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In 2017, the new employee of the securities company has a sample

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Job impression is a kind of document to be written when just joining a job. New employees of a securities company who have just joined the company will have their own opinions on joining the company. The following is the 2017 new employee induction sample essays of securities companies compiled by Xiaobian for your reference, for your reference only!

Sample essay about new employees in securities companies 1

In July of this year, I came to the Changjiang Guanghua Village Street Sales Department to start a two-month internship. At the end of August, with the harvest and some regrets, I will leave here and embark on a new journey. No matter what the road ahead is, I know that I will keep in mind the lessons I have learned from the internship during this period, and keep reminding myself that it will be of great benefit in future study, work or life.

Before I came here for an internship, I told myself: Internship is not just study, but also work. I always remind myself that I am doing an internship here. I am not just a student at school, I have no work experience, I do not know a lot of business knowledge, and I must learn from my colleagues with an open mind; at the same time, I am still a staff member. The standards of employees are strict with themselves, maintain a positive and good attitude, take their daily work seriously, and do their best to complete the work. The following is my experience during the two months of internship.

When I first arrived at the sales department, I was impressed by everyone's friendly and friendly atmosphere, especially in the first two weeks of practical training. In the first two weeks of practice training, it can be said that there are new insights every day. Under the leadership of Sister Gong, the training has different content every day. After a week, many experienced colleagues in the company came to explain to us. a lot of things. I would like to thank Mr. Gong, Sister Su, Sister Xiang, Sister Qi and other colleagues who have trained us. Through your training and guidance, we have gained a preliminary and systematic understanding of the securities industry and some aspects of etiquette and marketing. Knowledge. A sentence suddenly came to mind: the Greek philosopher Zeno once compared knowledge to a circle, inside the circle is what you know, and outside the circle is what you don’t know. The more a person knows, the larger his circle, and the more unknowns the circle touches. Therefore, the more knowledge you have, the more you know what you don't know. "The knowledge that people master is a circle, and the outside of the circle is the unknown world. The more knowledge you have, the more unknowns you will be exposed to - the more confused you will be. The more knowledge you learn, the more ignorant you will feel." After two weeks of training , I found that the knowledge of securities I had learned before was really very little, and other knowledge about etiquette, marketing, etc. needed to be learned, which was my own ignorance. I am grateful for this training for making myself aware of this. Only by knowing where I am lacking can I improve myself in a targeted manner. At the same time, with regard to this training, I think it is of great significance for both new recruits and interns. It also makes us feel that the sales department attaches great importance to this aspect, and we cannot slack off.

As soon as the two-week internship training ended, we were assigned to different teams, and under the leadership of our respective team leaders, we started the next month-and-a-half internship. For myself, to sum up, during this period of time, I basically learned about customers coming to open accounts, transfer accounts and other businesses mainly through a one-week internship in the front desk lobby, which laid a solid foundation for my future marketing customers. At the same time, due to the needs of the actual situation, I also notify customers to handle related business and market customers through telephone interviews and other methods; develop customers through a combination of marketing customers in the community and staying at the bank. Because I am not a local, most of the people I come into contact with are students, and I am very lacking in resources. During this period, I have encountered various difficulties, which are also a great test for myself. Fortunately, I have overcome them one by one. Although marketing The results are not ideal, and I have not developed a client, but I ask myself that I am still doing my best in my work, and I have not been lazy. I have worked hard, so I have nothing to complain about, but I have a little regret.

Through the two-month internship, I also learned a lot in schoolLessons not learned. In my daily work, I constantly motivate myself to be enthusiastic and face it positively. This kind of mentality makes me feel very fulfilled in my work.

During this period of time, I summed up my work. Subjectively, I was relatively responsible for completing the tasks that were arranged. Since our team could not be arranged at the bank, after I went to the bank for a day There is no arrangement. In this case, I can take the initiative to go to the lobby of the sales department to study and understand the transaction business; I also come to help when the sales department holds the investment report meeting on weekends, which is also an exercise for myself.

