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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaboration and Xiong'an New Area Construction Comprehensive Information Bulletin (0207) _ Cell

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Original title: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaboration and Xiongan New Area Construction Comprehensive Information Bulletin (0207)

Xiongan Quick Facts

1. A few days ago, the Xiongan New Area held a meeting of the members of the Party Working Committee (expanded). The meeting pointed out that all departments at all levels in the new district should closely focus on grasping the new development stage, implementing new development concepts, building a new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, and improving the strategic, forward-looking and pertinent reforms, so as to better connect the reforms with development institutions. To meet the needs, expectations of the grassroots, and the aspirations of the people, vigorously promote the implementation of the "five-year plan, three-year goals, and two-year tasks".

2. The 2021 construction and development work conference of Xiong'an New District emphasized that it is necessary to speed up the formation of a new image, and take the project as the starting point to coordinate the promotion of urban construction, Fully open the urban framework, optimize the connection of important nodes, rectify and improve the urban and rural environment, promote the creation of a civilized city, and present a city image with strong development momentum, high-quality and efficient services, civilized, harmonious and orderly, and full of vitality.

3. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Water Resources, the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission, the Haihe Water Conservancy Commission, the Hebei Provincial Water Resources Department, the Shandong Provincial Water Resources Department and the Henan Provincial Water Resources Department jointly signed the "Water Supply Agreement" to support the construction of Xiong'an New Area and focus on solving Groundwater overexploitation in North China.

4. The Science, Technology and Finance Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently sent a letter of thanks to the Xiong'an New Area Management Committee, expressing support for the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" water project The demonstration implementation and transformation application of the Baiyangdian project were fully affirmed, and the Xiong'an New Area was said to have provided important support for the implementation of the water project.

5. Xiongan New Area Supply Chain Finance The information service platform - Xiongxin platform has been officially launched and successfully issued a digital credit certificate, and paid a project fee to the participating enterprises in Xiong'an.

1. 303 cities above the prefecture level and 505 county-level cities across the country can use the card in the public transportation field, which saves the need for card issuance, recharge and other procedures, while making it more convenient for citizens to travel in a green way.

2. Combined with the Tianjin epidemic prevention and control work, Tianjin West Railway Station will be closed from February 11 to February On the 16th (the 30th to the fifth day of the lunar new year), the operation will be suspended. Prior to this, Tianjin Tongsha Passenger Station had issued a Spring Festival holiday notice.

3. Recently, Baoding Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province The Traffic Police and the Insurance Company have launched a WeChat mini-program called "One-stop Traffic Accident Quick Response Platform". As long as the conditions of "no one is injured and the car can be driven" are met, the platform can directly complete the determination of responsibility for the accident, deliver the accident determination letter online or agreement.

1. On the evening of the 4th, my country successfully launched the communication technology test satellite No. 6, which is mainly used for satellite communication, radio and television, data transmission and other services. At a distance of about 2.2 million kilometers from Mars, Tianwen-1 obtained the first image of Mars.

At 20:00 on February 5th, the engine ignition of Tianwen No. 1 detector went smoothly. Completed the fourth orbital midway correction of the ground fire transfer segment to ensure Mars capture was carried out as planned.

2. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Accelerate the implementation of the policy of stabilizing jobs and job retention and the implementation of services, and think of ways to "solve worries".

3. WHO experts visited Wuhan Institute of Virology, China, met with Shi Zhengli and other experts and exchanged opinions. WHO expert: Doubts that the new coronavirus leaked from Wuhan laboratory are "groundless". China's authoritative epidemiologists Zeng Guang, Lu Hongzhou, Wang Guangfa and others called on the WHO to conduct research on the origin of the new coronavirus in many countries. The global number of new crown vaccine doses has exceeded the number of confirmed cases. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Global food prices have risen for eight consecutive months. The UN secretary-general has called on Israel to stop settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory and restart peace talks.

4. The China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Regulations on the Registration System of Insiders of Listed Companies' Inside Information". The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced on the 5th that it approved the merger of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's main board and SME board. China Securities Regulatory Commission: The phenomenon of organized market manipulation is prominent; the systemic and large-scale characteristics of financial fraud are obvious. The China Securities Regulatory Commission responded to Deloitte's exposure to violations: received reports and carried out inspections.

1. Lecithin is the building block of cells Important components are the main components of various lipoproteins and the basic structure of various biological membranes (such as cytoplasmic membrane, nuclear membrane, mitochondrial membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, etc.). Because phospholipids (lecithin) have both polar and non-polar properties, they can help nutrients and metabolic wastes smoothly pass through the cell membrane and promote the exchange of substances inside and outside the cell. The lack of phospholipids (lecithin) can cause damage to the cell membrane structure, increase the fragility and permeability of capillaries, and increase the permeability of skin cells to water, causing water metabolism disorders and skin rashes.

2. Choose healthy snacks. The daily office can store some healthy snacks to fight hunger. Recommended snacks include fresh fruits and vegetables, low-salt nuts, milk, yogurt, freeze-dried fruit, energy meal replacement bars, etc.

3. Whole wheat flour refers to flour milled from wheat grains without the bran removed, which is darker in color and rougher in texture than refined flour , but because it retains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber in bran, its nutritional value is higher.

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