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Personal monthly work summary of employees of securities companies

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The monthly work summary of the employees of the securities company

The tax reform in April has brought infinite expectations to the market in May. After all, the trend of the market in the past few months has been too bearish. The market was like ice, but I didn't stop my work. I started to bring my own team, and I also started to find different ups and downs.

Two months later in the year, I admit that my communication with clients has decreased, partly because of the continued coldness of the market. I understand everyone's feelings. Although I kept reminding everyone in the process of falling, the results were very limited. Many people have persisted until now with the mentality that they could only make money by holding shares in 2007. It is a painful price to cut the market value in half. On the other hand, I have been methodically managing the marketing team.

First of all, the account opening activity with prizes started on February 18, 2008 has come to an end. This time the activity is still carried out nationwide by the company, and the sales department has also formulated incentives for the marketing team to develop customers Program, a reward program for introducing customers to bank employees at bank outlets. My first job is to hold all the data. In this event, as of May 1st, all 8 marketing representatives have opened a total of 199 accounts, of which 100 are valid accounts, and the deposit amount is 472,7829 yuan. After the statistics of the customers developed by each marketing representative are completed , I checked with the manager, and then I picked out the customers introduced by the bank staff and offered cash rewards by account. Among them, the distribution of rewards has been distributed together with the manager.

Because of the resignation of the account manager, I went to the Agricultural Bank of China for resident work. There, I also deeply experienced the inner feelings of a marketing representative. In fact, marketing is a kind of communication, a way of communication, and the timing of communication needs to be grasped by oneself. Try to minimize the customer's disgust with himself, so as to seize the opportunity to make him willing to accept our products. However, everyone may not perform well in communication. There are reasons for self-esteem, limitations in personality, and inaccurate grasp of rhythm. Therefore, many people do not communicate effectively, and they may only communicate with them. A silent flyer. After having this experience, I have my own thinking, so I actually used it in the resident work of Bank of Communications later.

A new marketing representative has been hired into the service department and training has begun. In addition to basic training for her every afternoon, I think, I am more to convey to her the professional ethics and attitude towards work that we need in this industry. Every time she answers a consultation call and every time she receives a customer, she can truly understand that her job is a service job. Later, I took her to the Bank of Communications alone. Share with her some of my work experience: what kind of customers have potential, what kind of customers are not worth exploring, what kind of customers we need, etc. During these time, in addition to teaching, I also passed practice Mastered a lot of deeper and more practical methods.

In response to the call of the entire sales department, we will try our best to arrange customers to move to their homes for online transactions. At the beginning, only after the market closed teaching method, many people forget overnight, the work progress is very slow. Later, after communicating with the staff of the sales department, according to the existing conditions, we set up a separate room for the current large household, named it "Online Trading Practice Room", and chose to conduct training in the real environment during the opening hours of the market every day. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of customers. At the moment, all the training work is still going on, and the data in my hand has also caught some information about customers who want to go home. Therefore, in June, I will focus on the communication with these customers, so that they can go home and do online transactions with satisfaction and peace of mind.

When I was writing the work summary, I was catching up with the central bank continuing to increase the deposit reserve ratio by 1 percentage point, and the U.S. market plummeted on the news that the oil price soared by $10, and I was really in a heavy mood. But no matter what, the work still has to go on, and the road still has to go on.

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