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Seven reasons why a woman who invests in stocks is worth marrying home

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Original title: 7 reasons why a woman who invests in stocks is worth marrying home

6 days have passed quietly in 2017, you are single in 2016, and you still have no idea in 2017 ? I really don't plan to marry a wife and go home to be filial (pa) respect (pa) father (pa) mother (pa)? Some people say that playing stocks is one of the important tools for MM to choose a mate. We just want to say that women who play stocks are really on time! Have! No! Have!

1. Independence

Around me, there are women who play stocks , they all earn and spend their own money, and they are absolutely financially independent. The stock market is risky, and my sister is responsible for her own profits and losses, who can say what? Seven aunts and eight aunts can keep their mouths shut.

2. Tenacity

In other words, every investor has the experience of being a marketer to a vegetable marketer, and the first stage in this process ---Being vegetables. This inhuman experience is long and grueling. If you can't be the banker's goblin, you can only become cannon fodder yourself. Therefore, girls who can survive in the stock market must have an indomitable fighting spirit.

3. Smart and wise

Dare to enter the stock market must have some brains and the ability to keep learning, such a woman is always enriching herself, in order to let the RMB Stuff your Alipay and make unremitting efforts. To be able to make money in stocks, she must be smart. According to a gossip about genetics, a smart woman basically has a boy for the first time, so your little lover's brother is basically settled, perfect!

4. Beautiful and confident

It is a bit exaggerated to say that women who invest in stocks have beauty, but women who invest in stocks will dress up, and this cannot be denied Well, otherwise we make so much money to feed the pigs? There are only lazy women, no ugly women, and every woman who has undergone skin care products and makeup is 80% exquisite. With this refinement, self-confidence comes naturally. Take it out 100% to save face for you.

5. Enjoy life

Believe me, earning and spending is her greatest beauty, with her, you will have all the decent men should have Some shoes, clothes and bags, the home is neat and fresh every day. I'm not afraid to tell you that if you marry a woman who is too thrifty, you will have an endless supply of expired milk and an endless supply of street stalls!

6. Well-informed

To invest in stocks, you must always pay attention to policy direction, market development, economic operation, company trends, and financial conditions. There are many questions, and their daily information input is far more than you can imagine, which also makes them knowledgeable. Just imagine, a woman, whether you talk to her about history, military, or astronomy and geography, it is a fantasy to her. In their eyes, they only have recent vegetable prices, and whether the neighbors and couples have quarreled... If you live with such a woman for a long time, or you will become too vulgar, then you will share a different dream.

7. Atmosphere

If you don’t want a princess sick wife, and don’t want to serve her like a daughter every day, then you must find a woman who invests in stocks . She calls when you're on a business trip, she calls when you're playing games, she calls when you're socializing... These things just don't happen! She doesn't want you to accompany her 24 hours a day, and if you don't answer the phone, the princess will fall ill immediately, searching for life and death. Because she wants to see the disc!

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