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October 20, 2021 ✔️ CITIC Securities test analysis and vi question types

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This written test is Beisen's line test

The line test has 30 questions

< p data-pid="H7P _ TEU6">Online assessment-vi interview-professional written test-interview (3 rounds)

The difficulty is not high, you cannot take the naked test

Swipe the line test, you can take the test directly

vi part

< p data-pid="Hbd9VeAE">CITIC Securities VI Interview

2 Chinese+English questions. Preparation practice 30$. Answer recording time 60s.

Online interviews can be completed within 10 hours after the written test is submitted. The form is a WeChat applet recording video. 30S preparation. Imlns recording, after a self-introduction test day, there are two official test days. Tao, two Chinese and one English. It can be recorded multiple times but can only be uploaded once. The total recording time is limited. It is recommended to be as soon as possible.

1. One of the most urgently needed development This skill. Explain the reasons.

2. Views on the progress and opening up of China's financial industry

3. Facing pressure or Refer to what you will do when you are

4. What changes will artificial intelligence have on human society/securities companies

5. What kind of company is CITIC, and what are its characteristics

6. When the work cannot be done. What will you do? 7Which is more important in the financial industry, hard power or soft power

8. The most difficult thing in an internship

9. Why are you interested in the financial industry 10. Thesis and writing process of graduation thesis

11. Opportunities and challenges of bank wealth management companies to securities firms

12 .—Five-year career plan for the first time you cooperate and live with others

13. Why choose CITIC Securities

14. Why does CITIC hire you/the role of your major in career development

15. In recent years, financial supervision has become more stringent Views

16. The most successful or unsuccessful public speaking experience

17 student leaders' experiences and achievements

18. The characteristics of CITIC Securities employees and securities practitioners

19. How does your personality affect work and life

20. Do you prefer teamwork or solo action.

21. What would you do if the atmosphere was tense

22. How about not being able to finish work on time

< p data-pid="rUeE04z8">23. How to watch the decline in the enrollment of finance majors in colleges and universities 24. If you complete a goal in the case of incomplete information

25 A recent public figure concerned. Tell us what you think about him

26. What extra work has been planned and why you should undertake this work, the main 5R

27. Opportunities and challenges brought by the Belt and Road Initiative to securities companies

(2) Summary of English interview questions:

1. Describe a time when your pannion motivated you to nchieve the result. How do you handle multi-tank, give an example?

2 .Are you a quick learner, give an example.

3.Deserlbe caureer objective and how to achieve

4. What cn you bring our company Ikoe do you think about your future profession

5.What provides you with a sense of nchlevement

B.What do you think of your lant mpervinor. How do yoni manage a team What dnes dric d

7.How do you define success, give one or two examples

8>Are you competent to use English as working language

9.What iu the most vuluable feed buck you get in the pust yuarslO.An obstacle in your Internship

ll.How to deni with dinagreement between employee and manager

ll.How to deni with dinagreement between employee and manager


12Are you able to show lendership Hoe do you get support from others .Working in n

tean or working alone, which do you preferl3.What's your most rewarding accomplishment 14.What attracts you to u career In this positionIS.Have you had negative things

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