Of course, during my internship during this period, I have some good points, but I also found that I still have a lot of bad things to improve: 1. The problem of role switching. Although I remind myself from time to time to be strict with myself as a regular employee, in actual work, many places still show the atmosphere of a student, and the thinking has not been converted, which has led to a lot of trouble at work. An intern who came in with us may not have a good grasp of this aspect, and indeed did something wrong, which led to the half of the internship leaving. It is a pity, and it also sounded the alarm for us. Maybe in school, if you do something wrong, someone will forgive you, and you can make up for it, but this is working in a company, and once you make a mistake, you may have no chance;

2. Be proactive and become someone needed by others. I vaguely remember that when I took the initiative to go to the hall for an internship, there were really not many things to do. All I could do was to help copy the following documents, help fill in some information that could be filled in for the client, and instruct the client how to fill in the information, etc. Trivial things, help with small things like the first file bag, but that's it, I can also learn a lot of things. At the end of the month, they will sort out some new account opening application materials and send them to the headquarters. Sister Jing asked me to help. Although it was a small matter, I was still very happy to be able to help them and become someone needed by others, which is the value of my internship here;

3. At the bank station, you are the bank staff. Going to a bank station is actually a marketing channel. Be proactive, treat yourself as a bank staff member, and get familiar with banking business as soon as possible. Only in this way can you have more contact with customers and have more opportunities to develop potential customers. It is a good thing to do more things if you care about the gains and losses, and you have a good relationship with the bank account manager. They have resources there. If you help him do more things, he will naturally give you convenience. At this point, due to the short time, I am not very good at this aspect when I am in the station. In addition, I am not particularly familiar with my business knowledge, it is very difficult to communicate with customers, and I have no marketing performance for various reasons. .

4. Do things according to the rules. The reason why I say this is because I realized in the first month's salary payment that the salaries of our interns are very different. As for my salary, I really didn't know what was going on at first, but I found out after asking about it. What wages were deducted. I have always said that my internship experience is the most important thing here. I also cherish this internship opportunity given to us by the sales department. The salary is second. The reason why I say this is because I have not handled this matter well. If you have a good grasp of the rules and regulations of the sales department, you will not make such mistakes that lead to the deduction of wages. Of course, this is the reason why I asked about the details of the calculation of wages later. The purpose is to avoid the same occurrence in the next month. mistake.

5. Speak with action. I still remember that before I went out to market, I had a lot of worries. I was afraid that I was unfamiliar with this and that I would not be able to do that well. I was worried and doubted. It's not necessary, you never know what will happen if you just want to do it or not. Although there are indeed many problems in the actual marketing process, but you can come back every day and ask at the same time.

For this sales department, I have been here for so long, so I still have a certain feeling. The atmosphere here is very good. No matter how old Mr. Gong is or the youngest, the cleaning aunts here are very cordial and friendly. The relationship between colleagues is also very good, like brothers and sisters, there is a feeling of home, I think, this is us The culture of the sales department closely links the entire team together. Sister Gong is the first person I met here. I am very grateful to her for giving me this internship opportunity. During the internship training, she also explained a lot of knowledge to us, and I was also very inspired. At the same time, I was very moved by She gave us tolerance when we interns made mistakes. I still remember that day because of a classmate of mine.I went to her office to find her, caused her trouble, and the words she said to me when I apologized to her were very touching, because I know that there are not many serious and sincere words like this in the company, and I was fortunate to have Gong I am very grateful for the teaching of my sister! There is also Sister Xiang, she is the team leader of the team where I am doing this internship. Everyone calls her Xiang Ma, which shows her status in the eyes of my colleagues. I insist on calling her sister because I feel younger. , hehe~~ The first time I saw her was when she gave us a lecture during our training. I was infected by her passion, her experience, her persistence in the securities industry, her persistence in this job, and her current position. She was deeply moved and inspired me, and I learned a lot of marketing knowledge and skills under her leadership, as well as some marketing concepts. What problems did I encounter, maybe it was a very small matter for Sister Xiang, but she explained to me patiently, which moved me very much. Gong is always a friendly leader of our sales department. When we first came to the internship training, he came to communicate with us newcomers. He was very kind and had no leadership. When communicating with colleagues, I mentioned that a colleague met Mr. Gong at the bank station once, and Mr. Gong even greeted her as an intern. At that time, we were very moved to have such a close-knit leader. The sales department has recently implemented reforms, and Sister Su has played a decisive role as the leader. Although there may be an adjustment period in a short period of time, in the long run, this will be very important for individuals, teams and the entire sales department. It is of great benefit. I admire Sister Su's courage. She is beautiful and has great leadership. A lot of other colleagues here are very nice, and they are happy to tell us any questions I ask of them, never been turned down, it's really nice to work in such an atmosphere.

The above is what I have learned from my internship during this period of time. I have really learned a lot. With gains and some regrets, I will continue to move forward. Be a down-to-earth person and do things conscientiously.

Sample essay about the introduction of securities company 2

I am honored to participate in the internship program of GF Securities. During the two-month internship, I learned a lot of knowledge in the field of securities, familiarized myself with the operation of the company, mastered the basic skills of securities marketing, and deeply understood the basic knowledge of the securities market. This internship experience left me behind I am deeply impressed and will have a significant impact on my future work and study.

