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Zheng Shuang's "new melon" may make Beijing culture worse

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On January 18, the gossip news of actor Zheng Shuang broke out on the Internet, attracting many melon eaters. It is worth noting that Beijing Culture (000802), which is currently in trouble, may also be damaged by this public opinion. "A Chinese Ghost Story", produced by Beijing Culture and starring Zheng Shuang, is facing a release date. It is difficult to predict whether this wave of public opinion will affect the show's revenue. The "Easy Claims" reporter of "Jinling Evening News" noticed that Beijing Culture was previously warned and was under investigation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission due to the violation of revenue confirmation of some projects in 2018. ghost".

On January 18, Zhang Heng, the ex-boyfriend of actor Zheng Shuang, suddenly broke the news on the Internet, involving heavy gossip such as "marriage", "divorce", "surrogacy" and "twins" with Zheng Shuang. This revelation attracts many people who eat melons, but also makes the troubled Beijing culture worse. "A Chinese Ghost Story", produced by Beijing Culture and starring Zheng Shuang, is facing a release date, and encountering this heavy gossip at this time is really unpredictable for the release of the show. In particular, "A Chinese Ghost Story" has previously been involved in the violation of the letter and disclosure of Beijing culture. On the evening of January 3, the Beijing Cultural Announcement was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. At the same time that the company was under investigation, Beijing Culture also received a warning letter from the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, which pointed out the following violations: 1. The company's revenue from some projects in 2018 did not meet the recognition conditions stipulated in "Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises No. 14 - Revenue", resulting in your company's overstated operating income of about 460 million yuan and overstated net profit of about 191 million yuan in 2018. Based on this violation alone, anyone who held Beijing Culture at the close of business on April 28, 2020 and sold or still held it after April 29, 2020, or held Beijing Culture at the close of business on January 3, 2021 Investors can protect their rights through legal channels. Investors who meet the above conditions can participate in the claim. 2. Due to the failure of the company to effectively integrate the acquired subsidiaries, and the lack of key control links such as project management and control of subsidiaries, management and supervision of prepaid funds, there are defects in the internal control design. In addition, the budget adjustment and contract signing of some projects of the company's subsidiaries have not been approved by the parent company, which does not comply with the relevant regulations of the company's "Contract Approval Process and Management System", and there are defects in the implementation of internal control. The company has major problems in the management of subsidiaries, the management and control of prepayments and investment funds, and project management, which do not comply with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 94 of the "Governance Guidelines for Listed Companies".

It should be pointed out that the revenue recognized by violation mentioned in the warning letter of the Securities Regulatory Bureau includes "A Chinese Ghost Story". In 2018, Beijing Century Partner Culture Media Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Culture, transferred its 60% share of the rights to the play and transferred it to Yagete International at a price of 380 million yuan (tax included), and confirmed the income accordingly. . The agreed payment time was paid in three installments, but Yagot's third balance of 267 million yuan was overdue. In April 2020, Yagot legal person confirmed that relevant rights and obligations have not been handed over to Yagot, and are still actually implemented by Century Partners. The rights and interests of "A Chinese Ghost Story" are not substantially transferred to Jagot. On April 26, 2020, Century Partners and Yaget cancelled the transfer agreement for "A Chinese Ghost Story", and Century Partners withdrew Yaget's 60% investment share in "A Chinese Ghost Story". At the end of April 2020, Lou Xiaoxi, the former vice chairman of Beijing Culture, posted a message on Sina Weibo, a partner of Century, to report Beijing Culture. The contents of the report include: Beijing Culture misappropriation of funds from listed companies to help subsidiaries that have not completed their performance, transmission of performance through TV dramas, and transmission of interests, among which "A Chinese Ghost Story" is mentioned. If the report is finally verified, investors who hold Beijing Culture at the close of business on April 28, 2020 can participate in the claim. On July 1, 2020, Beijing Culture updated its 2019 annual report, stating that there was indeed a phenomenon of non-compliance with the recognition of income accounting for the transfer of investment income rights in the production of dramas before, and the accounting errors have been corrected. However, Zhongxi Accounting Firm, which was responsible for the audit of Beijing Culture's 2018 annual report, publicly stated that there was no "failure to identify the aforementioned accounting errors in the company's 2018 audit work". Around this "A Chinese Ghost Story", different voices from all sides haveAfter mixing this matter into a pot of porridge, the latest outbreak of public opinion has brought new topical elements to "A Chinese Ghost Story".

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