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List of suspended stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges (February 26)

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Securities Times Network () February 26th Securities Times stock market big data new media "Data Treasure" statistics, today, a total of 256 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks were suspended from trading , including 64 in Shanghai and 192 in Shenzhen. The details are shown in the table below. (Data treasure)

Today's Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchange Suspension List

Securities Code Securities Abbreviation Reasons for Suspension Latest Closing Price (RMB) 000681 Vision China Major Events 26.91002397Mengjie Home TextilesMajor Matters 6.85002665First flight energy savingMajor events 22.99300405 Cologne Jinghua major events 29.69002426Victory PrecisionTemporary suspension of trading 19.09002491 Tongding Internet major events 14.75300032Jinlong ElectromechanicalMajor matters 19.08002308VictronMajor Matters 16.49000889 Major Matters of Maoye Communications 9.78000020Shen Huafa ATemporary suspension of trading 26.35600860Jingcheng sharesImportant matters not announced 9.06600739Liaoning Chengda UniversityImportant matters not announced 17.86300106Western Animal HusbandryMajor Events 12.29000797Wuyi, ChinaMajor Events 14.36600745Zhongyin Shares plans to plan major asset restructuring 24.27002356 Hao Ningda major events 22.03300368Huijin sharesspan>Major Events 34.56002599Shengtong Shares Significant events 29.39600575 Important events of Wanjiang Logistics not announced Event 17.52000960Tin Industry Co., Ltd.Major event 11.20002102 Major event of Guanfu Co., Ltd. 12.55002263 Great Southeast Temporary Suspension 6.78002301 Qixin Group Major Matter 15.03000503Haihong HoldingsMajor Matter 22.86002358Senyuan ElectricMajor Events 13.37002288Chaohua TechnologyTemporary suspension of trading 8.87300425 Major events of Huaneng Technology 31.85603808 Important events of Ellas have not been announced 36.11001896Yuneng Holdingsmajor Item 9.76002080Sinoma TechnologyTemporary suspension of trading 19.92300468 Sifang Jingchuang major item 59.41002341Sinlun TechnologyMajor events 15.00603399 Xinhua Long plans to plan major asset restructuring 10.16300008Shanghai Jiahaomajor Matter 19.93300297Blue Shield Co., Ltd.Major matters 15.76600663 Important matters of Lujiazui have not been announced 38.61002076 Significant matters of Snowlight 11.95300292 Wutong Holdings Major event 33.26300428 Stone material major event 46.87300003Lepu MedicalMajor event 32.35000995*ST abnormal transaction Fluctuation 11.31002363LONGi MachineryMajor Events 12.91600291Xi Shui span> heavyImportant events not announced Matters not announced 15.80300392 Major events of Tengxin Co., Ltd. 31.90300340Keheng Co., Ltd. Significant events 24.35600319Yaxing ChemicalImportant matters not announced 7.55601700Fengfan Shares Plans to plan major asset reorganization 6.91600539*ST Lionhead important matters not announced 10.68002012Kane sharesMajor events 8.71000712Jinlong Co., Ltd.Major events 20.75002776Bobaolong major events 59.52300410Zhengye Major events in science and technology 37.06300498 Temporary suspension of Wen's shares 43.90000669Jinhong EnergyMajor events 15.29000571 _ sz000571">Xindazhou AMajor Events 5.71002762 Gold Rabbi Major Events 52.44002211HTC New Materials span>Major Matters 10.3300089 3Dongling Cereals and OilsMajor Events 12.58002071 Great Wall Film and Television Temporary Suspension 13.06002450 Kangde New Major Events 29.90300071Huayi JiaxinMajor Matters 9.00002031 Great Wheel Smart Matters 13.25002512Dahua Smart span>Major Matters 19.85000806 Temporary Suspension of Galactic Creatures 19.44002052Cozhou ElectronicsMajor Events 10.03002684Dynamic Lion TechnologyTemporary Suspension 23.96002427Yuf Sharesspan>Temporary suspension of trading 14.54600828Chengshang GroupImportant matters not announced 8.09300362 Tianxiang Environmental Matters 57.40000766Tonghua Golden HorseMajor matters 12.68600275 Important matters of Wuchang Fish have not been announced 7.19002326Yongtai TechnologyMajor matters 15.84300430 Chengyitong major matters 46.01002089 Xinhaiyi temporarily suspended trading 16.88002373 Qianfang Technology temporarily suspended trading 31.73002261Tuowei Information Major Matters 26.50300462 Huaming Smart Temporary Suspension 