolidating the achievements of clean government education. In November, organize assistant judges and above to go to Huzhou Prison

to receive warning education. Through the above series of activities, which is the best car insurance in Jinan, the whole court's police officers' awareness of clean government has been further enhanced

to strengthen social security.

12. What information is required for the annual review of petition reception vehicles to establish a new image of service

Since the beginning of this year, the court has a total of How to calculate the overtime pay for receiving more than 16 visitors, there is no case of domestic violence caused by the court staff's serious irresponsible work or rude attitude, which caused the parties' petitions and thus affected the court's work and situation.

The phenomenon of the image.

Pay attention to publicity and research on the tax rate of real estate deeds for work, and use this to publicize the courts and the compensation for traffic accident injuries in the courts. In the past year, the court

provided a total of 9 real-time text information and case analysis to the court's intranet, 2 of which were adopted. 2018

In the annual briefing period, our court published the Hubei paternity test, which was distributed to the leading groups, judicial offices, and people of various towns in the jurisdiction

Civil juror labor arbitration lawyer, formed the meaning of information exchange of origin, and explained various civil and commercial cases through specific case analysis

Problems and traffic in the cases The emergency telephone number is for reference and discussion by the administrative organs of the jurisdiction, to help analyze the existing problems, and

to answer legal problems.

1. Visiting deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

In the past year, the court has visited the representatives of the county people's congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference A total of 15 people will be reported to them on irregular

the dynamic work of the court, team building and future work plans. Train tickets can be bought a few days in advance. People in the Jurisdiction

-------------------------------- -----------------------------------------The latest recommendation of the model essay ---------------- --------------------------------------

The deputies and CPPCC members expressed their sincere attitude towards the court's initiative to visit the court and accept the supervision of the National People's Congress

Appreciation and affirmation of the employment subsidy for East University students, and their understanding and concern for the work of the court , Support and Help

Thanks for Middle School Violence. At the same time, the court put forward some pertinent opinions and suggestions on how to further implement the "Three Commitments".

The scale of construction in the past year, Xitang Court has strengthened the contact and communication with the deputies of the people's congress by inviting the deputies of the people's congress to observe the court session, and visiting the delingha online network of the deputies to seek opinions. What conditions do tax refunds need to meet, consciously accept

Under the supervision of labor contract arbitration by the deputies of the National People's Congress, use supervision to promote norms, use norms to promote just guardian certification, and strive to achieve "justice"

Law, one heart for the people" National Day traffic accident.

14. Other work situations

On the morning of April 19 this year, the trademark was rejected, and President Qi Qi of the Provincial High Court came to Can I take the high-speed train without an ID card to visit the Xitang Court in Weifu? One by one

I inspected the inheritance rights of infrastructure construction such as the office, case filing room, and trial court, and learned about the court in detail


Trial work, staff structure, and sub-jurisdictionThe staff had a friendly

conversation, got to know the policeman's personal situation carefully, and took a group photo with everyone. How to score 120 points of Shanghai Residence Permit after the visit,

President Qi Qi believes that the court is actively innovating, facilitating the people, and giving full play to the overload of judicial functions.

The dress code of the court staff is standard for the payment of rural pensions, the court training is conspicuous, and the environment is clean. Generally speaking,

For Xitang Court work expressed satisfaction with the hit-and-run.

Existing problems and solutions

While summarizing the achievements, we also clearly see our own shortcomings. For example, in terms of judicial work

, due to subjective and objective reasons, there are still a few cases where justice cannot be guaranteed

Taking into account the efficiency of the traffic accident litigation case, for fear of intensifying the contradiction and taking responsibility, but emphasizing on mediation, dare not make a decisive decision

The full text of the social security law, so that the trial longer limit. Due to the share transfer due to the lack of personnel, the contact with grass-roots organizations and grass-roots mediation organizations must also strengthen the period of VAT invoice certification, and the breadth and depth of research and publicity work. Not enough building qualification standards,


needs to be strengthened. When dealing with new types of cases, due to the lack of in-depth business study, sometimes there is a situation where you are not sure about

and dare not make a judgment. This year, 2 cases have been remanded by the Intermediate People's Court for retrial and commutation. The above

various deficiencies, we have the confidence and determination to actively improve in the new year, and effectively change the work attitude

And work style invention patent priority review, and constantly improve our work, at the same time in the new year also very

need to continue to get the support of the various brothers' courtrooms Make an appointment to jointly do the various trials of the court

Article 24 of the Marriage Law.

Next year's work ideas

Looking back on the work of the past year, through the joint efforts of all comrades in the court, our court has Rising,

State tax declaration under the circumstance of tight personnel, completed this year's trial task satisfactorily and successfully, and obtained a

The women and men who set the grades have also been recognized by leaders and comrades. During the one-year trial work 107,

We got timely help from the office, Min 1, Min 2, case filing, execution and the bailiff brigade

Assistance, guidance and reinforcements. We deeply understand the transfer of Wuhan. Although the court is at the grassroots level, it has always felt the help of the big family of the court and the warmth of the company. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the courtrooms and comrades who care about my family work


In the new year, while we continue to do a good job in the trial work, we will further implement the various court systems

standardization, improve the quality and quantity of cases, and at the same time improve the vehicle maintenance management system, create high-quality trials and excellent works, continue to strengthen the mediation work forensic appraisal fees, and steadily increase the case mediation We will continue to expand the service radius of

next year. While the jurisdiction of the circuit trial station is fully covered, the extramarital affair evidence collection will be extended from station to station, so as to achieve the goal of


The shift from "court-centered" to "farmer-centered" allows county rentals to shorten court and rural land

Reasonable distance from Beijing's minimum wage standard, and narrow the psychological distance between judges and the public. Take various work to a new level, and make positive contributions to the social stability of the district

and economic development.

In addition to this, a second child alone, one of our jobs next yearFocus on creating a provincial model five-good court. Law

----------------------------------- ----------------------------The latest recommendation of the model essay------------------- -----------------------------------

Court Now it has entered a new era of digital court with information, network and intelligent case handling. How to handle the second child birth certificate,

The paperless office has fully realized the government arrears, It far exceeds the hardware requirements of the Model Five Good Courts to be queried by the executors.

Next, we will standardize the system and other related software, we are confident and determined

Do our best Strive to strive for the age of criminal responsibility in model courts in the province, and hope to get the enthusiastic help of various courts


In the new year, we will take the opportunity of striving to create an administrative division code for the birthplace, strictly in accordance with the "Provincial

" formulated by the Provincial High Court.

Grade Model Five Good Court Evaluation Rules", which is the basic basis for authorization and commission, innovative work ideas, housing lease stamp tax rate,

Combined with the actual conditions of the local labor service company registration, adapt to the development of the situation, focus on the intellectual property laws and regulations on the theme of fairness and efficiency, adapt to local conditions, and actively explore

The legal provisions are conducive to the convenience of public litigation, to

improving the quality and efficiency of trials, and to maintaining stability and promoting development under the premise of trying hard

Try to create special experience how to refund individual income tax, take the road of court construction with its own characteristics, and comprehensively improve the image of grass-roots courts

and improve the trial Quality and efficiency, improve the management level of the court, improve the overall quality of the entire court police

, and strive to enter the ranks of the provincial model five-good court as soon as possible to cancel the qualification certificate.

The above is the summary of the work of our court in 2018 and the preliminary work ideas in 2018. Over 50%, if any

Inappropriate, please give more valuable opinions from leaders and comrades. Thanks!


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