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Can 2019 Twelve Constellation Buy Funds Make Money? (Part 1) _ Finance

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Geminis are naturally optimistic and receptive to new things, but do not have the patience to persevere. I like to try new financial management methods. I usually start when I hear people say that financial management products are good. I often just make a little money, and then switch to other financial management products, without waiting for the big cake.

However, Gemini has a more sensitive business sense. In fact, as long as you stick to your own direction, you will usually get rich returns. Fixed investment is the best helper for Gemini. Just wait for the harvest after entering, and finally do one thing, don't keep looking at the account!

▌The best fund allocation strategy for Gemini: 20% currency fund + 40% pure bond fund + 40% stock fund.


Cancer - When it comes to Cancer, we often think of a word "home", home is a warm harbor, financial security is the pursuit of Cancer for a lifetime.

Cancer is a well-known family caregiver who loves his family more than himself, and always wants to have more money for himself Feel more secure with your family. So they spend their whole lives working tirelessly to save money. They are very good at family financial planning, and they are good at making careful calculations. They will not spend money indiscriminately where they can save money. Cancers who are sensitive, self-protective, and observant have always been cautious about investment, and generally do not make too risky investments. It is suitable for varieties with high investment security, stability and durability.

▌The best fund allocation strategy for Cancer: 60% currency fund + 30% pure bond fund + 10% hybrid fund.


Leo - happy to help friends around you, slap swollen faces and make fat people is a common thing, self-confidence is bursting, don't let me learn to increase leverage, I can lift the whole earth .

Leos usually come across something they like, no matter how expensive it is, as long as they have money, they will buy and buy. , and willing to rely on justice to sparse wealth, often faced with unbalanced income and expenditure, prefer high-risk products when managing wealth, and invest in high-risk products to satisfy their admiration mentality. However, Leo's investment is not blindly following the trend, because a broad vision allows them to grasp the key points of things at a glance. As long as they are a little conservative, the benefits are still objective.

▌Leo's best fund allocation strategy: 50% currency fund + 20% pure bond fund + 30% hybrid fund.


Virgo - Not only does she demand perfection from others, but she is still strict with herself, but the personality of pursuing perfection in investment and thinking twice will sometimes make her They missed a lot of opportunities.

Virgo is good at analysis, careful thinking, willing to spend time and energy to study, and will not shake their own because of other people's thoughts The investment model, but often suffers from being too stubborn, many investment opportunities are fleeting, and the Virgos who have realized it with hindsight can only sigh. Sometimes the impulse to invest once is not necessarily a bad thing.

▌The best fund allocation strategy for Virgo: 40% currency fund + 30% pure bond fund + 30% stock fund.


Libra - don't let Libra make a choice, otherwise you will be the one who will be tangled. Financial management basically relies on "Buddha".

Obviously they can test their faces and eat, but they try to be talented. The elegant appearance and temperament of Libras often have good popularity and wealth. It follows, but Libra has always adhered to the "philosophy of fairness", and it is uncomfortable to suffer losses or take advantage of others. If you start a business, it is estimated that it will be difficult to make money, and the same is true in financial management. I don't want to spend too much thought on understanding how to manage money, relying entirely on "Buddhism".

▌The best fund allocation strategy for Libra: 70% currency fund + 20% pure bond fund + 10% stock fund.

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