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Is the stock group teacher recommending the top secret mission investment of the Chinese soldier king?

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In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and the adjustment of the national circular economy, the domestic film market has indeed become increasingly popular, and the box office has continued to grow, but the market for film investment is well known. Little, we only know that Wu Jing sold his house to shoot "Wolf Warrior 2", but we don't know that the general public can also participate in film investment. In the past few days, many friends have come to me for consultation Top Secret Mission of the Chinese Soldier King 》This film investment, in fact, summed up, everyone basically wants to know the following questions:

I want to confirm the movie " Top Secret Mission of Chinese Soldier King "Whether the investment is real or not, the Film Bureau will not check the record .

I want to know whether the channels I contact are formal investment channels and whether What are the investment channels of

I would like to know the producer and Co-producer, and which producer has signed a formal contract.

Let me help analyze this Top Secret Mission of Chinese Soldier King"How about the movie, can you make money with investment

I want to know how the current movie market is and whether I can invest in it

So today I will give you a simple answer. For specific information, you can add me to WeChat to communicate. (The QR code is below)

Title: " Chinese Soldier King *Top Secret Mission"

Genre: War, Crime

Director: Zhong Shaoxiong

Actors: Lu Jingshan, Shawn Yue, Jiang Luxia, Li Yuan, Qu Jingjing

Release time: 2020 span>

Number of people who want to see Maoyan: 45 people

Main producer: HeiseiFilm Industry, Beijing Youying Film, Film, Film and Television Culture Media ( Note: The main producers of big films generally do not transfer their shares to the outside world. To know the producer who can transfer the shares, you can consult the manager of the party.)

Introduction : Plot synopsis: The film tells the story of twelve young and beautiful female special forces who are performing top-secret actual combat In the mission, fight wits and courage with strong enemies, and finally eliminate the opponents and complete the thrilling story of the mission. It shows the combat power of Chinese female soldiers in the new era and the spiritual outlook of Chinese women. Wang Wei, the chief screenwriter of a special operations unit of the army, went into the army to interview the female special operations team members who were fighting on the front line, and was deeply moved by their silent dedication and heroic sacrifice.

Project Advantages:

1, Cast: Shawn Yue, Lu Jing Shan, currently a second-tier actor in the movie market, has a certain fan base, which is a good guarantee for the basic box office of the movie!

Project Disadvantage:

1, the movie cost 400 million, estimated It requires 1.2 billion box office returns. For the current movies of the same type and the actors starring, this box office is difficult to achieve, and the project risk is relatively high.

2. The strength of the producer. There are two main producers of this movie, but at present, the two main producers have less than 5 movies, and only one of them is produced. They have had 1 movie, and none of the films they produced have been released, so they have little influence in the theater, so there is almost no advantage for the film to talk to the theater about the number of theatrical schedules, which is directly related to the box office. In addition, judging from the current number of people who want to see Maoyan, this producer does not seem to have the ability to announce and distribute the film, no one knows about the film, and there is no guarantee for the box office.

3. Production team: director, screenwriter, producer. At present, the influence in the market is very small, and the quality of the film cannot be guaranteed.

Suggestion: For investors who are trying for the first time, choose a fixed-file film investment, which ensures that the film's public release license has been obtained, the investment cycle is short, and the risk Small. In addition, you need to choose movies produced and invested by big film companies. The cast has a strong lineup. Don’t choose movies starring some outdated stars. Pay attention to analyzing the hobbies of the current moviegoing group. Consider it comprehensively. If you don’t understand, you can consult me. Exchange a lot.

How to invest in film and television correctly and avoid detours.

Formal channels are the foundation : Investing in theatrical films is to get the box office after the film is released, and the dividends will be distributed according to the proportion of the box office in the later stage. You must invest through formal channels. , For example, some friends are introduced by online friends or guided by teachers in the group, and there are also some investors who invest online through mobile APPs, and there is no guarantee.

must have a record : The film has a record in the State Film Administration (formerly known as the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television). Each film needs to be reviewed and approved by the State Film Administration, and then the record will be issued to issue a film shooting license.

project book : The project book is not required, but it can help us to understand the intuitive information about the movie in detail. The subject matter, cast, story outline, etc.

paper contract span> : No matter what movie you invest in, you must sign a paper contract with a production company or a joint production company with a contract seal. Someone asked if it is OK to sign an electronic contract. The answer is definitely no, the electronic contract is Without legal effect;

Corporate Account span> : The investment funds must be paid to the public account, because the public account is supervised by the relevant departments, and the security of funds is guaranteed, and the private account must not be used;

Dedicated service : Investing in movies is not easy The main thing is that investment is all the time. We need professional staff to serve you all the time. When the movie is released, when the accounts are divided, etc., we must be able to clearly connect with professional people.

How to easily judge the quality of a movie? Is it worth our investment?

Subject: We must choose the theme movies with the best box office performance in the current movie market (currently there are three main categories, more content is not described, friends who want to learn more can add it), because different themes correspond to The audience of moviegoers is different. At present, the mainstream consumer groups in the movie market are the post-90s and post-00s. Their hobbies are the market trends and cannot be determined according to the personal preferences of our investors.

Cast: Actors are an important factor in a movie. For the audience, the first thing to look at is who the actors are. What we need to see is whether the actor is in line with the film we are examining. It is easy for a comedian actor to play a majestic role; the second is the actor's own popularity and box office appeal, which is a factor that cannot be ignored. Therefore, in the choice of starring, we must choose movies starring actors with a strong fan base.

Producer : The strength of the producer of a movie can greatly affect the box office of the movie. The strength of the producer is not only sufficient funds, but also can access more high-quality resources in the film and television market . You can check it yourself on Maoyan. The films with a box office of more than 500 million basically have the participation of large commercial film and television investment companies. These film and television companies make profits by investing in films, so the participation of powerful production companies can show that this film The film is generally optimistic, and it has the value of being invested by our individual investors. At present, relatively strong producers, such as Enlight Pictures, China Film, Shanghai Taopiao Piao, Maoyan Weiying, Beijing Jingxi, Bona Pictures, Alibaba Pictures, Tencent Pictures and so on.

cost : The cost of a movie is a direct factor that directly affects the profit. You can compare the box office range of movies of the same type in the past two years, and see if there is room for profit based on the cost. and profit margins. If your funds are not large, but you want to directly reduce costs, you can contact me to help you directly connect with the producer, saving you unnecessary costs.

into film span> : Generally, the films we choose are mainly finished films. It is best to choose films that have already been set. In this way, our investment cycle is short, and we can return funds faster and see more We can follow up on suitable projects. Generally, it takes about two years for a movie to start filing, and then go through shooting, editing, special effects, and the second submission for review. If it is invested at the beginning of shooting, other risks are prone to occur later. Generally, if you are a beginner and have insufficient funds, It is recommended to choose a film.

Friends who do not understand or want to know more about how to operate can add me on WeChat and communicate , You just need it, and I'm just professional.

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