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The bad nature of dozens of women _ Gu Yuanqing _ Sina Blog

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Women are really weird,A lot of psychology is unpredictable by others,The so-called woman's heart,seabedNeedle.So what is the bad nature of women??

bad nature of woman:A woman looking for a man is like a stock market
95%of women go directly to blue chip stocks,Yifeisoaring. The remaining 5% of women will look for potential stocks, which will definitely appreciate in the future. 95% of women who look for blue-chip stocks will be dumped by men, and the remaining 5% are because men are afraid of affecting their career and room for advancement.
women always ask:when will you marry me?if a man says:now is not the time,When I have a career and money。 Women will say: I love you, I don't care if you have money... However, 99.9% of women will laugh at men after marriage.

bad nature of woman 2:women love money
Women are very good at managing family finances,Buy a toilet paper or something and run around the supermarket, Just a penny cheaper. Women don't understand that time is money. After walking around the streets for eight or nine hours, they only bought a piece of clothing that cost 30 yuan, then went home satisfied, and even showed off to their friends: I bought a valuable thing today.
actually,Women who are greedy for money belong to the lower IQ,Compare the most worry-free,A woman who is not greedy is more scary。 When men can't make money, women are anxious, and when men make money, women will regret it and cry out that they are insecure.
Women ask men to be tall、hansome、lavish,to accompany her、loyal to her……such a man,how can it be your turn?I have this condition,Why don't you find someone better than youPrettier, more sensible, more docile?

The bad nature of women three: women are born with vanity

Appearance is always Women's topics, clothes, shoes, body, beauty... They don't care about the essence of things. Looking at a person, a man will look at the inner content, temperament, and ability, while a woman will only look at the appearance. Women like to compare their relatives and friends, and take their boyfriends to vent. Women must be the most eye-catching one! Therefore, women are born one-sided and short-sighted.

The bad nature of women four: women are unreasonable

A woman thinks only herself is right, if others and her Opinions differ, then he's an idiot. Women also like to quibble. If they know that they have made a mistake, they will find 10,000 reasons to shirk.

The bad nature of women 5: women are fickle

When you buy something, you want this for a while, like that for a while, turn I didn't buy anything for a day. Look at others too, today they are good as a flower, tomorrow they are bad and pus. Very emotional, he was very happy a second ago, and he can turn his face right away.

Women always ask men to guess what they are thinking. Men are not unable to guess, but are too lazy to guess: When a woman is crazy, if no one cares, she will be fine in a while, and she will take the initiative to apologize, you say Boring or not?! The hardest thing is those men who don't understand women. They are reprimanded by women without thinking, and they have to laugh with them and serve them carefully.

In fact, if you ignore her, go out for a walk, or put on headphones to listen to music, she will be fine in a while.

The bad nature of women six: women like to be conquered

women like to be more than themselves Strong men, so it's no surprise that they like to be conquered by men. It's just that some little men are scolded by their girlfriends pointing their noses, which is too shameful for men! Men sometimes have to be stronger, but they are despised by women when they are submissive. If you are domineering to her, she will think that you are manly and will surrender to you instead.

Don't think that you satisfy her with everything, just love her, she not onlyThey won't appreciate it. After a long time, they will think that you are not a man, and then point fingers at you. Treat a woman with both rigidity and softness, sometimes domineering and a little temper, sometimes gentle, she will not find the North and dare not violate you.

The bad nature of women seven: women like gossip

Women like to spy on other people's privacy, always mysteriously Spread some gossip. Women take other people's stories as their own lives, crying and angry, and then shouting at their boyfriends: You men don't have a good thing!

Women's Bad Essence Eight: Women are highly dependent

No matter how beautiful or strong a woman is, her nature is to depend on others. If there is no one to depend on, they will start to be sentimental, and they will cry when they see flying flowers and falling snow, "Why don't I have such a man by my side? All good men are dead?" If no man pays any attention, they think they are pitiful.

The bad nature of women nine: women love anxiety Her face and figure are not good-looking, while a beautiful woman is worried that her appearance will disappear.
A woman with low self-esteem cares about what others think of her,And the conceited woman keeps telling her boyfriend how her ex-boyfriend treated her。 For those of us incumbents, they are nothing, and this kind of aggressive approach is useless.

The bad nature of women ten:women are rare“friendship”
so called girlfriends,It's all women comforting each other、pass the boring time、gossip about each other. No matter how good a friend is, a little conflict of interest will immediately turn around and deny the person.
If you are a girl who attracts a man's attention,then you must have no female friends;if you have a lot of female friends,you must be ugly。
Two men fall in love with one woman at the same time,one of them will leave;Two women fall in love with a man,will turn their faces towards each other's bad things。
Men's blind dates are mostly due to introversion、autistic,or poor condition;Women are mostly blind date because they are too demanding,I don't know how much weight I have。
A man's true love only happens when18before age or60after age,I thought it was hard to find true love,actually是女人太过分,we don't love anymore,Only have to change to seek stimulation。
   Xiaobian's message:女人的坏本质actually还是挺多的,Do you have Sister Leo for these??actually这些有的是很难改变的,Therefore, it is not possible to force women to change their essence.Satisfied with you.

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