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Want to capture the four big bull stocks in stock allocation (bonus blue ocean stocks)

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I want to capture the big four in the stock market Blue Ocean Group stock code

1. If you want to capture the big four big stocks in the stock allocation, you need to observe the big four big stocks.

The following points:

The first step is to catch promising industries!

A narrower track and a wider track are definitely more likely to run at high speed on the wider track.

In the past 30 years of material scarcity, real estate, banking, steel, home appliances, and automobiles have developed rapidly. Looking back, they were the bull stocks of that era. Their market share changed from 1% to 2%. , the profit growth rate may double! Market share from 2% to 10%, profits may increase 5 times.

What is the future industry blue ocean?

You can't tell, just look at what the top Chinese companies are competing for in the future.

We can see it every day: Alibaba is investing in artificial intelligence, Tencent is investing in pure electric vehicles, Baidu is researching driverless cars, we see that Huawei is racing to compete with foreign countries for 5G, and we see Now liberalizing and encouraging fertility will be a big theme for a long time in the future. We see that the biggest human dividend of our parents’ generation is approaching the largest old age base, that is, the pension industry will be a big blue ocean in the future.

Many insurance companies, Xiaomi, and have even begun to invest in retirement communities and the Internet of Things.

The future industries that these business bigwigs have invested heavily in are all promising tracks in the future.

Maybe you will be anxious, but you don't know or understand any of this, let alone immerse yourself in it.

But you can invest, you can't build intelligent robots, you can invest in companies that make intelligent robots.

After selecting the future track,

Step 2: Catch the leader! Grab the tap! Grab the tap! Say the important thing three times.

The leading companies in each field have the most voice in this industry, are the leaders of this industry, and are also the focus of various funds. The industry leaders must attract the most research in this industry. Securities, private equity and even foreign capital.

Some people may wonder why some companies perform well and their performance rises every year. If big money doesn't pay attention to it, it won't rise.

And many leading companies, if the performance explodes and the expected technology or equipment is mass-produced, it will rise sharply, and even more and more love to rise.

Step 3: Look at the company's shareholders, CEO, and financial reports.

These are mainly to judge whether this faucet is a paper tiger and whether there are hidden dangers. With so many good industries and so many faucets, there is no need to take the risk to buy a faucet with hidden worries.

The company's shareholders and CEO mainly depend on whether their words and deeds are consistent. A company executive often shouts slogans and empty words. I think the future of this company should be questioned.

Step 4: Filter out the leading trend signals

When the screening market has just started or has not yet started to focus on, and a good trend signal is formed, buy it firmly.

This is mainly combined with technical indicators, everyoneThe technical indicators that I like and are good at are different. For example, I prefer to refer to the 60-day moving average. After selecting the leader in the first three steps, if I stand firm on the 60-day moving average and slowly increase the volume, I will choose to buy.

Because the trend is not formed, your waiting time will be very tormented, and sometimes you will see other stocks soaring, but your stock fluctuates repeatedly.

II. The stock code of Blue Ocean Group

The stock code of Blue Ocean Group is 831825.

The date of establishment of Blue Ocean Group is 2008 On June 23, 2015, the listing date was January 23, 2015, and the company was located in Shanghai.

The main business of Blue Ocean Group is to provide human resources services, including personnel services, comprehensive business welfare services, recruitment services, service outsourcing, consulting services and other services.

【Expansion Information】

Blue Ocean Group was founded in 1994. For more than ten years, Blue Ocean Group has always adhered to the established development strategy, based on reality, focusing on the future, seeking truth and pragmatism, and pioneering Enterprising, and constantly create a new situation.

Today, the group has developed into a series of "Blue Ocean International" brand series, many mid-to-high-end star-rated hotels under the "Blue Ocean" brand series, a vocational school that accommodates tens of thousands of students, and a Shandong Province The large hotel group of the famous brand "Zhongdinglou" food company has created a series of well-known sub-brands such as "Zhongdinglou", "Xianlai Yipin", "Yugefang" and "Shuiyunxuan". It ranks among the top 100 economic strengths of China's catering industry and becomes a veritable leader in the same industry in Shandong Province.

On the basis of more than ten years of entrepreneurship, Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group will always adhere to the tenet and mission of "building a century-old brand and creating a century's classic" and the business philosophy of "your needs, my responsibility". With institutional management as the cornerstone, we will unswervingly explore the path of scientific management; we will persistently train employees and strive to build a learning team; we will unswervingly carry out corporate culture construction to ensure the sustainable development of the group.

In the future, the Group will continue to base itself on the advantages of Blue Ocean Catering, rely on the unified comprehensive management platform and investment and financing capabilities of the Group Headquarters, build the Blue Ocean Group's industrial linkage development system, strengthen the advantages of industrial portfolio, and gradually form a unique competitiveness. The blue ocean service industry, so as to meet people's growing demand for catering, accommodation and entertainment.

It will eventually develop into a national and even international first-class well-known hotel group, and build a century-old national hotel brand rooted in Yanhuang land.

Besides the Bohai Bay, Dongying, a beautiful modern emerging city, where the Yellow River, which gave birth to five thousand years of Chinese civilization, gallops into the sea.

Yellow and blue, sky and earth, inland and sea, modernity and civilization are perfectly combined here.

In the tide of reform and opening up, a new star is rising here. She is the top 100 hotels in China - Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group.

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