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What are the differences between buying funds through Tiantian Fund and Alipay?

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The title is a question a netizen asked me. In fact, on the topic of where to buy funds, I have written articles and talked to you before. But there are still people asking, so I will write an article again to talk about this topic with you.

I will give you an analogy, and you will understand it very well. We can think of the fund as an air conditioner. Suppose we want to buy a Gree air conditioner now, where can we buy it? The first is the direct sales store of Gree Air Conditioning, which is the direct sales channel of Gree, and only sells products of Gree. Followed by the major offline supermarkets, such as Gome, Suning and other shopping malls. However, in these shopping malls, in addition to selling Gree air conditioners, they also sell air conditioners from other manufacturers. In addition, we can also go to online shopping platforms such as Tmall and to buy, and the same online shopping platforms will also sell air-conditioning products from various manufacturers. But no matter which channel we bought the Gree air conditioner through, in the end the air conditioner was produced by Gree.

The same goes for buying funds. We can buy funds through the direct sales channels of the fund company. For example, on the official website of each fund company, we can buy all the products of the fund company. And some products may only be available on the official website of the fund company. However, the disadvantage is that you can only buy fund products of one company.

Offline supermarkets are equivalent to traditional bank sales channels. As far as I know, the vast majority of people still trust banks very much, and many people buy funds in banks for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands at a time. (Of course, this is also because of the strong marketing of bank wealth management managers.) However, the safety of buying funds through banking channels is the same as buying funds in other places, and the final purchase of funds is also the same, but the fees charged by banking channels are higher than Other platforms are higher.

Online shopping platforms are also equivalent to third-party fund sales platforms such as Alipay and Tiantian Fund. Just like our online shopping, it is very convenient to buy funds on these platforms, and the user experience of the software is also better. You can buy products from various fund companies, and the fees are relatively cheap.

Reply to this netizen's question, what is the difference between buying funds on Alipay and Tiantian Fund. Then you can think about the difference between shopping on Taobao and Essentially, there is no difference, they are all third-party fund sales platforms, and the difference is in user experience and software operations. But these differences are not the most important for us to do investment. So we can choose according to our own preferences.

In addition, there is actually another place where you can buy funds, and that is the channel of securities companies. The reason why I mention it separately is because some funds can only be purchased through the channels of securities companies, such as exchange-traded funds. The funds we buy on the official website of the fund company, in the bank, and on the platforms of Alipay Tiantian Fund are all over-the-counter funds. But like ETF funds, closed-end funds, LOF funds, etc., these funds can only be bought and sold through the stock trading system of securities companies.

But for most people, just buying an OTC fund is enough. I myself mostly use the software of securities companies to buy funds. Although the user experience will be a little bit worse, I can buy both OTC funds and on-market funds. My funds can be pooled.

Written by Hu Rui, financial author, has published "24 Days of Financial Management Excellent Course: Determining Your Lifetime Wealth"

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