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60% are young people, how many make money through funds? A piece of data gives the answer _ Investment

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How many people make money through the fund?

Mobile payment has become the mainstream payment method in today's society, and this payment method has also attracted the envy of many foreign friends. After all, mobile payment is fast and can prevent counterfeit bills. The incidents of counterfeit money or money grabbing have been reduced, but the leader of mobile payment must talk about Alipay. I believe that more than 98% of young people have Alipay. Now many elderly people are also following the trend and use Alipay to pay. . Alipay can be used not only for payment but also for investment. You can buy gold and funds in it. Let’s focus on the people who buy funds in Alipay and how their profits and losses are.

Just this year, Alipay released a new Christian Democrats report, which mentioned that the Christian Democrats lost more than 5% within three months, and accounted for 58%, while the profit of more than 5% Christian Democrats have only 14%, which means that the people who lose money are larger than the people who make profits. Let’s zoom in on the time line and look at it. For Christians who have held funds for more than three years, only 5% of them have lost more than 5%, while 5% of profits account for as high as 97.1%. It seems that those who make profits seem far away. Those who are higher than those who lose, that is to say, some people win and others lose. In the fund circle, there is also a saying that "funds make money, but Christians don't." This sentence is used to satirize the losses brought about by funds, which also proves that no matter where you buy, funds have investment risks.

Why are they "cut leeks"

Many young people are "cut leeks" The reason is because of the lack of understanding and awareness of the fund. The first is the length of the holding time of the fund. In the above, we also found that the holding time is inseparable from the profit, and investment generally has a long-term effect. In the past, it was not only impossible to make money, but also easy to lose the principal. You have to be patient and have patience to persevere. Haste is not enough.

Secondly, if you have a lack of knowledge about the fund, if you blindly follow the trend without knowing it clearly, you will naturally not make money, unless you are lucky enough to run into a dead mouse, but this probability can be reversed. How big is it. If you don’t know the knowledge of funds or even the classification of the funds you buy, you can only take advantage of the “heat” of the funds and follow the trend. Later, you will understand that you have been cut, but you don’t understand how to lose money.

So if you want to make money by investing, you must first understand this knowledge, and then understand the characteristics of the product. It is also similar to the blind box, which is to use the curiosity and blindness of young people, and these are nothing more than the behavior of capitalists to cut leeks. And some individual fund managers also caught people's psychology, not only established their own support club to be touted, but also set off a "fan circle culture craze" in the fund circle.

This business opportunity is not only seen by fund managers, but also by many companies. The combination of the two makes it " Multiplying skills”, and while building their own brand, they use high education and professional experience as gimmicks, so that fund managers can talk about the fund in a magical way, so that young people can hear it as if it’s a real thing, so as to guide Young people keep buying funds.

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