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This is the future of Xiongan!

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The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have provided guidance on supporting the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening-up in Xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province.

The opinion pointed out that the Xiong'an New Area should be built into a concentrated bearing place for non-capital functions of Beijing, an important pole of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration, a high-quality and high-level socialist modern city, and play a leading role in comprehensively deepening reforms. Demonstration lead.

△The blue of the future on the land of Gyeonggi is the Xiongan New Area, with a planned area 1770 square kilometers. (The picture is from "Hebei Xiong'an New Area Planning Outline")

The opinions have made specific arrangements for the overall requirements, key tasks and safeguard measures to support Hebei Xiong'an New Area to comprehensively deepen reform and expand opening up.

Innovation of Xiongan

Deeply promote the reform of state-owned enterprises and institutions in Xiongan New Area

Support the transfer of the headquarters and branches of state-owned enterprises in Beijing to the Xiongan New Area, promote the optimization of the layout, structural adjustment, and strategic reorganization of the state-owned economy in the process of decompression, promote the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets, and promote state-owned capital to become stronger, better and bigger.

Strengthen innovation capacity building and transformation of scientific and technological achievements

Guide existing scientific research institutions and innovation platforms in Beijing to move to Xiongan New Area in an orderly manner, and newly established national laboratories and national technology innovation centers and other national-level scientific and technological innovation platforms will be prioritized in the Xiong'an New Area, and support the construction of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in the Xiong'an New Area.

Construct a modern property rights protection system

Establish and improve a property rights protection system that equally protects various market players, and give full play to the incentive effect of property rights.

Implement the development strategy of military-civilian integration

Coordinate the construction of major scientific research bases and infrastructure for military-civilian integration, establish a collaborative innovation mechanism for major R&D tasks of military-civilian integration, and ease market access in the field of national defense science and technology.

Wisdom Xiongan

Explore Smart City

Apply new technologies to innovate urban management models, build smart, efficient, and livable new cities, and realize networked, digital, and intelligent urban management. Carry out comprehensive experiments on big data applications, and promote the construction of cross-departmental, cross-level, and cross-business big data centers to realize data information sharing and in-depth application. Support Xiong'an New Area to further promote the construction of "urban brain" on the basis of building the world's advanced urban information infrastructure, explore the establishment of an integrated smart city management model based on comprehensive perception, data research, judgment, decision-making and governance, and provide refined services for traffic, safety, sanitation, etc. Management provides instantaneous response and efficient linkage solutions.

△ A small unmanned intelligent bus is driving in the Xiong'an Citizen Service Center.

People's Livelihood Xiongan

Building a New Housing Supply System

Insist on the positioning that houses are for living, not for speculation , implement the requirements of work-housing balance, and promote the residents of Xiongan New Area to live and live. A housing system featuring multi-subject supply, multi-channel guarantee, and simultaneous renting and purchasing shall be established in response to multi-level housing needs. Large-scale development of commercial real estate is strictly prohibited, surrounding housing prices are strictly controlled, and speculation in land and real estate speculation is strictly prevented.

Promote the construction of a modern education system

Support Xiongan New Area to introduce high-quality educational resources from Beijing, Tianjin and domestic and foreign, guide and support colleges and universities in Beijing and innovative secondary vocational schools through the overall relocation , branch schools, joint schools and other means to ease the transfer to the Xiongan New Area, and support the "double first-class" construction of colleges and universities to run schools in the Xiongan New Area.

Innovate the medical and health system and system

Support the relocation and transfer of hospitals in Beijing to Xiongan New Area through various methods such as overall relocation, setting up branches, and jointly running hospitals, and allowing hospitals in Beijing to operate in Xiongan. The new district established a legal entity. It is allowed to set up wholly foreign-owned medical consulting institutions to support foreign doctors to practice medicine in Xiongan New Area. promote health careThe application of big data realizes the health management of the whole population and the whole life cycle.

Talent Xiong'an

Build Flexible and efficient employment system

Select outstanding talents from all over the country to work in the Xiongan New Area, and build a cadre talent management system that meets the positioning and development needs of the Xiongan New Area.

Establish an incentive mechanism for scientific and technological talents

Give scientific research institutions and universities in Xiongan New Area greater autonomy in income distribution, and establish a salary distribution system oriented to increase the value of knowledge. Explore the implementation of a negative list system in terms of scientific research funding and management of scientific and technological achievements.

Optimize the introduction of overseas talents and service management

Establish a service mechanism to attract overseas talents to return to China for innovation and entrepreneurship, and explore the implementation of a more open management system for the introduction of overseas talents and entry and exit.

△Xiongan New Area Government Service Center

Green Xiong'an

vigorously implement the rural revitalization strategy

to organically combine the construction of beautiful villages with the development of characteristic small towns, realize differentiated and characteristic development, and create a model of beautiful villages.

Innovate the ecological protection and restoration management system

Establish a long-term mechanism for the coordinated management of the ecological environment in the Xiongan New Area and surrounding areas, promote the coordinated protection and overall ecological restoration of Baiyangdian and upstream and downstream, and support the transformation of Xiong'an The new area is included in the national pilot project of ecological protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, and supports the pilot projects of new large-scale forest farms in the upper reaches of Baiyangdian Lake.

Improve the market-oriented ecological protection mechanism

Construct a market-oriented green technology innovation system, establish a resource and environmental price mechanism and a diversified ecological compensation system that conform to the functional orientation and actual development of the Xiongan New Area Compensation mechanism for ecological relocation in Hedian District. Actively innovate green financial products and services, and support the establishment of the Xiongan Green Financial Products Trading Center.

Opening Xiongan

Introducing wisdom and technology at the same time

Support the introduction of various domestic and international capitals to participate in the construction of Xiongan New Area, Fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Support the establishment of wholly foreign-owned or Sino-foreign joint venture financial institutions in the Xiongan New Area, and relax or cancel the shareholding ratio restrictions as soon as possible if conditions are met.

Establish a new mechanism for expanding opening up

Implement the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management model, and establish an institutional system that connects with the general rules of international investment and trade. Benchmarking the international advanced level to build a "single window" for international trade, promote the construction of "smart customs" in Xiongan New Area, and explore the establishment of special customs supervision areas.

Xiongan New Area Construction Timetable

By 2022: The institutional system that adapts to the positioning of the Xiongan New Area and the requirements for high-quality development, enables the market to play a decisive role in resource allocation and better plays the role of the government will be basically established, the reform of key areas and key links will achieve obvious results, and the quality will be relaxed. The development environment and active and efficient innovation atmosphere have basically been formed, and the attraction to Beijing's non-capital functions and population has been significantly enhanced, and the role of reform and opening up as the fundamental driving force for the development of Xiongan New Area has been revealed.

By 2035:

Xiongan New Area will fully implement various measures to deepen reform and expand opening up, build a complete, scientific and standardized system with effective operation, ease the The non-capital functions of the new area have been further optimized and developed, and the "Xiongan Quality" standard system has been basically mature and gradually promoted, and its leading and leading role in promoting high-quality development has been further highlighted.

By the middle of this century:

The socialist market economic system of Xiong'an New Area will be more perfect, the governance system and governance capacity will be modernized, and the quality, efficiency, and power changes of economic development will basically change. Completed, the society is full of vitality, harmonious and orderly, and the experience and achievements of reform and opening up have been widely promoted across the country, forming a strong international influence.

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