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Year-end work summary for employees of securities companies

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Example of year-end work summary for employees of securities companies

Time flies, I have been working in Century Securities for many years in the blink of an eye. Insufficiency of strength and ego. I want to change some of my limitations and the factors I show myself, change the original way of working, and ask myself to be the best in the team's assistance. Sometimes I watch myself silently, and my words and deeds are like a bystander supervising myself, all of which have never been seen in my previous work experience. I consider my own inadequacies in my work:

(1) Insufficient communication

When interacting with people, the most important thing is sincerity, mutual understanding and normal communication, and expressing your thoughts in good faith. The key is whether you can impress the other party with sincerity and make them accept it. I believe that this sentence is correct. I used to think that it is indeed possible to communicate smoothly with comrades by virtue of affinity, authenticity, and sincerity. As for the diversity of colleagues' mentality, I have not seriously thought about it. After experiencing this, I realized that the psychology of my colleagues has great uncertainty, especially when there is disagreement at work, there will be hesitation about my own ideas. At this time, it is necessary to communicate and communicate repeatedly to achieve mutual understanding. and support. And I have not done enough in this aspect. My communication method is relatively direct, and I am not very good at "introducing customers". I think it has something to do with my shallow experience in this profession and my personal character. Personally, I prefer a more straightforward communication method, and I am not good at expressing my wishes and work ideas in a roundabout way. In the future work, I want to strengthen my attempts to change my communication skills, and use appropriate methods at the right time to improve my ability to think at work.

(2) Lack of innovative thinking at work

Whether it is in daily life or work, people need to help each other and help each other. Only in this way can we do our work better and give full play to each potential. Over the past year, the departments and colleagues I cooperated with, they were very enthusiastic and timely gave understanding and help to my work, so that I could successfully complete my various tasks. It made me improve my cautious attitude towards work, develop the habit of asking clearly about everything, and wanting to learn from things before doing things. This is a good thing, but it will have a certain negative impact, that is, lack of innovation consciousness. . The enthusiasm and initiative of the work is based on the attitude of being responsible for the work, rather than on the basis of completing the work well, which will limit the occurrence of subjective new thinking. Going to work step by step is only what a qualified employee has to do, and he can never become an excellent employee. A truly outstanding employee needs to have a sense of innovation and continuous innovation in work methods and work efficiency. In this regard, I also need to slowly change myself in my future work, and dig out ideas that are conducive to the development of my work.

The deficiencies listed above are the problems I think I have in my work and the areas that need improvement after self-reflection. Solve the problem. Future initiatives to improve work standards:

1. Strengthen study and improve one's own quality.

Over the past year, I have been able to earnestly study various financial laws and regulations, actively participate in various learning activities organized by the bank, and continuously improve my theoretical quality and business skills. As an account manager, I think not only should be good at learning, but also diligent in thinking, and should constantly enrich themselves.

Second, open up the market and find new growth points.

Only by continuously developing high-quality customers and expanding business can we improve efficiency. In order to do a good job in marketing and expand publicity efforts, by telephone

Send a short message to contact customers, I believe that if you continue to work hard, you will receive the expected results. At the end of the year-end summary for employees of securities companies, what I want to say is that since you have chosen an industry, don't give up halfway. to strive forDelicate attitude is your goal, do your best, and strive to get closer to the perfect result. I think these are a kind of encouragement and whiplash for me. Everyone who walks on this road will find the value of life in the eight words of "sincerity, kindness, refinement and perfection".

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