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4 Work Summary of Selected Securities Companies

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Summary is to review and analyze a certain period, a project or some work afterwards, so as to draw a conclusion with regularity, which helps us to find the law of the development of work and things, To master and apply these laws, so prepare a good summary. So what should be noted in the summary? The following are 4 summaries of the work of securities companies compiled by the editor for you. You are welcome to learn from them and hope to be helpful to you.

Securities company work summary 1

The past 20 _ _ years, for me , this is a year of continuous accumulation and a year of continuous improvement.

A good marketing team must have a good marketing manager. At the end of 20 _ _, the arrival of Manager Zhang Lei, the marketing director, changed the previous marketing model. In the past 10 years, the sales department has added new effective accounts and wealth management marketing. There are breakthroughs in the above; I have made an indelible contribution to the rapid development of the team. I am very lucky to be in such a team.

In terms of marketing channels, like most of my colleagues, I use bank channels, community channels, relationship network channels, investment club channels, Internet telemarketing channels, etc. to tap customers. Everyone knows that securities marketing is a job that requires continuous accumulation and a lot of pressure, but usually requires enough patience. The same question, different customers repeatedly ask you more than ten times, you have to answer patiently. When meeting a client for the first time, be sure to listen carefully, rather than eagerly instilling technical indicators or financial sales products. In this case the client may express impatience very quickly. Rushing to get things done can often lead to falling short of success. Sometimes after a week, if a customer is not finished, he will inevitably be very anxious, but he can only persevere and communicate patiently and frankly with the customer to complete the task he has set.

At the beginning of the year, I put a lot of energy into overcoming the institutional and large households, and I wanted to find a few bigger ones to support the scene, but maybe I was inexperienced or my ability was not enough. Ended with failure. I remember that there was an agency account that had already made an appointment with me. Later, I didn’t expect that he secretly went to the Fuwai Sales Department to open it and didn’t look for me, but just regarded me as a “passer-by-passer”... In this regard, I have to continue to ask The seniors study and hope to make a difference in the 20 _ _ years.

In the marketing of small and medium-sized households, I have adopted the "fast food marketing" model throughout the year, with quick fixes and joint development. That is to say, they generally do not spend a lot of energy on chasing certain customers for a long time, nor do they invest a lot of money to invite old customers to eat or send gifts. It is just that I usually take more time to chat with customers on QQ, MSN or telephone, and talk about some topics that customers like. For example, I opened a series of more than 10 customers in a company, and they all introduced each other. At the beginning, the first customer to deal with was acquainted on the forum. We argued with each other for a long time on the forum about an international hot topic. Later, we simply added the contact information and chatted until midnight, and the chat was very speculative. Later, when he asked me what I did, I didn't shy away from it, and told him that I belonged to a securities company, so the next day he transferred his account of 3 million new shares from another securities company to me.

New customer development is important, but equally important is the maintenance of existing customers. I have always adhered to the principle that customers are friends,Treat customers as friends. This is very important. The purpose of doing so is not limited to brand building at the company level and meeting the basic requirements of securities trading; at the personal level, it is also a reflection of a marketer's professional ethics and subsequent development capabilities. Because the ultimate goal of marketing is to make your customers bring (introduce) new customers to you. To cultivate existing customers, the most basic is the correct use of securities trading software and the popularization of securities knowledge. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously instill the risk awareness of the securities market to customers. The shrinking of customer assets represents the shrinking of trading volume. The efforts of developing potential customers into existing customers and cultivating existing customers into high-quality customers can effectively preserve and increase the value of customer assets. The realization of this win-win situation is the common goal we pursue with our customers.

In general, in the past year, the number of new effective customers exceeded 300, and the new assets were more than 50 million, which was a great improvement compared to 2009; negotiating with new customers in sales experience In terms of work, certain progress has been made, and confidence has been established for the next 20 _ _ years.

Securities Company Work Summary Part 2

The year 20xx has passed halfway, and it has been a very difficult year for me. When the market was close to the xxxx point, I felt miserable. At this moment, I was thinking, I must make up myself, or I will be screened before the market bottoms out. Later practice proved that my idea was correct, which strengthened my belief even more. I must continue to learn and fully myself, and only in this way can I grow with the company.

Recalling the homework for the past six months, I have not been good enough in many aspects.

Top of the list, in the continuous fall of the market, most of the customers are stuck, especially when it falls below 2300 points, the customer complains a lot, and I gradually lose the courage to develop new customers. It wasn't very timely either, but the service continued. This is also the problem faced.

Secondly, in terms of product sales, it is not good enough, only 470,000 products are sold a year. In the transformation of the company, I did not do it well, and I redoubled my efforts in the future.

Thirdly, due to insufficient professional knowledge, some questions from customers cannot be answered timely and well.

Fourth, not very understanding of the customers that have been developed, the customer's risk tolerance is not clear, and the customer's assets and equipment have not been able to provide reasonable advice.

Fifth, the contact with the bank was not handled well, so few of my former clients were introduced by the bank.

In view of the above, I decided to try my best from the following aspects in the new year.

Top of the list. In the later stage, they attach importance to learning and master the wealth management products launched by the company, and then recommend them to customers. Now Tianfu Express has been launched, and it can be used to serve customers in the later stage, announce Tianfu Express to potential customers, and attract customers. Use the company's strength to serve customers well and let customers operate steadily in weakness. After the client's surplus may be recognized by the company's services, the client will be referred to the client, and the client should be asked to introduce his friends who are doing stocks around him.