42.24002269Meibon ApparelTemporary suspension of trading 4.46600770Variety ArtsImportant matters have not been announced 16.56002312 Significant matters of Santai Holdings 22.90600233Dayang GenesisImportant matters not announced 25.13300335Dison sharesTemporary suspension 16.82000638Wanfang Development Temporary suspension 27.50002573 Fresh environment Temporary suspension 22.44002 569Busen sharesTemporary suspension of trading 43.64300153Cote Power span>Temporary suspension of trading 18.94300153Cotec Power Temporary suspension of trading 18.94002349Essence PharmaTemporary suspension 38.70300089The Great Wall of Culture Temporary suspension 39.53000718Suning GlobalTemporary suspension 13.19600452Fuling Electric PowerImportant matters not announced 32.89600740Shanxi CokingImportant not announced 6.49002465Higer CommunicationsTemporary Suspension 13.10002664Reliance MotorTemporary Suspension 31.77300366Creative InformationTemporary Suspension 77.70300116Jianrui Fire ProtectionTemporary suspension of trading 11.45603010 Important matters of Wansheng shares not announced 55.70600469Aeolus shares Other announcements (trading suspension) 17.19002011Duan An EnvironmentMajor Events 13.13002542Sinochem GeotechnicalMajor Events 13.59600389Jiangshan sharesImportant matters not announced 26.49300437 Qingshuiyuan temporarily suspended trading 105.77600122Hongtu Hi-Tech< span id="quote _ sh600122">Important matters not announced quote _ sz000034">Temporary suspension of trading 27.95000968 Significant matters of coal gasification 8.710 00038 Major events of Shenzhen Datong 56.90002612Langzi sharesTemporary suspension of trading 75.46601137 Boway AlloyImportant matters not announced 24.85300063Tianlong GroupTemporary suspension of trading 43.33002065Donghua SoftwareTemporary suspension of trading 25.10601717 Important matters of Zhengmei Machinery have not been announced 7.52000973Fosu TechnologyMajor matters 9.54000002 Vanke A is temporarily suspended from trading 24.43002164 Ningbo DongliMajor Events10.35600873Plum BlossomsImportant matters not announced 9.14300043Interactive entertainment span>Temporary Suspension 15.80002207Quan Oil Shares Significant events 21.42300038 Metainuo temporarily suspended trading 56.68600986Kodak sharesImportant events not announced 21.00002383United States StrongMajor Events 40.35300355Mongcao drought resistanceMajor events 14.68600654 Important events of China Security and Firepower have not been announced 28.84002691 Jikai shares temporarily suspended 25.82000035 China Tianying major events 12.10300088Changxin TechnologyTemporary suspension 14.03002006Jinggong TechnologyTemporary suspension 14.70002049Tongfang GuoxinTemporary suspension of trading 60.15300132Qingsong sharesTemporary Suspension 10.0460199 6Fenglin GroupImportant matters not announced 9.12300220Golden Laser Major matters 41.10300104 LeTV major matters 58.80600145*ST Xinyi publishes an important announcement 7.40002231Allview CommunicationsMajor Events 16.36600714Jinrui Miningproposed Planning for major asset restructuring 11.84002696Baiyang shares major events 24.97300324spin Extreme InformationMajor Events 49.25600538 Important Events of Guofa Co., Ltd.Unannounced 11.85603889 Important matters of Xinao shares unannounced 31.55600749Tibet TourismImportant matters unannounced 23.62600584Changdian TechnologyImportant matters not announced 22.02002631 Major future matters of Del 29.07600200Jiangsu Wuzhong Important matters not announced 27.89300025Huaxing EntrepreneurshipMajor Events 30.15300081Hengxin MobileMajor Events 47.84002434 Wanliyang Significant Events 23.05600379Baoguang Co., Ltd.Important matters not announced 21.76000836Xinmao TechnologyMajor Events 7.70002209 Tech-Long Temporarily Suspended Trading 22.91002246Beijing Chemical Co., Ltd. Major Events 14.12000585Northeast ElectricMajor Events 7.44002567 Tangrenshen Major Events 11.56300054Dinglong SharesMajor Matters 24.66300349Gold Card SharesTemporary suspension of trading 37.75002048Ningbo HuaxiangMajor Events 17.40002053Yunnan Salt ChemicalMajor matters 25.84600375Valing Star HorseImportant matters not announced 7.73000711 Beijing Blue Technology Temporary Suspension 21.21002647Honglei SharesTemporary Suspension 23.84002201Jiuding New MaterialsTemporary suspension 16.01300344Space board industryMajor matters 13.28600771 Guangyuyuan important matters not announced 31.98002707 Zhongxin TravelTemporary