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How much money do you have to claim financial freedom?

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When I was in college, I had roommate M, whose parents did wind power and Construction companies, catering companies, many industries, rich families, it is believed that there are more than ten figures.

What's more beautiful is that he is still the only child in the family, all these can be his in the future. Classmate M has houses all over the country, so sometimes he sees another kind of convenience: once I went to a bar with him, sat down for 20 minutes, lost more than 5,000 yuan, and all the live singers and waiters rewarded them. It's just that the service staff surrounded us like the stars holding the moon. There were too many people to sit down and had to go back. Since it was relatively late that day, I didn't go back to the bedroom and randomly found a house near him to live in. The house was a residential building in the downtown area, and it looked inconspicuous. When I went up, I found that the house was a whole floor, and there were only ten bathrooms. Years later, I remember the bathroom a lot. Five of us share a room, and we still can't find each other and get lost!

At first I thought it was a whim for classmate M to go to bars and nightclubs. Later, I went there twice and found that I had never met a playful friend since I was a child. will play. When I went again, the situation was the same as the first time, spending money faster than Lei Zhengfu.

M is never worried about money, he should be very happy and happy, but he is often seen depressed and his favorite book is "The Human World" written by Osamu Dazai, who is tangled to death. Disqualification". Once I asked him, why are you still not happy that you have all these luxury cars and big houses that everyone wants? He said he still wanted a private jet. I said you can buy a private jet, but he said I still want to buy Manchester United, but I can't afford it.

A few days ago, there was a popular question on Zhihu. Someone asked if 500,000 yuan in Yu’ebao can be saved by interest without working?

Is 500,000 saved Yu'e Bao enough for retirement? Let's do the arithmetic first. How much money can you earn in a month with 500,000 yuan in Yu'ebao? The current Yu’e Bao is completely different from the original Yu’e Bao with more than 6%. Seven-day annualized 1.4%, the income of ten thousand copies is only 0.3855, that is to say, 50*0.3855=19.275 yuan. Co-authoring is 20 a day and 600 yuan a month.

I understand the question of whether this 500,000 deposit balance can not work The original intention is to know how much money you earn enough to put into Yu'ebao so that you can spend enough money for living without going to work, right? There was a concept fire some time ago called fire crowd. This means that this group of people earns ten years of money and retire early at the age of 35. Passive income from wealth and wealth management accumulated in the first ten years covers all the expenses for the rest of your life, which means that you will no longer have to be troubled by work in the second half of your life. Their idea is exactly the same as that of the questioner in the question, and it is also the financial freedom that everyone often talks about recently.

Simply speaking, when a person, passive income/total expenditure is greater than 1, that is to say, when you can not work, you can only cover the income after sleeping. Real financial freedom is achieved when you have the expenses you need to live. We can calculate it through the above formula, if you want to use Yu’ebao to fight inflation and maintain life. If you deposit 1 million, you can earn 1,200 per month, and if you deposit 5 million, you can earn 6,000 per month. Of course, 600 yuan must not survive? Obviously not. 600 is 50% higher than the national average monthly minimum living allowance of 400 yuan at the end of 2019. How can it be impossible?

What's more,Yan Hui, a disciple of Confucius. The Master said, "Wonderful, come back!" A basket of food, a scoop of drink, in a mean alley, people can't bear their worries, and they don't change their joy when they come back. Yan Hui obviously didn't earn much, not even 600, but he didn't worry about food and clothing after drinking plain water and porridge, and he lived happily. In a sense, he is also considered "financial freedom".

Tell me another true story. I have a bitcoin player named Pippi Shrimp that I met online. Many old people who play coins should know him. He was only 16 years old. Graduated classmates earned 10 million from 20,000 in a big bull market in 2017 by speculating on coins (mainly altcoins). I bought a big Mercedes-Benz, and also engaged in the community to share the experience of coin speculation. When it was lively, I needed an Ethereum (about 3500-4000rmb of Ethereum at that time) to join his group. Fans across the country engage in series, and a happy life is enviable. Not to mention early retirement at the age of 35, 10 million is enough for many people to retire at the age of 24. As a result, there was no profit, and after several rounds of cuts, life was difficult, and no one in the group spoke for a week or two. The clubhouse has become a mirror of water and moon, as if it is a dream of Huang Liang.

Looking back, let's think about it, if 10 million yuan is put into Yu'ebao, and the monthly income is 12,000 yuan, is it financial freedom for a wider range of people? But Pipi Shrimp did not. Earn tens of millions without financial freedom, but another group of fire people have achieved financial freedom? Yan Hui is already very happy without even using the 1.4% Yu'e Bao income. why is that? Because financial freedom has always been a relative concept rather than an absolute one.