Second, strengthen the study of marketing skills. Keeping up with the company's footsteps, my policy for the new year is to sell 20xx million wealth management products.

Third, understand the needs of customers, and advise customers to equip different assets according to their different risk tolerance and market conditions, such as: stocks, funds, margin financing and securities lending, money-based funds, short-term bank financing .

Fourth, maintain good contact with the bank, and ask the bank for customer introductions at critical moments.

20xx is about to pass away, but 20xx is right in front of you and me. Trust only those who take the initiative will have the opportunity to succeed. Let's work together to finish our achievements. To invent your own glory. Bless our business department, our family, more and more prosperous, and bless our performance to be better and better.

Securities company work summary 3

I have been working in Qilu Securities for two months. During these two months, I have both stock expertise and marketing. made some progress.

In the past two months, I have developed nearly 10 clients, and the assets have reached tens of millions. Of course, compared to other employees in the company, I am still relatively inferior, but I will continue to work hard.

In June, according to the arrangement of the team leader, I was sent to the Bank of China station. Because there are a lot of things to deal with, I didn't go to the Bank of China station for a few days. I have a lot of inspiration:

1. Because there are many brokerage firms, including 11 insurance companies, some brokerages have two or three people stationed at the station, and sometimes they are stationed in the lobby. There are more people than customers who come to the bank for business, which makes me notJust feeling the pressure of competition makes me feel that this stagnation method should be improved.

2. After my communication with a wealth management manager, I learned that this Bank of China has already cooperated with GF Securities. Cruelly speaking, the brokers stationed here can only get some small shrimps. Or just a foil.

3. Because the recent stock market situation is not very optimistic, those customers who go to Bank of China for business are talking about the change of stock prices, and they are more inclined to the bank's financial management projects.

Perhaps my marketing skills are still very shallow, so I still have no idea what to do with the bank, but after the captain's guidance, I have a new idea. Going there every day is not necessarily effective, so I deal with the financial manager directly, but fortunately, I always heard that the financial manager is difficult to contact, but this is not difficult for me, just let me The worry is that they cooperate with GF Securities privately, which is really difficult for me to open this channel.

I've been testing Weibo to serve my clients recently. Maybe it's just the beginning, and I haven't had any outstanding results, but I think it's also a very important customer tracking service. A good account manager , not only to continuously develop new customers, but also to serve existing customers well. I heard from friends that because of their good service to customers, they have made a good profit, so their customers are all introduced by customers, which forms a virtuous circle, so that they not only have new customers The volume has increased, and the assets have also been greatly improved. So even in a downturn in the stock market, their clients don't talk about stock changes.

This is the summary of my work in the past two months. In many aspects, I am still relatively immature, and I have to continue to hone and learn. I will improve myself on the good platform of ##Securities. .

Securities company work summary 4

It has been more than a year since I entered xx securities, and I have improved in various aspects during this time, mainly reflected in:

1. Have a preliminary understanding of the securities industry

Since entering the company, from being familiar with the industry to passing the qualification examination, I have a preliminary understanding of the securities industry. Have a deep understanding of the securities business, and can solve various basic problems at work.

2. The improvement of business development ability

In the process of business marketing, the conversation with customers and the different problems encountered have improved their communication ability and adaptability; Customers return visits from time to time to provide them with comprehensive and multi-angle services, so that xx services are truly deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

3. The sense of responsibility and professionalism of the work has been strengthened

I take every business I handle seriously, and try to avoid unnecessary troubles to customers and the company , work efficiency and strive to be the fastest.

In business marketing, I also found some problems and my own shortcomings:

1. The knowledge of securities needs to be further understood, and needs to be continuously learned.

2. In the maintenance of the relationship with customers, the way of communication should be gradually strengthened.

3. Professional analysis and marketing capabilities need to be further enhanced.

Entering the marketing industry, performance is the measure of a person's value. The performance of the first few months was not good. I have reorganized my thinking. In the days to come, I will do the following:

p> 1. Sending flyers

When I enter xx securities, I often send flyers. Although I have sent a lot of them, the effect is not very good, but I think it is still feasible. A large number of flyers will increase the company's popularity. The next step I still want to give it a moderate amount, but it will eventually pay off.

2. Effective use of bank resources

It has been in the bank for more than a year, and the performance is very unsatisfactory. The bank's good service is well-known, and many customers come here because of it. If you can make good use of this resource and grab a few potential customers, the effect is very good, but Bank of China and BOC International have a good cooperative relationship and have rebates between them. The way they cooperated with them kept me looking for a breakthrough point. Although it was very stressful, it was also the way to have a good relationship with them. The quality of the on-site account manager directly affects the image of the company, so I have been working hard to do it.

3. Make full use of the relationship network

Pulling friends or friends to introduce is also a very effective method. Introduce friends through friends, and let customers who want to invest in stocks choose our xx to open an account. In addition, for customers who have opened three-party depository business in other securities companies, introduce our company's service concept and competitive advantages to customers, and strive to win customers over.

Nowadays the market fluctuates a lot, most people are on the sidelines, and the competition among peers is extremely fierce.Own professional knowledge, to provide customers with a full range of services, to do everything possible, do their best to do it.

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