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The old lady's million-dollar financial management is in vain! The bank is in trouble again!

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The older you get, the more money you save, and the more likely you are to be missed by scammers! Over the years, we have also seen a lot of fraud cases targeting the elderly on the Internet. Even Uncle Meow himself may not be able to escape the swindler's clutches!

No, something big happened again!

Traditionally speaking, putting money in a bank is the most reassuring. But this old lady from Guangzhou was deceived by the bank she had been dealing with for decades!
The most embarrassing thing is that the old lady is 71 years old. She invested in a wealth management product with a yield of 10.5% in the bank, and invested 1 million at one time! It could be her life's money. Now it only gets back 25%, and the interest is not the 10.5% in the contract.

There are many people who have been deceived just like the old lady, and each of them has invested hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions, and they have all purchased the bank's wealth management product.

How did they get scammed in the first place?

1. Seduced by high yields

In 2014, the bank Chen Juan, the customer manager of Guangzhou Wuyang New City Sub-branch, strongly recommended the old lady a so-called "third-party wealth management product of the bank", and the "return rate is 10.5%".

According to Uncle Meow It is understood that the maximum of ordinary bank wealth management products is basically 5%, so the 10.5% wealth management products launched by this account manager have attracted many elderly people at once.

Like the old lady, they all bought 500,000 yuan or several million at one time without doing a risk tolerance test.

2. Acquaintances, bank details

You may I think most people will pay attention to the high rate of return, but if it is recommended by your uncle next door or a friend of more than ten years, would you be relieved? !

In August 2014, the bank manager found the old lady's house and repeatedly promoted this so-called "bank's bottom line" wealth management product.

The point is here!

Because the old lady used to buy wealth management products at this bank branch from time to time, in her opinion, as long as the manager of the bank should be reliable. And compared with the treasury bonds that I have bought in the past, the yield of this product is several percentage points higher, and I even want to thank this account manager.

3. Lack of investment and financial knowledge

In fact, we later learned , the products they promote are called "third-party wealth management products" by banks, but they say "private equity funds", but in fact they are products sold privately by managers without filing, which is extremely dangerous.

Deputy Director of the Law and Finance Research Office of the Institute of Finance, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that no matter what kind of financial product is, there are requirements for the suitability of investors.When consumers buy wealth management products in banks , to sign the risk tolerance test. If banks fail to comply with such regulations, they will be held liable.

Guangdong Banking Regulatory Bureau stated that the fundIt does not belong to the third-party wealth management products approved by CCB, and is suspected of private sales!

Private sale means that wealth management managers contact wealth companies other than banks, underground banks, etc., under the banner of bank wealth management products, nominally asking customers to buy bank wealth management products, in fact Transfer the client's funds to wealth companies, underground banks, etc.

Hazard: If the capital chain is broken, the client's funds cannot be recovered.

The above is the story of how the old lady was deceived in financial management.

The difference between bank wealth management and private equity funds

Through the above introduction, some people say that this is not a private equity fund?

Yes, it's a bit similar, but this is a non-compliant private equity fund. Let's first look at the difference between bank wealth management and private equity funds.

How to identify bank wealth management and private equity funds at a glance? In fact, there is a big difference between bank wealth management and private equity funds. We can only distinguish from the following points:

1) Investment threshold:

Bank wealth management products have a lower starting point, generally 50,000; while private equity funds have higher requirements, generally starting at 1 million.

Uncle Meow reminds: If a bank manager recommends your wealth management products, and the investment starting point exceeds 500,000, it should be noticed.

2) Conceptual difference:

Bank wealth management products generally refer to banks Self-operated financial management, the bank invests the money you put in, and then manages the investment by yourself. Most of the funds flow to low- and medium-risk areas such as deposits and bonds, which are relatively safe and reliable; p>

Private funds, on the other hand, are funds raised privately or directly from specific groups, with high returns but with high risks.

Uncle Meow reminder: So when you choose financial products, you can learn more about the products you invest in and where the funds raised are used, which is related to the security of funds. Pay special attention, even if it is bank financing, it is divided into self-operated and third-party, and third-party needs to be more careful!

3) Yield Trap

It's very simple. Generally speaking, bank wealth management products have the highest yields. Only 4-5%; more than 10% is equivalent to the income of Internet P2P, high people are suspicious!

Uncle Meow reminds: Be careful where you put your hard-earned money! Some wealth management products will be tempted by various high yields, and then run away with the money. Even the wealth management products launched by banks need to be careful.

After reading the above differences, Uncle Meow will share with you some knowledge about private equity funds. Knowing more is never a loss!

First of all, as a private equity fund, its management organization must be registered with the China Foundation Association before it can issue private equity fund products, and it must be filed after the fundraising is completed.

Secondly, there is a "double recording" when purchasing. On August 23 this year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a regulation to make a comparison system for the audio and video management ("double recording") in the sales area for the first time. It further regulates the sales market order and the sales behavior of banking financial institutions' own wealth management products and agency products.

We all know that there are many financial risks such as private sales of non-bank financial products, fake financial management, and carrot stamps by bank employees. However, while torturing the bank, we Investors should also be vigilant and not take chances.

Investment is risky, so be cautious!

I am Uncle Meow. I am keen on financial management. From a monthly salary of 2000 to a monthly income of tens of thousands, financial management has made me positive and my life path.It is also wider. I will share financial knowledge and hot information with you every day. I will not say what kind of wealth you can make immediately, but at least you can gain some benefits and avoid some financial traps. I hope to learn and grow with you! WX Official Account: Ticket Meow PPmiao (ID: piaopiaomiaolicai)

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