How much money is needed to achieve financial freedom is divided.

Some people say that the so-called 290 million Beijing is financially free. Just read it and have a good time. Don't you see, coin speculators, the bull market has tens of millions of book assets, and now a bear gets up and returns to before liberation, but it is just a roller coaster ride, and no financial freedom has been achieved. Therefore, those with ten-digit wealth have no financial freedom, and those who have made hundreds of millions of dollars have no financial freedom. The mystery of how people who drink rice porridge can be free is: The most important part of financial freedom is always to control desires. part rather than managing money and making money. If you don't realize this, you will never be free.

So how much money can I put into Yu’ebao without going to work? In fact, this matter is a math problem, is this money enough to spend? Then ask your own heart to know. Would you like to live this life? Can you control your desires?

Businesses call it a cash flow statement. In fact, everyone has a personal cash flow statement for all income and expenses. Wanting to increase personal cash flow statement requires open source and throttling.

We divide open source into active income and passive income. The difference between active income and passive income is whether you need to participate directly. For example, most of us mainly rely on going to work to make money. This is active income. The money earned from work is finally paid by the boss, and your time is bought out, that is to say, all you can’t do without yourself, you have to sell your time to exchange money is active income, one day you get sick or stop. The "source" of work is gone. For the vast majority of ordinary people, if they want to increase their active income, it means to sell their unit time at a higher price, such as reading a better degree, such as switching to an industry with higher profits and better returns , such as jumping to a larger company with better treatment, such as getting a promotion and a salary increase in the competition of colleagues... But there is a problem here, the growth of active income is not unlimited, many people find that they can never get any more after working very hard. Can't go further, there is no other reason, that is, the nei volume we often say, just like everyone is sitting and watching the drama, and some people in the front row stand up, which will cause everyone in the back to stand up to watch it. . It didn't need to be so hard at first, but after it was rolled up, everyone was tired.

Passive income, as opposed to active income, refers to income earned without physical involvement in a trade or business activity. Its feature is that it does not need to spend time and energy to automatically earn income. As a kind of income, it is the result of capital growth, and it is a way to make money while sleeping. For example, if you have a lot of properties for rent, you can get a monthly rental income. For example, if you have a rare certificate, the company will give you more than ten or two hundred thousand yuan a year. For example, if you publish a book for the first time,It is very popular and can be divided into copyright income every month. Another example is that you invest in stocks and funds, choose a good track, make use of long-term value-added profits, and obtain corresponding investment returns every year. Another example is that you invest in a business and hire professional managers to manage it, and you can get production and business income every year without participating in it.... The ceiling of passive income is obviously much higher, because in essence, the secret of passive income is that you In the production and operation links, borrowed the help of others! Others are helping you work, that is to say, you have acquired the ability of "shadow avatar" through such social rules, and there are many of you working for you. For example, if the house is rented out, there will be many Xiao Li Xiaowang working overtime in the office and handing over half of his income to you; for example, if a best-selling book is written, there will be many Xiao Zhang Xiaozhao from the printing house of the publishing house making the plate for you. Handling, distribution and sales; for example, the other passive income methods mentioned above are also the same behind the scenes. When we were students, we often fantasized about one of us to do our homework and the other to sleep, play games and watch TV. Now I want to tell you that mastering the tools of passive investing is the key to gaining the power of shadow avatar.

Smart readers will find that capital growth is a matter of arithmetic, which largely depends on innate capital, which is commonly referred to as primitive accumulation. Everyone here is going to have the Eight Immortals crossing the sea to show their magical powers. Some people are lucky enough to win the birth lottery or complete the demolition in one go. Some people are beautiful, and when they become anchors, they can get rich by rewarding fans every day. Some people play well and become well-known athletes to get high salaries and endorsement fees. This is always the case, so I won't go into details here. Everyone can use their different strengths to find a way to get the first pot of gold.

After talking about open source, we will talk about throttling. Soon after King Zhou ascended the throne, he ordered someone to cut an ivory chopstick for him. The wise minister Qizi said, "Ivory chopsticks must not be paired with pottery, but a bowl of rhino horn and a cup of white jade. The jade cup must not hold wild vegetables and coarse grains, but can only match the delicacies of mountains and seas. After eating delicacies of mountains and seas, I would not wear short coats of kudzu. , living in a thatched hut, but wanting splendid clothes, riding a fancy car, and living in a high-rise building. If you can’t satisfy it in the country, you have to go abroad to search for rare treasures. I can’t help worrying about him. The money, ... the income of dogs and horses, to fill the palace. ...the wine is the pond, and the meat is the forest, so that men and women chase each other, and drink it for the long night. "When the people complain and the princes rebel, they destroy their country, and they themselves "go to the fire and die".

