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alert! A woman in Putian was defrauded of more than 500,000 yuan for investing in stocks!

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Chengxiang District Telecom Network Fraud Case Warning


A total of 5 cases of telecom and network fraud were reported in Chengxiang District,

MoM decreased by 37.5%.

Among them,

2 online purchases, 1 investment and wealth management,

impersonation 1 from relatives and friends, 1 from posing as customer service.

Defrauded People

The age group is concentrated in 20-45 years old,

mainly the unemployed and unemployed groups.

Regional Incidents

Typical Types of Fraud Cases

Investment and Financial Management

On the afternoon of November 25, 2021, Xiao Chen, who lives in Lingchuan Town, was pulled into an investment group called "Huanyu Team Dragon Sister Wealth Sharing Group". The "mentor" in the group shared a story called "Artisan Partner" APP for investment and wealth management. After Xiao Chen downloaded it, he invested in stocks according to his mentor's "guidance". In the early stage, he successfully obtained rebates ranging from 40 yuan to 300 yuan per share depending on the amount of investment.

But on December 19th, when Xiao Chen invested in stocks and withdrawn cash according to the previous operations, the customer service asked Xiao Chen to advance the funds. Xiao Chen did not doubt it. Chen invested a total of 500,000 yuan in 15 times. On December 22, Xiao Chen had no extra funds to continue to invest more. When he wanted to withdraw cash, he found that he could not withdraw cash. Ignore it, only then did Xiao Chen realize that he had been defrauded. This time, Xiao Zhang was defrauded of more than 500,000 yuan in total!


Police Alert


Be wary of any high-yield investment, don't join the "investment group" of strangers, and avoid falling into the trap of online investment and financial fraud.

Using WeChat and other platforms to recommend stocks and release inside information are often the usual tricks of scammers, with the ultimate goal of tricking victims into investing on illegal platforms.

Remember not to transfer money to strangers' accounts. When injecting funds into the platform, multiple parties must verify whether it is legal and formal. If you encounter fraud, immediately call the police!

Case Notification


Impersonating Customer Service

December 20, GuoA certain (female, 35 years old) reported that at Wansheng Factory, Hualin Industrial Zone, Huating Town, Chengxiang District, she was defrauded of 39,011 yuan on the grounds that her credit card was overdue and there was a problem with credit reporting.


Online brushing

On December 20, Chen ( Male, 27 years old) reported that: in Xiaoai Technology, Tengda Street, Huating Town, Chengxiang District, he was defrauded of 13,051 yuan in commissions for brushing bills.


Impersonating relatives and friends

On December 20, Yang (female, 17 years old) reported that she was in Weixin, Huating Town, Chengxiang District. The shoe industry was cheated by Alipay to transfer 5,000 yuan for participating in the cashback activity.


Investment and wealth management

On December 22, Chen Mou (female, 31 years old) reported that: in Xiawei Village, Lingchuan Town, Chengxiang District, she worked in the "Artisan Partner" (English name Artisan) Software investment in stocks was defrauded of more than 500,000 yuan.


Internet fraud

On December 24th, Chen Mou (female, 35 years old) reported that: in Block D, Wanda, Xialin Street, Chengxiang District, she was used by the online "asset foundation" in the name of donation and rebate Fraud 15000 yuan.

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