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I hate my boyfriend to be an actuary. What do you think of an actuary?

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It is fortunate to be hard to type on a mobile phone, I can't restrain the overwhelming power that bursts out of my body when I see this question, let's write a conclusion first: I think, your husband does not need to do anything according to your preferences. Come on, let alone just a boyfriend. Why is it so right to intervene in other people's major life choices?

It just so happens that my husband is the type of fund and securities practitioner mentioned by the subject, and we both happen to be the two industries mentioned by the landlord. inner. So let's say a few words.

First of all, let’s talk about actuarial work. Although I have been touted as “golden collar” and “scarce” and other high hats in China in the past few years, every time someone asks me, I am It must be repeated that the fact that the number of actuaries is small is because there are also fewer positions, not really that scarcity. As for income, actuarial should be regarded as a job that depends on technology, that is to say, actuarial work cannot allow you to win Bai Fumei as CEO and go to the peak of life, but you can study it seriously, one by one. Take the test, work hard, and rely on your own ability to earn a good income and live a decent life (but now there are really a lot of local tyrants in China, especially gathered on Zhihu, so it depends on how everyone understands decent word).

I specially cut a table of the average income of actuaries at different levels by the British Association of Actuaries:

(Note: Please do not convert this amount into RMB, after all, if you work in the UK, you earn and spend in pounds) The chef actuary at the top of the food chain see It seems to have a lot of income, but there are not many companies that really need chef actuary (not many who have the ability to do this), and most of them work for headquarters, such as an international insurance company in Europe, which may only work in his European headquarters need such people. Although there are many branches in China, they do not need chef actuary.

The title suggests that securities funds can easily make a lot of money. I don't know how the person asking the question learned that this type of work can make money easily. According to my superficial understanding in the industry, most of the securities fund companies with particularly high salaries are running business and doing projects, and making money mainly depends on project sharing. Just relying on salary, you tell me that securities funds can earn more than actuaries? I'll throw the pastpaper I've made over the years in your face. I know a lot of securities and fund practitioners, many of whom have outstanding performance at a young age, but 90% of such people have connections, backgrounds and projects, and they are willing to work on their own backgrounds. Each of them even if they don't work in the securities and fund industries, they will not earn less than they are now (knocking on the blackboard and highlighting the key points). However, I guess the male vote of the title holder is not such a person. If the family background comes with countless useful contacts, who will fight with the actuarial exams for so many years! ! what! ! ! what! !

To sum up, the male vote of the subject is willing to choose the actuarial path, which should be regarded as a serious, practical and hardworking type, hoping to rely on his own strength to eat, I didn't want to be opportunistic, and I didn't want to be jealous of others' daily progress. In this impetuous society, it is good to be able to calm down and do your own professional well.

For the topic owner, if the topic owner can't accept it, he will break up earlier, and there will be many little girls waiting for him.

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