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Investment evaluation: Which of the three major stock financing platforms,, Beiying, and Jiniubao is better? Whether it is good or not depends on the results!

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The stock market is fluctuating in red and green. If the stock trading software in hand cannot guarantee good usage, it will be bad. In addition, the development of stock market in recent years is in full swing. , Big and small financing platforms are constantly developing, and it is really not easy to find a few easy-to-use ones. The editor has recently found several popular platforms on the market:, Beiying, and Jiniubao. These three platforms will test their ease of use and help you choose a platform Recommended Index★★★★☆

Basic Service:

1. The funds claim to be third-party escrow, the funds are dedicated, the funds are guaranteed, and the user's use security is high; (but I did not actually test the authenticity)

2. For real trading, you can ask customer service for a delivery note for each transaction; (but I did not actually test the authenticity)

3. Interest collection There are three modes: interest-free financing, suitable for short-term investment; daily financing, only for the Science and Technology Innovation Board, monthly financing, suitable for mid-line investment, and various choices;

4 .The minimum leverage ratio is 3 times and the maximum can reach 10 times, but the higher the leverage, the higher the fee and the higher the cost; It is a reasonable range of the market, but the holding time of interest-free operation is too short, which is not suitable for beginners. When searching the platform on the web, the page is clean and it is easy to find the official website; however, the web page contains a lot of negative information, which has not been cleaned up in time, which affects the user experience.

times Profit: Recommended Index ★★★★★

Basic Service:

1. Funds of Times Profit The special fund is dedicated, and the account is independent, the funds are guaranteed, and the user has a high degree of safety; 's real disk. You can consult customer service at any time if you have any problems encountered during distribution , truly achieves zero idle funds, suitable for small and medium-sized investors to use spare money to invest in financial management;

4. The leverage ratio is only 5 times and 8 times, and there are few choices, which is not suitable for thinking Users who choose low leverage;

5. It is a feature that you can play the board to do T and buy in tranches. You can buy newly listed A-share stocks, basically unlimited;

Overall experience: less leverage options, which is a disadvantage, but from other aspects, Beiying is quite practical. The web search interface is clean and comfortable, and it is easy to find the official website. The official website page is simple and fashionable. It is also equipped with a mobile app. The app design is very advanced and the operation is easier. The negative information is less and basically confirmed by the Beiying official website. It's a rumor.

Cattle Treasure: Recommended Index★★★☆☆

Basic service:

1. There is a threshold, but the threshold is low, suitable for small and medium investors to get started, but this editor is more inclined to invest without threshold ;

2. The leverage ratio can reach up to 10 times, which can meet the needs of master traders, but there are fewer optional multiples for small and medium investors;

3. The official website has real-time customer buying information and income rankings, but the income rankings can only represent individual situations, and the general rate of return is moderate;

4. Cooperative institutions include China Construction Bank, CITIC Securities, etc., but there are few cooperating institutions.

Overall experience of use: Jinniubao is also a firm transaction, users can rest assured about this, but in general, the use experience is not as good as the previous Yishengwang and Beiying. The editor believes that Niubao can do better. For example, the web search interface needs to clean up junk information in time. In addition, there are a lot of negative information about Niubao, and the official website has not refuted rumors.

In general, these three financing platforms have their own merits. According to the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, they are actually trustworthy, but the editor believes that it is the best choice to obtain higher income on the basis of security. From the evaluation results, almost all of them are worth using. , Xiao Bian thinks that Beiying is better, because there is a threshold for, and the non-threshold of Beiying can help achieve zero idle funds. However, everyone may have different opinions. If you have questions about the evaluation results or have other experience, you can privately message the editor or leave a comment. In addition, if you are interested, you can also search the official website and download it yourself to experience the operation. rest assured!

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