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Women, every age has the charm of every age _ for people

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Women, every age has its own charm, and any time is just the right time. Collagen on the face is full of vitality; fine lines appear at the corners of the eyes, which is a mellow fragrance.

Therefore, women who ignore it can naturally hold their heads high, stride forward, and step out of thousands of new looks.

2 The Woman Who Lives With the Past

In NetEase Cloud Music In the comments section, I read such a small story.

The general with his face full of wind and frost, travels thousands of miles to find his old friend. Outside the tea shop he remembered, the person he inquired about was an aunt who sold tea, who happened to be a woman who had regrets back then.

But the aunt only smiled and said, "She has a good life, married a good family, and now she has no worries about food and clothing."

The general sighed when he heard this, He took out his handkerchief and asked for it to be returned.

When the general was far away, the aunt tied a handkerchief to her wrist, then raised her voice and continued to greet the diners cheerfully.

Although there is a previous situation, since it has not been consummated, the circumstances have changed at that time, so let everything go with the wind.

Such a woman lives very transparently.

Women are often affectionate because of their soft heart, and affectionate because of their kind heart. But in reality, it is the normal state of life to fall in love and lose it again.

When a woman is not deeply immersed in the past, and does not linger in the old love, then her life will naturally become its own scenery.

After Zhang Youyi and Xu Zhimo divorced, they first went to Germany to study, then served as the vice president of Shanghai Women's Commercial Bank, and became the founder of China's first fast-fashion women's clothing "Yunshang";

After the divorce of Yu Fengzhi and Zhang Xueliang, they worked intensively in the investment field. Whether it was stock speculation or real estate, they were all successful, and they were once the pride of the Chinese community in Los Angeles;

Meng Xiaodong left Meilan After Fang, she gave all her thoughts to the drama and became the well-deserved number one female student of Peking Opera...

So, let it pass, let it pass; lose it, let it pass Let it go. You are a splendid galaxy, no one is worth your life.

For the rest of your life, you will naturally be able to live a more advanced life without forgetting your old people or entangled in your old relationships.

3 women who reject tags

For women, " A well-behaved daughter" is a label for a child, a "virtuous wife" is a label for a wife, and a "gentle mother" is a label for a mother.

None of these labels that accompany us throughout our lives is our own. So sometimes we ask in sadness: Who am I? Can I "define myself" in addition to someone else's "definition"?

To this question, the "Lantern Angel" Florence Nightingale answered: Yes.

Nightingale was born into a wealthy aristocratic family, and her parents hoped to raise her into a "lady" who would stay at home quietly and enjoy a luxurious life.

But she has rejected the label "vase" since childhood.

As the ladies drank champagne, wore lace dresses and danced socially, she slipped into the manor and tended to the animals;

When people thought "the nurse" It is the most humble profession." When her ideal of "being a nurse" was thwarted by her family, she promised to give up on the surface, but secretly never gave up learning nursing knowledge;

When wars broke out frequently, soldiers When the casualties were heavy, she disregarded the danger and colored eyes, and led the medical team to the front line. With her professional skills, the mortality rate dropped from 42% to 22%...

Returning from the field hospital, she received badges, positions, and a foundation in her name, and even later, she used the foundationKing established the world's first formal nursing school.

It can be said that because of his rejection of labels, Nightingale not only guarded his original aspirations and ideals, but also made outstanding contributions to the cause of human nursing and modern nursing education.

How honorable!

There are thousands of paths in life. You can choose a paradise, three meals, four seasons, and a quiet time with your loved ones; you can also pursue fame and fortune, and in the secular judgment system, you can fight hard and never get tired of it.

But, always remember that the script of life must be in your own hands, never compromise with the outside world, don't give in to others, and let them use rules to confine you, kill you.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said: "The world is yours and has nothing to do with others."

Women, when you walk the way you want to walk, you can Feel the real fun and freedom.

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