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Persevere in doing things out of love Dream to struggle (Sports Guanlan)

Whether they rise from setbacks or start from a new starting point, every athlete who bravely moves forward is worthy of praise

Beijing time on April 10 , Chinese football player Wu Lei scored the winning goal for Espanyol in the 31st round of La Liga in the 2021-2022 season, breaking the club's 117-day "goal drought" and harvesting the first time in his career. Ten La Liga goals.

After the game, Wu Lei was elected the best of the game, and the Spanish media recognized his performance very much. "World Sports News" said: "Wu Lei is the hero of this game. He finally scored a goal in La Liga and scored a golden goal in a desperate situation." "Aspen" said: "Wu Lei Lei's goal is the icing on the cake for his third China Golden Globe Award."

This is what Wu Lei insisted on for a long time. In the past two seasons, it has been a very difficult period for him to play overseas - he lost his main position in the team, his playing time was greatly reduced, he scored few goals, and doubts arose. Before going abroad to play football, Wu Lei was fully prepared for possible difficulties, but after arriving in Spain, he found that some difficulties were expected, and some were unexpected.

It is Wu Lei's dream to go through ups and downs in high-level foreign leagues and see the world. Although he often encounters setbacks on the way to pursue his dreams, he has never stopped. He said: "I have been training hard, never giving up, trying to seize every opportunity." His efforts were recognized by Espanyol coach Moreno: "Although Wu Lei has not become the protagonist this season, he has always maintained Smile and work hard to fulfill the coach's requirements."

Looking at the world football world, there are very few players who can go straight to the other side of their dreams in the professional league. Most players have to wait for opportunities through hard work and persistence. As Wu Lei said: "Persistence is not because there is hope, but hope because of persistence."

Persevering for dreams, this high-spirited state belongs to every ambitious person athlete. Short track speed skater Wu Dajing expressed his heart after being awarded the title of "Outstanding Contribution to the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games". For the sake of his dream, he wants to persist for 4 years and try to make up for some regrets at the Beijing Winter Olympics; He said: "For me, when I actually get the medal and stand on the podium, all the hard work and hard work I put into it are not worth mentioning." Women's volleyball player Zhu Ting recently released a post on social media. The progress of rehabilitation after wrist surgery, the statement of "focus on recovery and feel progress" shows the determination to overcome the injury; the Chinese women's volleyball team ushered in a new Olympic cycle, and every athlete and coach started from scratch for the same goal and started again. It also interprets the power of persistence and struggle.

For any athlete who keeps climbing, love is the driving force to persevere, and struggle is the ladder to realize the dream. Whether rising from setbacks or starting from a new starting point, every athlete who bravely moves forward deserves praise. I wish them to work hard, overcome difficulties, and continue to write new chapters on the way forward.

[Editor: Wang Yu]


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" Persistence in Struggle for Dreams Because of Love (Sports Guanlan)" (2022-05-02 18:42:52) (Editor in charge: admin)

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