suspension 52.62300235Fangzhi TechnologyTemporary Suspension 32.83300331Su DaweigTemporary Suspension 25.69300238Guanhao BiologicalMajor matters 56.67603828 Kelida important matters have not been announced 34.80000796 Caesars travel temporary suspension 27.46300247 LG Health temporary suspension 20.75000829Tianyin HoldingsMajor Events 12.22600578Jingneng PowerImportant matters not announced 5.12600699Josson ElectronicsImportant matters not announced 31.25000058 Deep Competition Lattice Temporary Suspension 12.90300313Tianshan BiologyMajor Events 17.70000925Zhonghe Technology Major Events 18.48300306Yuanfang OptoelectronicsTemporary suspension of trading19.58300162Lehman shares temporarily suspended23.86600960Bohai PistonsImportant matters not announced 10.90601000 Important matters of Tangshan Port have not been announced 7.00300069Jinli HuadianTemporary suspension of trading 24.28000426Xingye MiningTemporary suspension 7.06300431Storm Technology Temporary suspension 95.83002652Yangtze New MaterialsTemporary suspension of trading 12.12600455Broadcom sharesImportant matters not announced 40.49002379Lufeng EnvironmentalTemporary Suspension 4.34600420Modern PharmaImportant Matters Not Announced 37.15000065North InternationalTemporary suspension 30.53600982Ningbo Thermal PowerImportant matters not announced 6.79000028Sinopharm AccordMajor matters 66.15600502Anhui Water ResourcesImportant matters not announced 13.67600690Qingdao HaierImportant matters not announced 23.85002619Julong Pipe IndustryTemporary suspension of trading 31.77603869 Important matters of Beibu Gulf Brigade not announced 28.11000153Fengyuan PharmaceuticalMajor Events 10.44600120Zhejiang OrientalImportant matters not announced 19.86600271Aerospace InformationImportant matters not announced 55.91600070Zhejiang FurunImportant matters not announced 12.63600890China Real EstateImportant matters not announced 7.63000929Lanzhou Yellow RiverMajor Events 12.50600168Wuhan HoldingsImportant matters not announced 9.68002633*ST Shenke temporarily suspends trading 18.88002483Rainbow shares span>Temporary suspension of trading 11.53000980Golden Horse sharesMajor Events 6.20600759 Intercontinental Oil & Gas Important Events Not Announced 7.85002082Dongliang New MaterialsMajor Events 10.21002582 I miss you important events 18.90002485 Sinur major events 15.14002103Guangbo sharesTemporary suspension of trading 33.30600990Si Chuang ElectronicsImportant matters have not been announced 62.75002544Jie Sai Technology< span id="quote _ sz002544">Temporary suspension 29.65002044 Meinian Health Temporary suspension 30.87600490Pengxin ResourcesImportant matters not announced 6.61000981Yinyi sharesTemporary suspension of trading 7.57600817ST Hongsheng plans to plan a major asset reorganization 15.38000626Ruyi GroupMajor Matters 68.90000901Aerospace Technology Major Events 41.16000023Shentiandi AMajor Events 30.53600847Wanli SharesImportant Matters Not Announced 33.09002537HighlightMajor Matters 24.06300407 Major events of Hyfa Electric 32.22000876 Major events of New Hope 18.99000657China Tungsten High-techMajor events 16.05002608*ST Shun Ship Major event 8.75000534Wanze sharesMajor event 9.45000553Sanonda AMajor matters 10.70601018 Important matters of Ningbo Port have not been announced 6.52002228Hexing PackagingMajor matters 17.40002286 Bowling treasure major matters 17.55600721 Important events of Baihua Village have not been announced 17.06601388Yiqiu Resources plans to plan major asset restructuring 19.37002040 Major events of Nanjing Port 12.12002174 YOOZOO major events 87.20300280Nantong ForgingMajor events 29.92002112three Change TechnologyMajor Events 19.12002409Jacques TechnologyMajor Matters 21.96002219Hengkang MedicalMajor Matters 14.90600153Construction Issuing sharesImportant matters not announced 17.31200986Yuehua Bao BMajor Matters 9.48000066Great Wall ComputerMajor Matters 21.54000748Great Wall InformationMajor Events 34.88002018 Huaxin International Temporary Suspension 44.08300028Gold Asia Technology< span id="quote _ sz300028">Temporary suspension 34.51200771Hangzhou Steam Turbine BMajor matters 15.86002473 Sheng Laida major matters 20.75600656*ST Boyuan major matters not announced 6.55000033* ST Xindu Major Events 10.38200168 Rey B Major Events 4.10200160 Nanjiang B Temporary Suspension 2.89000982BOC Cashmere Major Events 5.10

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