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Is there any good stock investment platform you can recommend?

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Because of industry restrictions, we cannot be a brand, so you It is rare to see which platform can advertise on the official account, can advertise on Guangdiantong, and can advertise on Baidu SEM. This is not to say that the financing platform is illegal, but the country has more restrictions and stricter supervision in the financial field, just like medical care. After all, it is easy to involve mass incidents, and most of the time, it is a one-size-fits-all management method.

Because all financial platforms cannot operate brands, this brings great inconvenience to our stock, how can we change it? How to choose the right platform for you? If I tell you directly which platforms are reliable or not, it will end up as a pretext for advertising, so I need to give you a set of labels for you, and you can use this set of criteria to judge which platforms are good or not.

To judge whether a platform is good or not, we only need to analyze it from 3 indicators:

1. Determine whether the platform is safe

2. Determine whether the tariff is reasonable

Third, see if the service is in place

If you can meet the above three requirements, then congratulations, you You have found a platform that really suits you.

First, determine whether the platform is safe

1 Try a small amount in the early stage to experience product functions and service attitudes

If you encounter a new platform, you can use small Fund to experience it, some platforms can buy one hand for two or three hundred. In this way, your trial and error cost is very low. You need to know a few key information during the experience: 1. Is it a real transaction? This is easy to verify when combined with a straight flush. 2. The software flow is not smooth, and the experience of making software is very poor. The company is not very reliable to tell the truth. 3 The withdrawal is fast or not fast. If the withdrawal is fast, it is still very reliable to a certain extent.

2 whole network search platform information

If you search for platform information on Baidu, you will find very little, Honestly, this is pretty scary. In the end, I was not worried about his subjective intention to trick you into running away, but worried that the platform would run away because it could not go on, and this was hard to prevent. Just like the pig teammates around you, they often hurt themselves the worst

Second, determine whether the tariff is reasonable

If everyone only chooses the cheapest price, business will become extremely simple and even boring. Because of consumption upgrades, people are becoming more and more insensitive to price and have higher and higher requirements for quality. Just like you go to Taobao to buy a mattress, I'm sure you will never find the one with the lowest price, the price is just a secondary decision factor for you.

Similarly, if the financial products only choose the cheapest price, the industry will become extremely simple and boring. Compared with daily necessities, financial products are often more sensitive to cost and benefit. After all, the floating of a point may bring about astronomical changes. Often because of some information asymmetry and people's high concerns about security, different price levels have their corresponding markets. This is especially true for an industry like capital that cannot build a brand by itself. After all, what everyone cares about most is the safety of the principal.

So when you can judge by yourself whether the platform is safe and reliable, you only need to choose the tariff in those reliable platforms The most cost-effective can be. When buying a pillow, we don't need to care about the price, just buy a pillow once, and the product needs to be operated at high frequency, so the price must be sensitive.

Third, see if the service is in place

Whether the service can keep up? After registration, you can contact customer service to ask some tricky questions. To see whether a platform is reliable or not is not based on the professionalism of marketing, but the professionalism of customer service. After all, China understands human nature best, and is the best at marketing is a liar. You ask them whether the platform is very safe. To be honest, you can't ask them why. Someone must have designed a set of words and expressions that are seamless.

On the handling of some customer complaints, the reliability of the platform can often be reflected. Any platform will inevitably have some problems. Mistakes, such mistakes are often unclear about the boundaries of responsibility. If the platform has the courage to take responsibility, rather than shirk responsibility, it can show that the platform is still relatively reliable to a certain extent.

< p data-pid="um8dWrDt">Finally, I would like to recommend some list of platforms that I have verified for your reference.

I was reminded by a private message from a friend, is the strategy good? It seems that the name has been changed recently. The following table says that the handling fee is to be paid on the first day, and the deferred fee is paid every day after the position is held.

I think the answer is absolutely Let you save a lot of money and avoid a lot of pitfalls, so if you think what I said is good, please give me a like!

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