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Xiongan Knows Early (February 6, 2021) _ New District

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Original title: Xiongan Knows Early (February 6, 2021)

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Today is February 6, 2021, Saturday, the weather is fine, -5℃~13℃. On the cover, I meet you with the scenery of


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Xiongan News

1. A few days ago, a member of the Party Working Committee ( expanded) meeting. The meeting pointed out that all departments at all levels in the new district should closely focus on grasping the new development stage, implementing new development concepts, building a new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, and improving the strategic, forward-looking and pertinent reforms, so as to better connect the reforms with development institutions. To meet the needs, expectations of the grassroots, and the aspirations of the people, vigorously promote the implementation of the "five-year plan, three-year goals, and two-year tasks".


XionganNew District Construction and Development Work Conference in 2021 emphasized that it is necessary to accelerate the formation of a new image, take the project as the starting point to promote urban construction, comprehensively open the urban framework, optimize Connect important nodes, rectify and improve the urban and rural environment, promote the creation of a civilized city, and present a city image with strong development momentum, high-quality and efficient services, civilized, harmonious and orderly, and full of vitality.

3. Under the leadership of the

Ministry of Water Resources, the Yellow River Water Resources Commission, the Haihe Water Resources Commission, the

Hebei Provincial Department of Water Resources, the Shandong Provincial Department of Water Resources and Henan Province The Department of Water Resources jointly signed the "Water Supply Agreement for Introducing Yellow River to Hebei Province" to support the construction of Xiongan New Area and focus on solving the problem of groundwater overexploitation in North China.

4. The Department of Science, Technology and Finance of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently sent a letter of thanks to the Management Committee of Xiong'an New Area, expressing full affirmation of the demonstration implementation and transformation and application of the results of the Baiyangdian Project of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" Water Special Project. Anxin District provides important support for the implementation of the water project.

5. Xiong'an New District's supply chain financial information service platform - Xiongxin platform has been officially launched and successfully issued a digital credit certificate, paying a project fee to the participating enterprises in Xiong'an.

6. Beijing will strengthen policy guidance, support some institutions, enterprises and institutions in Beijing to relocate to Xiong'an New Area and other places, and promote remediation projects in a stable and orderly manner in areas such as education and medical care.

7. In 2021, the Baiyangdian project team of the Water Special Project will accelerate the promotion of four demonstration projects including the Rongdong Sewage Treatment Plant Demonstration Project in Xiong'an New District, the Comprehensive Treatment Demonstration Project in Dianzhong Village, and the Reed Resource Demonstration Project to help the new area open up Drainage channel, gradually restore the hydrodynamic force of Dian District, realize the connection of regional waters and restore the ecological style of "Kidney of North China".

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8. From now until February 21, Xiong'an New District will launch an online exhibition of calligraphy and painting works on the theme of "accompanying civilization and health". Calligraphy and painting enthusiasts in the new district can contact Contributions should be submitted by the Culture and Art Section of the local publicity department or the Culture and Art Team of the New District Publicity and Information Bureau (

Rongcheng CountyRoom 302, Aowei Building).

Follow Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

1. Beijing All-in-One Card currently supports public transportation in 303 prefecture-level cities and 505 county-level cities across the country The use of swiping cards saves the need for card opening, recharge and other procedures, and at the same time, it is more convenient for citizens to travel green.

2. Combined with the epidemic prevention and control work in Tianjin, Tianjin West Railway Station will be closed from February 11 to February 16 (the 30th to the fifth day of the lunar new year). Prior to this, Tianjin Tongsha Passenger Station had issued a Spring Festival holiday notice.

3. A few days ago, the Baoding Public Security Traffic Police and the Insurance Company of Hebei Province jointly launched the WeChat applet "One-stop Traffic Accident Quick Response Platform". The platform can directly complete the accident determination and deliver the accident determination or agreement online.

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1. According to the news released by the Ministry of National Defense, on the 4th, ChinaA land-based mid-course anti-missile interception technology test was carried out in the territory, and the test achieved the expected purpose. This test is defensive and not directed against any country.

2. The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the merger of the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the

small and medium-sized board. The merger of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's main board and SME board is an important measure to comprehensively deepen the reform of the capital market.

3. The Ministry of Education has made it clear that homework in elementary school is not out of school, homework in class is done on campus, homework in junior high school is not beyond the outline, homework in high school is not out of bounds, and the sleep time of primary and secondary school students will also be included in the monitoring and assessment .

4. Guizhou has promulgated measures that the government will fully compensate for the medical treatment expenses if the wild animals cause personal injury.

Hey Tao Xiong'an

Today, we share with you the public telecommunications of the "Detailed Control Plan for Rongxi Area of ​​Xiong'an New District, Hebei".

The communication convergence computer room provides services such as communication network and data convergence, storage, processing, computing, and switching, and also serves as a regional comprehensive access computer room; the comprehensive access computer room provides intra-regional communication network, data integration, etc. Access, storage, processing, computing and other services. The convergence computer room and the access computer room are constructed by means of attached construction. The optical cable junction box covers all areas in the area, and the optical cable junction box is planned to be beautified and hidden along both sides of the road.

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