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Tianhong Fund Management Co., Ltd. suffered a painful loss and was deceived, and a bloody lesson! What a shocking inside story.

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​​-The futures were deceived and lost, investors must know the insider!

It is not reliable for the futures to be deceived to deceive investors, is it reliable for the futures to be deceived?

〖Legal consultation: 19971521654〗A professional person, Do professional things! If you encounter abnormal loss of funds, please contact me in time.

With the improvement of the quality of life of the people, more and more investors begin to Investing in financial products such as financial stocks, capital allocation, futures, foreign exchange, digital currency, etc. At the same time, some so-called "masters" who understand the market and know the insider are the eye-catching signs of stock recommendation fraud gangs, and they are also "leaders" who introduce investors . Their so-called stock recommendation groups are fan groups and welfare groups that "masters" use to recommend buying stocks, and some even require payment to join the group. When an investor is attracted by the "Master"'s webcast, the "assistant" will pull him into the stock recommendation group. But in fact, the "masters", "assistants" and the "fan students" in the group are all accounts controlled by fraud gangs. As soon as investors enter the group, their performances will begin.

How many times have I been cheated at the loss of this futures company? How to recover the loss with 100,000 personal experience? Is this platform reliable? Is it legal? Losing money on this platform is cheated, how to recover the loss! Everyone on this platform is vigilant, don’t be deceived again! What should I do if the teacher calls an order and is deceived? The insider of this platform is shockingly exposed! Is this platform legit? The teacher brings a single to the king! How to complain on this platform? Lost money by being cheated, no bottom line to call the single and lose all the money!

[Legal consultation: 19971521654 Professional people, do professional things! ————Exposure Desk————]

Problem platform: futures are deceived and lost, investors must know that they are deceived! (Platform is formal, agency violates regulations)

Teacher with a single: varies according to different agents (does not affect post-processing)

Trading varieties: coke thread, fuel oil, bean one, palm oil, soybean meal, etc.

Teacher delivery method: live room, group delivery, one-on-one Guidance, etc.

Problems occur: induced operations, malicious orders, high fees, abnormal losses, etc.

- ------ Abstract of the article:

Although the problem of the proliferation of informal platforms of foreign exchange investment futures index has caused a stir in the foreign exchange investment market, due to market investors There are still many investors who are deceived and spend money to buy lessons, especially investors who are new to the foreign exchange futures index market. These people have become the main targets of informal platforms.

▋Decryption of investment and wealth management scams▋:

Right and wrong have their own twists and turns, I would like to tell everyone here, do not Go to illegal platforms to invest, don’t believe that the pie is falling from the sky, those who guarantee you 100% profit must be a routine trap! If you can make a 100% profit, why does he have to go to great lengths to bring you with him if he doesn’t do it himself? The investment is worth it Yes, but blind investment is a fool's behavior. To maintain the prosperity and order of the financial market, you and I are in the same boat. I only hope that through my exposure article [Legal Consultation: 19971521654], I can help those who have suffered heavy losses in the financial market or have been The deceived friends are helpful. The ethos of the investment market cannot be ruined by these people, and I hope to help those deceived friends to recover the loss of funds!

▋Friends in distress worry about solving doubts, trusting each other, and understanding each other ▋:

Worry one: being beaten twice Cheat: 〖Legal Consultation: 19971521654〗 The team promises that if the recovery is unsuccessful, it will never charge any fees for any reason, and sign the contract and entrustment agreement before cooperation. Successful recovery of defrauded fundsThere is nothing incredible about it! Generally 3-15 working days, it can be successfully recovered, no more than one month

Worry two: Whether the team of 〖Legal Consultation: 19971521654〗 is regular: 〖Legal Consultation: 19971521654〗The company is a regular business consulting service company. It is a regular company that can be found. It is a large-scale company in the legal consulting industry. Has rich experience in strategies, futures, gu index, options, stock recommendation service fees and other cases.

Now realize that the victims of their traps hurry up and act. . For each victim, the company of 〖Legal Consultation: 19971521654〗 will make every effort to help you recover the damaged funds. 〖Legal Consultation: 19971521654〗 knows that no one's money is easy to come by!

--------How to recover funds:

According to our country's laws and regulations, the funds that have been lost in the operation of non-compliant and illegal platforms can be passed through the law recovered funds. When you find that you have been deceived, calmly collect the deceived evidence and time, and report the problem to [Legal Consultation: 19971521654], in order to quickly recover everyone's losses! Whether you are in spot, foreign exchange, gu ticket, Hang Seng Index, A50, digital currency, US index, H.K.50, CSI 300, futures and other losses can come.

----- Friends beware! As long as it is an online platform, if the investment is defrauded and the abnormal loss meets the following requirements, [Legal Consultation: 19971521654] can handle the case.

1. The damage amount exceeds 10,000 yuan;

2. The transaction is recorded within half a year;


3. There is a platform recharge record or payment flow.

4. The platform is still there and my account can log in normally.

5. There is a record of communication with the platform salesperson and the caller teacher.

Meet the above conditions, we are sure to recover, the time is 3-15 working days!

---Before cooperation, we will sign a clear agreement, in which we promise not to charge any fees before recovering losses, which has helped thousands of victims recover.

Warm reminder:

When you find that you have been deceived by the loss of funds, the time is not to wait, not to listen to any rumors , don't be frightened, but should take immediate action to restore your hard-earned money! When calling the police, you should quickly seek professional rights protection methods to effectively recover losses! Our company is a professional consulting service company in the counterpart financial industry. We have rich experience in dealing with such platforms and have helped many victims successfully recover their losses! Quickly contact 〖Legal Consultation: 19971521654〗 to recover the loss of funds!

If necessary, please contact 〖Legal Consultation: 19971521654〗Professional people and do professional things! We will do our best to recover your financial losses!


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