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What is the online registration process for the 2022 Securities Practitioner Qualification Examination? How to register? What are the conditions?

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The online registration method is adopted for the securities qualification examination. Candidates should log in to the Securities Association of China website () to register.

The registration process consists of the following four stages:

The first step: information maintenance: You need to fill in the candidate's name, certificate type, certificate number, nationality, e-mail, gender, date of birth, city of residence, mailing address, zip code, nationality, education background , occupation, years of experience in the securities industry, work unit, position, total working years and other information, (Note: the part marked with * is required.)

Warm reminder:

1. If you are registering for the first time, you need to register first. After entering the account and password, click [Login].

2. Enter the [Declaration and Commitment] page, click [Accept] after reading.

3. Enter the [Information Maintenance] page, fill in the candidates' registration information, and click [Save].

After filling in the corresponding registration information, click the "Register" button, check the filling information again, and complete the registration after verification.

Step 2: Select subjects: Check the subjects you want to apply for. The subjects that can be selected for each examination are different, please refer to the examination subjects announced in the application announcement for details.

Go to the [Select Examination Subjects] page, select a tick in front of the subject you want to apply for, and click [Save].


Candidates who have successfully registered can choose to withdraw online before the registration deadline for the current test; candidates who withdraw twice for the same subject in the current test will not be able to re-register for the subject test of the current test.

Step 3: Select the test area: Select the province and city to apply for the test.

Select the province and city where you want to apply for the test. The test site and city are different each time, and the test announcement shall prevail.

Go to the [Choose Test Area] page, select XX city in XX province, choose which city to take the test in when you arrive, and click [Save] after selection.


According to the regulations of the Securities Association of China, candidates can change the test center during the registration period. After the registration, candidates cannot change the test center. It is recommended that candidates who take the securities practice examination confirm the test site before registering, so as not to affect the normal examination.

Step 4: Online payment: The examination fee is 61 yuan/subject, and the payment method is online payment.

Securities Practitioner Qualification Exam Registration

Online Payment:

1. Go to the [Unpaid Subjects] page of [Online Payment], you need to pay the registration fee, and click [Online Payment].

2. Enter the [Payment Channel Selection] page, there are two options, check the payment instructions below, OneNet is the most commonly used, click to select.

You can use Alipay, WeChat or China Merchants Bank app to scan the QR code for payment. After scanning, you will enter the payment guide page, and you can complete the payment according to the steps.

After the online payment is completed, the entire registration process is completed.

Since the securities industry is a young and energetic industry in my country, it is now in the stage of recruiting talents. In order to attract more people who are interested in the securities industry as Securities practitioners, therefore, there is no high threshold set in the registration conditions.

Securities Practitioner Qualification ExaminationThe examinations are divided into three categories: general practitioners, special qualifications, and executive qualifications. According to the provisions of the Securities Association of China: Persons over the age of 18, with a high school education level or above, and full capacity for civil conduct, can sign up for the entry qualification exam. Those who pass the entry qualification examination can take the professional qualification examination and management qualification examination.

(1) General Practitioner Qualification Examination

1. You must be over 18 years old on the deadline for registration;

2. Possess high school or nationally recognized education level equivalent to high school or above;

3. Have full capacity for civil conduct.

(2) Special business qualification exams

Those who pass the general practice qualification examination can participate in the special business qualification examination.

After reading such relaxed registration conditions, do you see that the securities industry is open to everyone? If you want to enter the securities industry, start preparing for the exam now. I hope everyone can become a member of the securities industry as you wish!

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