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Like fat but not fat: where do I buy funds?

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After I posted my earnings last time, someone asked me in the background what software I bought the fund from. I have discussed this issue with Mr. Zheng, so today I will just talk to you about the platforms where you can buy funds, and your experience as an ordinary user on different platforms.

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Which types of platforms can the public buy funds from?

1. Direct selling institutions - various fund companies, such as the E Fund e-wallet app from E Fund Fund, the cash treasure app from China UnionPay, and the app from Central Europe. It is called CEIBS Qian Gun Gun, etc. Fund companies all have their own apps.

2. Agency sales agency - financial institutions such as banks, securities companies (such as various The wealth management area in the bank's mobile banking app, various securities apps, etc.)

3. Agency sales agency - third-party fund sales agency (with Alipay, wait a minute, egg Volume, Tiantian Fund as the representative, etc.), I will talk about the feelings of such third-party platforms below.

What are their pros and cons?

1. Direct selling agencies

Pros: Save money. Many fund direct selling companies, in order to achieve the purpose of "factory direct selling", do not give commissions to agency sales agencies, and will offer special benefits, such as free subscription fees for buying funds, so that users can save money.

Disadvantage: Not convenient enough. Some apps can only buy funds from their own company, and cannot buy funds in the whole market.

2. Consignment agencies - financial institutions such as banks and brokerages:

Disadvantages: expensive. Generally, the handling fee is very high, and it is not a professional fund sales agency. Usually, the bank's account manager recommends funds, but the level of the account manager is not easy to say. I used to feel that it was safer to buy funds from a bank, but the bank itself is just an agency, and the risk level of the product itself is still based on the fund company.

3. Agency sales agency - third-party fund sales agency.

Advantages: Focus on user experience, complete functions, and it belongs to the sales model of volume. The subscription fee is very low, usually a 10% discount. If you buy funds on a third-party sales platform, you can also view the assets on the official website of the fund company, and the security is guaranteed.

Focus on my experience with the different third-party platform apps I've used.

1: Alipay, or Ant Fortune, is owned by Ali's family.


The most convenient way to buy funds, the rate is basically a 10% discount, it is cheap, the account is the fastest, and its currency Funds (Yue Bao) can also be used for daily consumption and direct debit.

Good user experience: Because Alipay's parent company is Alibaba, they are used to and good at simplifying professional things to consumers/investors , consumers also need a page that they can understand, jointly forge market transactions, and create a space that both parties can trust and understand.

2: Tiantian Fund, affiliated to Oriental Fortune. It used to be the largest fund sales platform in China, but Alipay has seized a lot of market share.


The funds in Tiantian Fund are very comprehensive and relatively more professional. In terms of fund information reference, it is a leader in third-party platforms.

It has some special functions of its own, such as "fund PK", which helps users select funds based on historical performance. You can choose two or more (up to 5) funds for PK. I used the most popular "Nuoan Growth" and "Galaxy Growth" as an example:

The two funds will be scored PK according to different dimensions every day, even if the public does not understand the specific numbers The significance of the score can also be roughly used as a reference from the scoring results.

3: Egg Roll Fund


fee The rate is cheap, similar to Alipay, basically a discount.

Mainly focus on "big V portfolio": by supporting various big V managers (that is, fund experts), encourage big V to build their own investment portfolio and attract fans They are co-investing (that is, copying the homework of masters! I didn’t expect that I could copy homework when I was a child, and I can copy homework when I grow up), and they mainly promote investment in undervalued index funds, and the products are relatively stable. The big V’s adjustment is also transparent, users can choose whether to follow the adjustment, and the manual customer service replies are relatively timely and down-to-earth.

Yes! Teacher Borg's "Power of the Galaxy" combination is also launched on the egg roll! Galaxy Power's fund selection strategy is to select excellent active fund portfolios, and then screen and replace them on a regular basis. I plan to do a real test from this week, buying 200 per week to see if the so-called active fund can outperform the index fund because of its opportunistic properties.

Fans who have bought Galaxy Power on other platforms before, are also welcome to leave a message about their rate of return and how they feel about this combination ~ I will intercept the excellent comments and put them on the egg roll fund

(This week's scheduled vote is 200 yuan)

4: And Slow


Mainly "investment consulting business": the so-called investment consulting is investment Advisor to help you manage your finances. Wait a minute and divide the money you can invest into four parts, "four to money". For the money you need to use in different periods in the future, it is recommended to match the purchase of different categories of products. As for the final revenue result of the product, we can only wait and see, but for beginners, it is equivalent to teaching you to make asset allocation planning.

The above is my personal experience. I think everyone can buy funds from Alipay, wait a minute, egg rolls, and Tiantian Fund with reference to the characteristics, choose one at will, and welcome everyone. Leave a message to discuss which platform you think is better.

Welfare Area

In recent reviews, many readers have asked , there is no departure (buy and sell) information on the egg roll.

Actually, the departure information is in the knowledge planet, but you need to pay. This is also the main source of income for Wangjing Borg. And this model in which investors (clients) pay investment advisors directly has always been Borg's ideal investment advisory model. Borg is also a little sentimental, and hopes that through this model, more planet members can have a better investment experience and return on investment.

In the beginning, the price of Knowledge Planet was 888 yuan, and then it increased to 999 yuan, 1288 yuan, and now 1588 yuan. Moreover, the planet of Wangjing Boge is 7 days, but after buying it for 7 days, the gift is permanent, that is to say, it is actually valid forever, not an annual fee! ! !

This is because the Borg setting was wrong at the beginning, and permanent was selected by mistake. Now, Knowledge Planet no longer allows settings to be permanently valid.

Although it is permanent and effective, for beginners, it is still somewhat hesitant to spend thousands of yuan to buy a planetary ticket.

This price may be a bit expensive, but, just after Double Eleven, if you want to be fat or not, try to get a Double Twelve benefit.

Let's start a poll now, if there are enough votes, then we will open a new planet, valid from now until December 12, 2021, 588 Yuan. The deadlines for members to join the planet are all the same, the early to join, the early to benefit.

The only difference between the new planet and the old planet is the price and expiration date. The old planet (1588 yuan), buy 7 days, get a permanent gift; the new planet, 588 yuan, no matter when you buy it, the validity period is until December 12, 2021.

This is also a brand new attempt. During the validity period of the new planet (before December 12, 2021), the departure information of the two planets is the same.

After December 13, 2021, it is uncertain whether this new planet will continue to operate. Moreover, the 588 yuan ticket for the new planet cannot be deducted when purchasing the old planet in the future. So if you want to buy before the price increase in the future, you can also buy directly in the sharing code below.

I bought a planet this year, and on Double Eleven next year, you can buy it at will buy~

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