This internship started on March 10. After 65 days, I will briefly introduce my learning content and experience during this internship:

In the first week, I developed a basic understanding of the securities market.

Learning includes:

How to correct the investment mentality - stick to your own judgment in the market, make rational decisions, and do not blindly follow the trend;

2. How to make a decision - an analysis of individual stocks based on the market trend;

3. How to identify information - bad news would rather be trusted than not;

4. The difference and connection between the fundamentals and the technicals - the fundamental advantage lies in medium and long-term analysis, while the technical advantage lies in the judgment of short-term trends. Fundamentals lie in stock selection, and technicals lie in timing, but in practical applications, fundamental analysis and technical analysis should be combined.

In addition, reading the three major securities newspapers and browsing the trend chart of each stock is also a daily homework. After the first week of study, I have mastered the basic working model of the stock market. It lays a good foundation for more in-depth study.

Week two is the front desk practice on the trading floor. This is the place where we have direct contact with customers. Many customers come to do business every day. It is essential to understand the external work process of securities companies. Occasionally, the staff at the counter also let us operate some simple steps and experience the fun of work for ourselves. Of course, there are all kinds of customers. Sometimes some customers do not understand or support their work, and they need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Learning the handling methods of the counter staff has also become a major gain of my internship. At the same time, I learned the relevant business knowledge of opening a capital account, applying for subscription of new shares and capital transfer; I have mastered the basic use of the securities trading software "Great Wisdom"; I have mastered the download process and usage of the mobile phone stock trading software, and I can use it in my spare time. Time to read the "Basic Principles of Market Operation", comprehensively study the knowledge of K-line theory, MACD, KDJ and other technical analysis indicators, and find the corresponding stock trends at any time to learn.

The third week is mainly to practice in the stock market, to judge the trend of the market and individual stocks. During the period, I understood the impact of funds on the entire market and the relationship between stock trading volume and price; further studyThe application of the golden section line in trend analysis is studied; the formula and usage of CR technical indicators are studied. In addition, I also came into contact with the content of some form theories and deepened my understanding of the securities market.

The learning content of the fourth week is fundamental analysis and stock review writing, and predicts the future market trend according to the previous trend of the broader market. During this period, I have mastered the writing structure of stock reviews, and I have become good at analyzing the market from the fundamental and technical aspects, and gradually understand the connection between various industries in the market. During this period, I also came into contact with some advanced handicap techniques and gained a certain understanding of capital management knowledge.

The learning content of the remaining weeks is achieved by entering bank branches, mining potential customers and serving existing customers are the main learning content at this stage. By learning the basic business of the bank, contacting customers, understanding customers' investment intentions and risk tolerance, and explaining the current market conditions and economic operation trends through their professional knowledge and market information they have learned, so as to achieve customer satisfaction. Excavation and maintenance. This stage of learning not only masters the banking process and contacts with customers, but most importantly, the impact of this stage on how to deal with one's own interpersonal relationships, increases social experience and learns things that cannot be learned in school.

Through the two-month internship, my understanding of the securities market has become more profound. It is now accustomed to use the rational method to analyze various problems. Understand that the market is unpredictable, the most important thing is to grasp the laws. During this time, I also cultivated good study habits and learned the method of summarizing. Daily stock browsing gives me some impressions of historical trends, especially classic ones, and gives me a chance to find similar head patterns in future markets to judge the future.

A good start is half the battle, and I believe this internship can guide my career. In general, the two-month internship has benefited me a lot. I have become friends with the company's regular employees and the classmates who came to the internship together. Although we are about to leave here, our two-month relationship will leave us with good memories; The influence of corporate culture, the coordination of teamwork and personal growth, etc. have benefited me a lot. The most far-reaching influence on me is culture. During this period, I have been thinking about a question, where is the competitive advantage of a person, an enterprise, or even a country? The concept of development, a true portrayal of the development process of a grassroots brokerage, to find the answer.

This internship also made me feel that the things that cannot be learned in school need to be learned more carefully. These are the real knowledge that we will use in society in the future. The direction of my efforts gave me the opportunity to think more deeply about my future life and career plans, and gave me the motivation to realize them. I would like to thank GF Securities for this internship opportunity. I also hope that GF Securities can have an increasingly strong influence in the domestic securities market, contribute to the construction of a harmonious and stable securities market, and contribute to the development of the national economy.

