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Meetings and high-level talks between Tajikistan and Russia

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Tajikistan’s Presidential Press Service announced yesterday that the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and state leader Emomali Rahmon attended Tajikistan and Russia at the Kremlin during his visit to the Russian Federation Delegations meet and high-level talks.
President Putin of the Russian Federation met with President Rahmon of Tajikistan and had an in-depth exchange. The meeting of the two heads of state first discussed the current issues and future prospects of the cooperative relationship between Tajikistan and Russia, and then the delegations of the two countries attended the meeting for a formal meeting.
President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation welcomed the visit of President Rahmon of Tajikistan and expressed his belief that the results of the visit will provide new impetus to strengthen and expand the strategic partnership between the two countries. President Rahmon of Tajikistan expressed his gratitude to the Russian president and government for the invitation. The two heads of state emphasized that they will continue to focus on further strengthening and expanding the development of comprehensive cooperation between Tajikistan and Russia.

The formal meeting discussed a series of hotspots in the strategic, international and regional relations between Russia and Tajikistan Regarding the main issues, the two sides expressed satisfaction with the steady development of cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan in the political, humanitarian, military, military-technical fields and other fields of bilateral relations. Delegates at the meeting emphasized that strengthening high-level political negotiations between the two countries, enriching cooperation experience, enhancing mutual trust and understanding, as well as a good foundation for legal exchange, will help expand the deep cooperation between the two countries.
Currently, the Russian Federation remains Tajikistan's important trade and economic partner, with trade between the two countries exceeding $1 billion last year. Attracting Russian investment into Tajikistan's economy also exceeded this indicator.
The agricultural sector is positioned as a promising industrial cooperation area between the two countries. During the meeting, the issue of increasing the import of agricultural products from Tajikistan to Russia was particularly emphasized. In this thematic exchange, the feasibility of industrial package solutions such as establishing a wholesale distribution center in Tajikistan and coordinating agricultural product certification from Tajikistan to the Russian market based on Russian food processing technology was clarified.
During the meeting, the two sides expressed that they should develop and expand bilateral regional cooperation in the fields of energy, investment, food, textile, heavy industry and mining, continue to cooperate in the exploration and development of Tajikistan's oil and natural gas areas, and establish joint production enterprises and agricultural products exit. Strengthen the multi-regional cooperation and development between Russia and Tajikistan, and increase the connection between the transportation, logistics and tourism industries in Russia. At present, Tajikistan has established cooperative and mutually beneficial relations with 80 regions of the Russian Federation.
During the meeting, it was emphasized that holding a business forum during the business community and inter-regional cooperation meeting of the two countries will help to promote the expansion of trade and economic relations. The exchange of opinions on resolving labor immigration issues included labor immigration solutions, measures and implementation, political amnesty for citizens of Tajikistan at the policy level, measures to improve the living conditions of immigrants, extend immigration registration and immigration patents, etc. One of the positive measures to improve the situation of labor migration.
During the exchange of views on security issues, it was emphasized that the two sides should pay attention to ensuring regional cooperation and security, jointly fight against terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking and organized transnational crimes, give priority to the issue of the border with Afghanistan, and Russia and Tajikistan Military and military-technical cooperation.
At the meeting, the two sides also exchanged topics related to the cooperation process in the fields of culture and humanitarianism, science and education, such as: dispatching Russian teachers to educational institutions in Tajikistan, supporting policies for Tajik youth to study in Russian universities, and implementing policies in Tajikistan The establishment of Russian school programs, etc.
At the end of the talks, the President of Tajikistan invited President Putin to visit Tajikistan at any time.
Regarding the meeting between the Russian and Tajik delegations and the high-level talks, Saidov Hikmatullo, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Asian Stock Exchange of Tajikistan (ASE), said that Russia and Tajikistan may also consider launching a regional financial securities financing policy system at the same time. , Pre-systematic construction of laws and regulations, which will help to take the lead in the formation of regional and international financial securities associationsThe system has strengthened the anti-risk development ability of financial and securities institutions in the region.

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