If you are not good at throttling, no matter how much money you make, you will be playing with bamboo baskets.

The water was empty. The boxing champion Tyson once earned hundreds of millions of dollars in a game. Later, he didn't know how to restrain himself, lived a luxurious life, and was bankrupt. He could only maintain his life by playing fake boxing with Ip Man.

Therefore, we must grasp the consumption traps made by merchants using human nature. Clothes, shoes, perfumes and bags should be divided into ordinary or famous brands, and whether they are popular this year. There are limited editions, in short, all kinds of consumption traps are greeted, and even all kinds of petty bourgeoisie advocating literature and art, all kinds of consumer loans are greeted, regardless of whether you have money or not, you are not afraid that you will not spend money. But when you spend more and more The more money you have, the slower you will save the first pot of gold, and you will be further and further away from achieving financial freedom. This requires us to grasp our own desires and distinguish the consumption traps in our lives.

Zhihu classic question: Buying a house or buying a car for 1 million is also an example of distinguishing consumption traps in life. In fact, many people have found out after many years that the house has gone up, The reason why the car fell is that the product is a consumable item, and the house is an investment product as a reservoir for digesting inflation, and the moment he buys a car, he is already depreciating in value.

I have thought about it many times and dreamed of financial freedom, so I started to start a business and make an app. It was very difficult at the beginning. I slept 6 hours a day, and a bunch of gray hair came out. But in the past few months, I found that: the business is improving, all the work has been arranged, basically I don't need to do anything. I do some public welfare, and after removing various expenses, the company still has a good monthly surplus, and these surpluses are put on the secondary market. ,Follow my former boss @ Yihe when I was working in Yu’ebao on his official account: Yihe talks about wealth, do asset allocation. The income is enough for my daily expenses. In addition, the businesses of several other companies I invested in are also developing well. , and more projects have begun to become profitable. Although it is far from the level of my college roommate, but according to what we said, I have a calm mind, do not pursue airplanes and buy stadiums, and live a life like a wild crane.It seems to be more free.

Now I stay at home most of the time every day as before, and I do a trip every month. I have never watched variety shows before, and now I am chasing my sister, never Go to Kuaishou Douyin, for fear of wasting time, and now it will also be brushed in the middle of the night.

But do you say I am happy with my life? Not really, it's boring. Schopenhauer said that life is a swing between pain and boredom, and he really did not deceive me.

But there are benefits too, that is, you can pursue what you like. What exactly do I like? This is really a major subject. I have been going to work before starting my business, I have been going to school before going to work, and all my time is planned. In the past 20 years of life, I have passed Wednesday and looked forward to the weekend, and I have passed Sunday and feared Monday. So I really thought about what I liked for a long time. After thinking about it for a few days, I finally realized that my favorite is history. I am willing to waste time reading history books. I like to bring myself into the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the ancients. I like to know how the ancients ate, drank and killed. It's just that life forced me to apply for such an unmarketable major in college. Maybe I can give it a try for another degree?

The so-called freedom, as far as I am concerned, I think it may be to have the time to do something that is not a proper job.

Oh yes, there is one more thing, M lost contact after university, changed WeChat, and cut off communication with everyone in our dormitory. The relationship between people can't be forced. Every time I play, he spends money, and I feel bad for a long time. This kind of relationship between Wang Xifeng leading Grandma Liu into the Grand View Garden is not normal, not to mention his melancholy personality. Interacting with people——It's just a pity that there is no chance to invite M back later, and I owe him a lot. But then again, M also made me realize that people are very complicated. On the one hand, he is confident and passionate, on the other hand, he is arrogant and conceited. Melancholy and tangled, sometimes full of true feelings, soft heart like an oyster, and sometimes decisive like a hard sand. Now that the two sides are no longer connected, I am grateful to him in retrospect after many years. He is very different from the rich second generation I knew before. Jin Wuzuchi is still a very interesting person. He has experienced many things together with M. It has also become a precious memory in youth.

The people downstairs who questioned the story were as incredible as I initially felt. Just accept it slowly, the gap between people is really quite big.

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