Sample essay about securities company entry 3

The year xxxx has been far away from me. One year in my life is destined to be an extraordinary year. In May, I officially bid farewell to my student days and walked out of the university to practice in the company. In August, I officially came to Xingtai to participate in the business. For me, this year is an epoch-making year for the establishment of the Ministry of Education. It is a transformation from a student with the halo of a college student to a professional who must take up job responsibilities. In the process of this transformation, I I think I was unsuccessful. In the early stage, I didn’t really devote myself to the work in terms of concept or action. I experienced many changes in methods and thinking, and I was a little troubled and confused. But soon, in the leadership and colleagues With the help of our company, we quickly realized our own shortcomings and gaps. After a period of discomfort at the beginning, we have basically adapted to the current way of working, and have also found some ways to deal with work affairs. And he is constantly learning and accumulating in his work, so as to make a breakthrough in the brokerage business on the basis of completing his own work.

The year xxxx is the year of the construction of the sales department. In this year, although we have made sweat and efforts, our results are obvious. A brand new sales department has been shown in front of us, and the system construction has been Completed and successfully completed various tests, successfully passed the inspection of the CSRC and the head office, and the official approval of the business department will be announced in the next few days. As a part of the preparation, I see this process going step by step. , I am even more sincerely happy. Although there have been mistakes and setbacks in the process, the harvest is rich. A brand new sales department has stood in front of us. From its own perspective, it is a big leap forward step by step, doneAn important turning point in life.

What I have learned from this year is that I am serious, realistic, and not afraid of difficulties. When I first started working, I may have lack of experience, but some mistakes were caused by my own ignorance and carelessness. When I wanted to install a video conferencing system, I thought that there should be no problem with the installation according to the installation instructions. The TV was hung on the wall, but when the headquarters instructed us to install it, that was not the case at all. It was another installation method, so we had to re-install the TV and re-install the equipment. Although this matter is not big, it can be seen from it that I have always had a kind of inherent thinking that I take for granted. I can do whatever I think. In fact, it is not the case. We must be serious and realistic. If you know it, you know it. If you don’t know it, say you don’t know it. It is based on the facts. As a staff member of the Information Technology Department of the Sales Department, it is necessary to fully install the guidance documents of the headquarters to operate. Ask the original sales department, ask the head office until the problem is solved, and summarize the experience from it. The reason for asking now is not to ask later, and to familiarize yourself with the business in the near future.

I still have a problem, that is, there is a lack of external communication, which is also the reason for my personality, but I think I will try my best to overcome this problem. Just like the problem I encountered when I contacted the satellite bracket last time, due to the lack of external communication, the installation of the satellite bracket took nearly a month. Although there was no delay in the installation of the satellite, it was delayed for so long. Insufficient in this aspect, we will step up the study in this aspect in the future. Maybe the improvement in this aspect will be slow, but I will make my efforts in this aspect.

The sales department is about to go formal. According to its own characteristics, I think I should start from the following three aspects to formulate my next anniversary plan. I should start learning from my own job. As the head of the computer department of the sales department, I will ensure the network security of the sales department. Any mistakes during business hours are my primary responsibility. Through the system construction some time ago, I have The basic structure of the system is also understood and mastered, but I have reason to believe that this will have a certain amount of moisture. What I lack is the experience that needs to be accumulated for a long time. In this regard, I will carefully study the previous accident documents, try to summarize from the experience of others, and avoid some mistakes that others have made. I should start with:

1. Carefully read the "System Configuration Document" and the "Securities Branch System Construction Log" established by yourself, and have a deeper understanding and mastery of the system. When an accident occurs, you can quickly determine the cause of the accident. root, so as not to affect the transaction.

2. Download the accident file from the mailbox, and learn from the accident handling experience of other business departments to make up for the lack of experience in our newly established business department. We must not commit the accident that others have committed, and deal with similar accidents as soon as possible.

3. The sales department is gradually on the right track, and some rules and regulations about the information system must be implemented. Try to come up with a complete set of business and office computer safety use rules for everyone to abide by before opening.

As a practitioner in the securities industry, it is necessary to master the basic securities knowledge, so that when a customer calls for information, he can help the customer to solve the problem as soon as possible and improve the company's image. The use of the company's online trading software and mobile stock trading software, as the intersection of computer and financial disciplines, is my responsibility to familiarize myself with these two businesses as soon as possible, and help other colleagues and customers to understand and master their use methods as soon as possible, thereby improving performance and work efficiency. . I should start with:

1. Learn the basic knowledge of the financial industry from multiple channels, and browse the securities industry knowledge from websites and newspapers.

2. Familiarize yourself with the use of the online trading software Neptune and Gemini and the use of the mobile phone stock trading software Caishentong as soon as possible, check the training documents of the headquarters, and familiarize yourself with this part of the business as soon as possible.

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