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Chasing girls is always losing battles? Do these 2 points and let her love you to the core!

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Introduction: In immature relationships, boys can be roughly divided into two categories. The first type is the so-called "honest people". Although they are eager to develop a relationship with girls, they are usually unable to handle girls. When interacting with girls, there is often a so-called "sense of need". They only want what they want. Then it arouses the other party's disgust and disgust. He obviously likes it but he can't open his mouth. It is also common to receive a "good person card". This kind of person lacks heterosexual affinity.

In contrast, there is another creature called "Scum Man". In order to get girls, they can do whatever they can, and flirting with girls is like searching for things, and there is always no shortage of the opposite sex around them. But once girls know their true colors, they will hate them very much, and even hate them to the core.

The above two are unhealthy attitudes. The correct view of love should be that the two like each other without too many calculations and routines. In a good relationship, boys are gentle and considerate of each other's feelings no matter how busy they are. Girls are also willing to pay for the person they love, love to a certain extent, and can even do anything for the man.

This is what is commonly called "love someone to the core". So how exactly do you become a man who is "liked and sought after" by women? The following article will give you the answer.

Infernal Affairs 2 There is a classic line from Carina Lau: being a woman is very simple, as long as my man is good, I can do anything. This is the highest state that a woman can love a man: let her love to the core.


Do you have any of the following?

Getting along with girls, I always feel that the other party has limited goodwill towards me and doesn't have to like me so much. Maybe you will study various skills and explore various ways to get along with girls, but you always feel that you can't find the direction, fall into a situation where you don't feel tired, confused, anxious, and don't know what to do.

Or meet a girl who just wants to push the ultimate goal. Many people use push-down as a means. But I want to say that between men and women, if the feelings of two people have reached the point of blending, they have a strong sense of connection with each other. A relationship that happens in this state is one of the best feelings in life. Simply dating a gun can't bring that kind of spiritual enjoyment, but more emptiness.

Girls don't love you so much for two reasons:


You are a scumbag

Going around to pick up girls and flirt with girls, thus causing If a woman is dissatisfied with you, she will resent you and feel that you have not grown up at all, immature.


You are weak

Tangle in front of a girl and fall into negative emotions. After being rejected by her once, she will only retreat and entangle. Women are measured by beauty and ugliness, and men are measured by strength. If you show weakness, women will naturally not like you.

The performance of the weak:

Emotions are easily affected by the reaction of the other party. If the other party rejects you, you feel uncomfortable. She in turn takes the initiative to find you, and you feel hopeful. Emotions are always fluctuating up and down, or it is very easy to give up in the process of chasing girls and feel hopeless.

In this state, it is more difficult to get effective feedback from the other party. In the eyes of girls, you will be labeled "diaosi".


A common problem for most people who can't find a girlfriend:


The goal is unreasonable

Only focus on how to get the other party, so it is very easy to be influenced by the other party. Create a sense of need. These people are extremely emotional. This is similar to someone who only wants to make money in stocks. Once the stock market fluctuates, his mood fluctuates with it.

The generation of a sense of need: chasing girls only want to get, not showing the value of their emotions, but wrongly calculating in various ways to achieve their goals.

The inner thoughts of many girls: the most hated boys approach her with a purpose at first. They will feel that the boy is insincere and just wants to get himself.

When interacting with a girl, be sure to let the other party see your emotional value. Emotional value is a software condition: for example, whether you are good to her, will you take care of her, and encounter things Whether he can take responsibility, whether he can protect her, whether he is a man, whether he has temperament, etc.

Correspondingly, there is also a survival value, that is, whether the man has money at home, what conditions, social status, etc., which are hardware conditions.


Can't make girls "feel"

I believe this is the distress of many people. After dating once, and trying to contact a girl again, no matter what, the other party has no feedback. She might think you're a nice person, just a little boring, so she doesn't have feelings for you.

Sometimes someone will receive a "good person card" after confession: I'm sorry, you are a good person, but I don't feel for you.

Received the good man Kirby It is even more terrifying to refuse categorically. The latter still has a chance to make a comeback, and the person who receives the card will always be in pain. Due to the long-term investment before, he has lost confidence in such a result and turned into "love uremia".

When I meet someone I like again, I will always think of all the things I had in my last relationship. I paid so much and ended up without a problem. It's like uremia and I can't get rid of the waste in my body. It's quite uncomfortable. .

If the person who has been issued a "good person card" cannot come out, it will cause quite terrible sequelae, resulting in a complete dysfunction of love. This life is destined to have no intersection with "love". At most, you can only find someone to marry through a blind date.

If it is said that "love" is the sweetest cake in the world, some people can eat it, and some people can't taste it in this life, it is a great tragedy in life.

This also leads to a terrible consequence. Even if a group receives a good person card, even if they get married in the future, the other party is very likely to cheat.


Don't dare to tease girls

Don't dare to tease, for fear of making the other party angry. People who have teased girls will find this trick effective.

There is a kind of joke among people who are good at making fun ofHigh-level offensive ridicule, the most impressive time for me, I went to the bar and saw a few foreigners touch the buttocks of the girls who ordered drinks at the bar. The girls were frightened and quickly looked back. Those foreigners just She smiled enthusiastically at her, but the girl didn't get angry at this time, and responded with a smile, then sat down for a drink, and soon hugged each other.

Instead of being a diaosi, if she touches someone's butt and shows a fearful state, the girl will definitely be very angry. This has a lot to do with the mental state of the parties involved. The highest level of ridicule is "Ming Sao".

