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More than 2,000 investors of China Ou Winton Fund were deceived, a woman jumped off the building and died

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Yesterday afternoon, the same investors who bought the CEIBS Winton Fund as those who jumped from the building posted a “Million Dollar Reward for the CEO of CEIVO Winton Fund” downstairs after the incident. 's notice. Songyuxili, Ms. Li's photo was hung on the wall in her home. She jumped off the building early yesterday morning, suspected of being deceived by buying funds. A woman suspected of being deceived by an investment fund jumped off the building and died.

Beijing News (Reporter Yi Fangxing) At 4 am yesterday, 51-year-old Li The lady jumped to her death from a window on the 17th floor of a residential building in Songyuxili, Chaoyang District. Her husband said that at the end of last year, Ms. Li spent all her savings of 110,000 yuan to buy the CEIBS Winton Fund at the end of last year, and at the end of February this year, it was revealed that the person in charge of the fund had "absconded with money", and the wife was suspected of jumping off the building.

According to media reports, the fund has attracted customers in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and it is said that nearly 400 million yuan of funds from more than 2,000 investors could not be redeemed. At the end of February, more than 40 Beijing investors reported the case to the Chaoyang police. The police are now involved in the investigation.

The deceased had heart surgery at the beginning of the year

"Around 4 in the morning, I heard a muffled bang, and I thought that some furniture had fallen down. Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Deng, who lives in the same residential building, said that after she got up, she went to the balcony and looked down. "I was so frightened that someone jumped off the building."

Ms. Deng said that they went downstairs together at that time. There is also Mr. Yang, who lives on the first floor. After asking, he found out that the one who jumped off the building was Mr. Yang's wife, 51 years old this year.

"At that time, the police was called, and 120 was called, but after 120 arrived, it was judged that the person was dead." Ms. Deng said.

Yesterday at 4 pm, the husband of the deceased, Mr. Yang, kept weeping at home. He introduced that his wife used to be a bus conductor who had just retired for a year. She is 51 years old this year. "Our family conditions are not good. The combined income of the two of them is about 3,000 yuan per month. The blow was particularly severe.”

Buying funds without telling all of the family’s savings

Mr. Yang said that although his wife had heart surgery at the beginning of the year, she was still relatively I was optimistic, but by the end of February, my wife's mood took a turn for the worse, "I'm always very depressed, walking around the house alone, and I once mentioned seeking death, but I didn't tell me why. Persuade her."

Until yesterday's accident, Mr. Yang did not know the reason for his wife's death: the wife was deceived by spending all her savings to buy funds without telling him.

Mr. Yang said that his wife and sister only told him yesterday morning that Ms. Li took all the family's savings last year and bought a fund called Zhongou Winton, with a total of 110,000 yuan. At the end of February this year, this fund The person in charge of the company absconded with the money, and the money to buy the fund was gone, or it would come back.

Yesterday afternoon, on the 17th floor of the residential building where the incident occurred, a small yellow bench was thrown under a large open window in the corridor. The person on duty in the community said that after investigation in the morning, the police confirmed that the bench was moved out of her home by Ms. Li. After forensic identification, Ms. Li committed suicide.

A lot of people downstairs after the incident held a "reward" notice

Yesterday afternoon, more than 30 victims who were also deceived by buying the Central Europe Winton Fund, They came to visit Ms. Li's house in Songyuxili. Downstairs from Ms. Li's house, they also put out a million-dollar reward to search for the announcement of the CEO of Winton Fund.

"The 30-odd people of us all have similar experiences, but the money invested is different. Some invested more than 5 million yuan, and some invested hundreds of thousands. Although Ms. Li did not invest much, Only 110,000 yuan, but sheThe family is too difficult, and this is her life-saving money. When the life-saving money is gone, she has the idea of ​​seeking death. "Mr. Zheng, the victim who was also deceived, said.

The reporter noticed that most of the 30 people were middle-aged and elderly people and had no experience in operating funds. A lot of money is their life savings.

■ Telling

"She takes sleeping pills every night"

"I had dinner with me last night, but I didn't expect to leave in the morning. "Yesterday afternoon, at Ms. Li's house in Songyuxili Community, Chaoyang District, her husband, Mr. Yang, talked about his deceased wife and was very sad.

This is a one-bedroom apartment of only about 40 square meters. Ms. Li and Mr. Yang I have lived here for nearly 30 years. As soon as I entered the door, the walls full of cracks came into view, the gray and white walls fell off in large areas, and the furniture was extremely rudimentary. There was only a low table in the living room of about 10 square meters. It's full of dirt.

"We're still renting this house. "Mr. Yang said that he used to work in a small business. After retirement, because he had no source of income at home, he went to a driving school to work as a shuttle driver. His monthly income was about 2,000 yuan. The wife will keep it.

"The 110,000 yuan is basically the savings of our whole family, including tens of thousands of her pension from last year. "Last year, the conductor's wife retired. Due to her poor heart and high blood pressure, she underwent a heart operation at the beginning of the year, which cost tens of thousands of yuan. "Every day at 1 o'clock in the morning, she would wake up in pain, and in this month, Every day she needs to take sleeping pills to fall asleep, and she doesn't tell me what's on her mind and hides it from anyone. Mr. Yang, who has gray hair, said.

In their bedroom, on a dusty coffee table, a plate of cold dumplings stood out. Next to them was a sofa that was broken in many places. Mr. Yang said that just sitting in front of this coffee table, his wife only ate a bowl of porridge and a few dumplings before going to bed. "Who knew that was her last meal."

■ Background

The media claimed that more than 2,000 investors were deceived

According to the official website of Sino-Owinton Fund, the company was established The time is July 2012, the registered capital is 100 million RMB, and its salesmen mainly choose to work in large Supermarkets, shopping malls, squares and other places set up stalls and distribute leaflets to attract customers, and mainly for middle-aged and elderly people, the claimed rate of return ranges from 8% to 13%.

Yes According to media reports, in late February this year, Li Xiaoyong, the head of CEIBS' Beijing branch, was reported to have "disappeared". Affected by this, nearly 400 million yuan of funds from more than 2,000 investors could not be redeemed, and investors immediately reported the case to the police. After the incident was reported by many media, the police intervened in the investigation and issued relevant arrest warrants. The case is still under investigation.

Photographer of this edition/Beijing News reporter Yin Yafei

(original Title: Suspected investment fund was deceived by a woman who jumped off the building and died)

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