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Zheng Shuang's 160 million sky-high salary follow-up: nearly 10 million shares of Beijing Culture will be auctioned

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Original title: Zheng Shuang's 160 million sky-high salary follow-up: nearly 10 million shares of Beijing Culture will be auctioned

The matter of Zheng Shuang's 160 million sky-high salary has not come to light.

The filmmaker of "A Chinese Ghost Story" (now renamed "Just Ask This Life to Love Cangming"), which is suspected of signing a Yin-Yang contract with Zheng Shuang, was once a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Culture (000802.SZ).

For Beijing culture, it is a wave of upheaval.

Red Star Capital Bureau noticed through the Ali judicial auction platform today that 9.667 million shares of Beijing Culture will be auctioned on May 17, and the starting price is expected to be 53.1683 million yuan.

Auction of nearly 10 million shares

With Reserve price, no transaction below the reserve price

According to the Ali judicial auction platform, a total of 9,667,000 shares of Beijing Culture were auctioned (unrestricted tradable shares), and the currently displayed starting price It is 53.1683 million yuan, which is calculated based on the closing price of 5.5 yuan per share on April 15.

This page introduces that this auction is an incremental auction with a reserve price, and no transaction will be made until the reserve price. Reserve price refers to the average closing price for the 20 trading days prior to the auction date.

Among them, the owner of these 9.967 million shares is China Huali Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huali Holdings"), which has been frozen by the court. It is worth mentioning that Huali Holdings was the controlling shareholder of Beijing Culture.

However, now Beijing Culture has neither controlling shareholder nor actual controller.

It is worth mentioning that the auction page indicates a "very important" risk warning: 1. Due to the high total value of the stock, the bidder should be cautious in bidding. Once the bid is successful, the regret of the auction will bear serious adverse consequences 2. Consult the securities management agency for policy formulation on relevant restrictions on stock transfer.

As of press time, there have been 1469 onlookers, 36 people have set reminders, but no one has signed up yet.

According to Beijing Culture's 2020 financial report, Huali Holdings holds 35.795 million shares, with a shareholding ratio of about 5%.

Breakthroughs are frequent but deep in the quagmire

Beijing Culture sells its subsidiary but can’t solve the problem

Although many hit movies such as "Wolf Warrior", "Wandering Earth", "I'm Not the God of Medicine", "Hello, Li Huanying" and so on have been selected, the situation of Beijing culture is really not good.

In 2016, Beijing Culture acquired Beijing Century Partner Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Century Partner") for 1.35 billion yuan. The company's main business is TV drama business.

The financial report shows that from 2018 to 2020, its revenue was 741 million yuan, 855 million yuan and 426 million yuan respectively, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 125 million yuan, -23.06 100 million and -767 million.

Among them, Beijing Culture suffered a huge loss of 2.3 billion yuan in 2019. At that time, Beijing Culture stated in its annual report that the main reason was the decline in the operating performance of Century Partners and another wholly-owned subsidiary, and the corresponding provisions for asset impairment and goodwill impairment were made.

It is worth mentioning that Century Partner is the producer of "A Chinese Ghost Story". According to Zheng Shuang's ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng, in 2019, Zheng Shuang earned 160 million yuan in the "A Chinese Ghost Story" project through yin and yang contracts and other means.

By April 28, 2020, Beijing Culture will transfer 100% equity of Century Partners for 48 million yuan.

Even after selling this hot potato, Beijing Culture is still in deep trouble. According to a previous report by the Red Star Capital Bureau, on January 4 this year, Beijing Culture was put on file for investigation. The warning letter from the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau shows that the "A Chinese Ghost Story" project involves illegal revenue recognition.

In the annual report, Zheng Shuang doubtsAfter the incident of gaining additional income through Yin-Yang contracts, etc., Beijing Culture suspended trading for one day on April 30, and issued an announcement announcing that it had been subject to "other risk warnings" and was about to wear a hat. From the resumption of trading on May 6, its stock abbreviation will be changed to "ST Beiwen".

Red Star News reporter Yang Peiwen

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