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1 million finance graduates grab 150,000 jobs: the volume is flying

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Among the 9.09 million graduates this year, there are 1 million finance students

And there are only 150,000 financial positions

The more monks there are, the more opportunities you will see!

CICC, which has raised its salary like crazy some time ago, has started school recruitment!

Hurry up and deliver!


2022 CCF Admissions Open! Really quick lead!


23 departments, 28 cities open

CICC has opened a number of positions in 23 departments this time, including investment banking, securities investment, fixed income, asset management and other popular departments.

Picture/CICC Career official account

This online application can choose
3 from all positions to apply, and the order of volunteers will be determined according to the order of delivery.

In addition, CICC not only has many jobs, but also has 28 working locations

New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Princeton, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Foshan, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xiamen, Xi'an, Xining, Yunfu.

Whether you want to stay abroad or go back to a first- and second-tier city, all arrangements are provided


The front row onlookers, what is the CICC written test?

CICC's written test includes: financial analysis, English reading, stock valuation, reasoning and calculation, focusing on job applicants' logical thinking ability and financial expertise.

According to data from previous years, 60-70% of students will fail in the written test due to the large number of questions, many test sites and tight time...

In order to help everyone better quickly break through the written examination questions of securities companies, make full preparations for job hunting in advance. Uni has helped you to prepare the past real questions of famous companies such as Three Chinese and One Chinese, scan the QR code below to get it:


Autumn recruitment progress of major securities companies

*Image source: Uni-made

September is the peak period for brokerages to start jobs, but generally they stop when they are full. If you want to join a brokerage, you should prepare quickly~


Finance that has been flying away, how to squeeze in?


1 million people grab 150,000 jobs

Recently releasedA set of data shows that the scale of Chinese college graduates in 2021 will reach 9.09 million, of which more than 10% will be graduates in economics and finance.

That is, millions of people Waiting to work in financial institutions such as banks, securities, funds, etc. But the matching financial institution jobs are only 150,000.

From 2010 to 2019, the banking, securities, and fund industries added about 1.18 million people. Taking into account the additional 10% job demand brought about by retirement, the average annual average is only 1.18 million people. 150,000 job gains.

Data source: People's Bank of China, Securities Association of China, China Securities Investment Fund Industry The association

9 million graduates, of which 1 million are studying finance/finance, to grab the 150,000 jobs in financial institutions. Supply and demand are so out of balance that it can be described as "flying".


Contacts will compete with you for jobs

There are generally two types of "related households" in securities companies:

The first category is related households who come in by favor, commonly known as VIPs. Most of them have no internship experience and directly Lie in.

The second category belongs to the group with the capital, and the network resources are in hand. Every team is scrambling to get it~

And the reality is that most of the "connected households" who can occupy the headcount in the "Three Chinese and One Chinese" recruitment headcount, most of them have 985+ overseas QS top 50 academic qualifications + counterpart internship experience buff, plus the network connection. Cards, it can be said that there are no shortcomings.

Faced with so many competitors, how do you prepare?

What are the trends and insider information about the school recruitment of securities companies this year?

Big brokers feel too difficult, and small and medium brokers don't want to go, what should I do?

Uni has collected the questions that everyone cares about most, and invites CICC tutors to answer them one by one:


In addition to IBD, what else can brokerages choose for autumn recruitment?

IBD=Investment Banking Department, which is a brokerage company-front-office-investment banking business department, and securities firms are also divided into front-middle-back office and 10 major departments, which are delivered in autumn Don’t just stare at IBD anymore, in fact, there are still many departments to choose from.

*Image source: Internet


Economic Business Department: The level of income depends entirely on transaction commissions

What is usually referred to as a securities company is actually It's just that there is a big gap between the revenue of the sales department under the economic business department and the headquarters.

The sales department mainly relies on customer transaction commissions. The larger the transaction volume, the more commissions. The income of the sales department account manager is generally linked to the regional income level. 4,000 monthly salary is high.


Investment Banking Department: Income depends on project commissions

Mainly engaged in securities issuance and underwriting. The main positions are general manager, sponsor, project manager, etc. The sponsor has the highest income, the industry average is more than 30w, and the income at the end of the year depends on the project commission. It is too hard to be an investment bank.


Investment Department: Income depends on life

The main positions are general manager, investment Managers and researchers, the fixed salary is generally 30W+, 10w-20w, 10-15w. The bonus at the end of the year depends on the performance commission. Each company is different. OK.


Institute: relatively stable income

The income of the institute is relatively stable, the fixed salary is generally 30W+, 10w-20w, 5-10w, and the bonus at the end of the year is generally about 50% of the fixed salary.

Now the income gap between researchers is very large. Senior researchers in big companies like CITIC and Shenwan generally earn more than 30w. If the "New Fortune" list is listed on the list, the average value is above 50w, and the small companies are worse. A lot.


The salary of a brokerage is not better than that of an investment bank? I am afraid there is some misunderstanding

Remember the beautiful actress Zou Xinyu who joined Sinolink Securities last year? She said, "I was very happy filming, but I want to do finance more. ”

*Image source: Internet

Choice financial terminal data shows that in 2019, the per capita salary of Sinolink Securities employees was 622,200 yuan, and the average monthly salary was 51,900 yuan.

*Image source: Uni-made | Data from brokerage China

In addition, domestic brokerages are mostly small project systems, usually 5-6 Individuals do a project, and the commission each person gets is related to the project they participate in.

If you participate in several different projects at the same time, then you can get the commission for these projects. Get it. Once the project is successful, it is very likely that several people will share two or three million.

In addition, the most famous brokerage company is the inhuman year-end bonus, according to a person in People working in small domestic brokerages broke the news that the annual year-end bonus is basically more than 100,000.

And the big brokerages are even more generous, and even there was news on the Internet that the CICC year-end bonus was The 24-month base can be said to be very attractive!

Who said that brokerages are not better than investment banks? Even foreign investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse have already Gradually enter the Chinese market to develop brokerage business. Are you sure you don't want to take a share?

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