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lol qualifying round canceled?

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lol don't need to play promotion?

lol don't need to play promotion, in the game "League of Legends", there is no need to play promotion because The latest version changes of the S11 version. In this version, the promotion game setting has been canceled. When the player's accumulated rank points reach more than 100, it will be automatically eliminated.

Why did lol cancel the small stage promotion?

The League of Legends official actually canceled his small stage promotion, just to let players be more careful when attacking Take it easy. In this way, it will be more convenient to upgrade yourself in place, so they just launched such a mechanism.

How much will be deducted after the LOL promotion round?

1. The point system is cancelled, and only the grade system is left. The levels are divided into: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Challenge. Each level is divided into 5 small stages, and each small stage is scored 100 points and can be upgraded. 2. The upgrade method is: Bronze.

Can s11 League of Legends platinum drop to gold?

The S11 season is coming, and the ranking mechanism has been changed in the new season, especially It is a promotion and relegation system. The rank of the new season is easier to improve, and of course it is easier to drop the rank. The following will bring you the s11 ranking drop mechanism. lols11.

Why are League of Legends ranking points getting less and less?

To be honest, the current ranking matching mechanism is disgusting. If you play a good streak and win more, the extra points will be higher and higher, and the matched teammates and opponents will basically not have too much difference in strength (the hidden points are close), and now.

Is there any rank protection in preseason lol?

Yes. The first is to cancel the promotion of small ranks. For example, Gold 4 and Gold 3, if you reach 100 LPs or more, then you will be promoted directly. However, the disadvantage of this is that without the promotion, it is equivalent to no drop.

S12 pre-season qualifying rules?

1. The rank inheritance map In the S11 season, the rank above Yin Yang Dayun was adjusted, so the S12 season The mobile game official has revised some of the rank inheritance rules. From the picture, we can see that the official rank mechanism is the second rank from the apprentice.

Is it going to take 5 days to finish the LOL Masters Tournament?

This can clearly tell you that it is not necessary, as long as you reach the Masters Tournament, You can complete these games on the same day, of course, if you want to do it every day for the next five days, but you have to be on guard here.

How to set the LOL upgrade animation?

Open the settings, close the low configuration adaptation optionOpen the settings, close the low configuration adaptation option

I went to League of Legends, and suddenly a prompt box popped up, saying that you have qualified for the promotion,

Shared by netizens: Because qualifying for the qualifying round means that your current rank experience has been accumulated, do you want to participate in the qualifying round immediately? If you do, then your next three wins or losses will determine whether your rank will remain in the current position. or promotion.

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