In life, you will also find that those mischievous people in school who dare to tease girls are very popular, and there are always people of the opposite sex around. The reason is understood, but why many people still can't do it?

The reason is that the heart is not open and is in a closed state.

Once the heart opens, he You can also enter the teasing mode smoothly. When you are very happy, you will start physical contact. At this time, you will have a certain sense of intimacy, and you will talk about your past. If you can drink some wine, the relationship will be upgraded.


Too many negative thoughts

It is related to the third point. The biggest problem that troubles Diaosi is that her heart is too depressed and cannot be opened. Contact a girl, as long as you hold negative thoughts, the final result is to confirm your original assumption. This is called a self-fulfilling prophecy in psychology.

The main reason for the diaosi is that they are not confident, because they have had too many failures before, and there is no bonus to successful experience, so they dare not think about it. This is where negative thoughts come in. Negative thoughts are created for self-defense.

Only in this way, when things really happen as expected, they can be used for psychological comfort: "I knew it would be like this!" I feel better when I think about it.


Lack of responsibility

Ask a girl out, I didn't make a plan in advance, my eyes smeared, and I don't know what to do next. They don't arrange activities, and it's hard to even order a dish. This is a typical lack of accountability. The lip service is unrealistic, and it is extremely disappointing to the girls. After a date with a girl, she will ignore you again.

Many people also mistakenly attribute that they are not good-looking enough to speak, ignoring the real problem.


The goal is too singular

The huge psychological and emotional fluctuations that occur when chasing girls is because the goal is too single, just want to get. If you put it another way, you look at her affectionately, and tell her that you want to live with her in the future, that you are looking forward to traveling the world with her, and that the two of you will watch movies and listen to music at home during the holidays.

Your goal at this point is not just to simply get her, but to introduce her into your life, play the role of a boyfriend, and do as good a job as possible , this is the correct logic for chasing girls.

The so-called paying for a girl does not mean how much money you spend for her, how much emotion you invest in, and how much return you want to get from it, but focus on the events that you interact with her superior. The same is to invite girls to dinner, some people can find her favorite and carefully selected delicacies, and some people just take her to eat Shaxian, Lanzhou ramen. Girls' feelings are worlds apart.

Just to get, the goal is very single and extremely unreasonable.

If you can do things well, a girl's attitude towards you will have a huge change. At this time, it is combined with male-specific aggression, male hormones, and extreme feelings towards her. Do your best to be gentle and considerate, girls will be conquered by you and love you to the core.


4 hurdles to overcome if you want to chase a girl:



Only focusing on what you want is selfish. Selfish people are extremely emotional in life. When chasing girls, they only focus on whether they can get them. , stock trading only cares about making money, and doing things only cares about how much return you can get. This is the starting point for women to hate you.

In this state, you will be reluctant to pay, reluctant to work hard for her, and do not want to use all your strength to do things well. This is also a common problem for all weak people.

This is also the difference between the strong and the weak, the weak are always reluctant, and the strong always take things seriously, carefully and responsibly, and do their best to do things well.


Low Self-Esteem—“cheap”

It's obvious that things are not doing well, but it doesn't matter. No shame in this, just let it go. They will also pass the buck to the other party, and often have many thoughts, "This woman has so many demands; I can only do this, what else do I think of me?"

This Belong to have no self-esteem, be cheap, like to beg people everywhere, beg girls to give some love to themselves, beg others to give them a job, etc.

Low self-esteem: Seeing the girl you like can't communicate normally, especially want to chat with her but don't know what to say, and want to take advantage of the other party ".

Inferiority and conceit both stem from extreme narcissism. The more inferior the person, the more conceited.

Inferiority performance: I am afraid that girls don't like me, and I will be hit everywhere in life. The deeper level is narcissism. I feel that I am pretty good, why there is no female predestined relationship.

The right thing to do: get things done with a positive attitude. As a man, all things should be "earned back" by oneself, rather than begging for charity. What you get back is unreliable and will be lost sooner or later. Only what you earn back is controllable and truly belongs to you.

I am helpless when encountering problems and cannot give help and confidence to the other party.


appears "weak"

In the process of chasing girls, if there is a state of obedience, indecision, desire and fear, not only girls, but also individuals are annoying.



There are too many inner dramas, sensitive and suspicious, always worried that she will become a spare tire, worried that she will have many dreams, and worried that she will be taken away by others...

When you have these 4 doubts in your mind, it means you have lost.


A man really needed by women: strong and gentle




1. Don't panic when encountering problems, be assertive, deal with things in a clear and orderly manner, and be able to face calmly .

2. There is enthusiasm and vitality in life, which can make people around you feel positive energy.

3. Take responsibility and do things beyond the expectations of others.



Very attentive to each other, remembers her preferences, and takes care of everything she does.

No excuse for being busy; no tantrums; no ignoring her feelings just because she is busy; promises made will always be fulfilled.

A man's tenderness is not only in words, but also in actions.

Our courses are dedicated to To cultivate such excellent men is not only needed by women, but also by the whole society.

Put a small advertisement, my love mentality course focuses on improving the mentality and making you a person with positive energy.

Benefits of the course:

1. Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, and escape from negative self-suggestion and seeking tendencies

2. Make your mind wider than before. When your goal is too single, your emotions are easily fluctuated and you fall into it. This is called a loser mentality.

3. Master the direction and learn to deal with everything in the intimate relationship between men and women, such as how to date, what to say, and how to overcome their own bad attitude

4. Correct the mentality, be brave to take responsibility, be a responsible, attractive, mature and energetic person

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