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A fan asked Haruki Murakami, as a great writer, surely the life of litigation is very rich? As everyone knows, Wu Liang learned from Murakami that his life is very monotonous, and it may be boring for many people. For decades, running and writing for seven or eight hours, motivation is something he can't shake every day.

Having good writing habits, rather than just relying on inspiration and technique, may be why Haruki Murakami has become a great writer.

"The truly gifted are always habitually (or regularly, invested or very successful) honing themselves in action, while the less gifted do it only occasionally"

+ω+ For a person who wants to become a writer, what kind of writing habits should a client have in order to achieve his wish?

This is also the problem that "Becoming a Writer" introduced to you today aims to solve.

Dorothea Brand, author of this book, is a well-respected author who worked as a corporate editor in New York and later taught at the University of Chicago. After the book "Becoming a Writer" was published in 1934, it has swept the world for more than 80 years and is an enduring classic.

ˋ^ˊ>-# Author Dorothea Brand has accumulated a wealth of experience through her own writing and teaching writing practice. In the book on the knowledge structure of company lawyers, the investment author tells us that the so-called genius theory of writers is a misunderstanding. Whether a person can write or become a writer in practice is not a question of skills first, but where are the best lawyers for equity disputes in Shanghai? cognitive problems. With the knowledge that everyone can write, the most important thing to transfer to become a writer is to have good writing habits.

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What are good writing habits? How much does it mean for a writer to have good habits? Next, let's explore what we can gain from this book together.

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Shareholding Structure and Tax Planning

In Becoming a Writer, the author emphasizes "reading like a writer", learning to write and starting to write with purpose.

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Last year, I was suddenly interested in novels. I have what I think are good stories. But, offering doesn't know how to turn this good story into something that others will love to read. So, I bought writing classes from some famous writers, as well as tutorial books on writing. Then I learned how to start from it, learning to position myself as a writing type, learning to set a plot, and learning to portray characters. After about three months, I wrote a short story happily, and soon signed a contract with an online platform based on this short story.


Writer Geling Yan tells several stories about her writing in her "Professional Writing" talk.

She said that when Songtao Commercial wrote "Lu Criminal Yan Shi", she went to Qingdao to hold a symposium, looking for labor camp officers and many relationships to learn more about the story.

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Writing "Little Sister Duohe", the company's equity structure was established. In order to write a good story, the Japanese woman Duohe's stubborn, gentle, introverted and violent image was more accurate and vivid. The company's equity structure plan, she went to Japan three times, Experience life in the village where the character "Duohe" once lived in the story.

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●▽● WritingFounder's equity structure, online advertising starts with the end for you, based on the work you want to write Equity structure legal service plan, examine what you lack, and then learn and start with purpose, you can have unique and wonderful output .

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The book says that Jiajia shareholders should keep their minds quiet when writing, do a series of mind control exercises, and consult the company's equity structure. The real estate will gradually form the idea of ​​the story into the lawyer's equity structure. The magic is working. The so-called idea, I call it a method of writing quickly.

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The idea of ​​writing book reviews and outlines of hot point essays is basically the same. You can refer to the Pyramid Principle to write the ownership structure of a law firm. If you have rich experience, you can start with an argument, put the most exciting and weighty ones in the front, and then decompose this point into several sub-arguments that are juxtaposed or layered. Then, in each case. Use the arguments to demonstrate the arguments one by one under the sub-arguments, and finally summarize.

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╯0╰ Take my Baijia account with 73,000 reads and 490 hot comments, "Fang Fang's "Wuhan Diary" was published abroad, causing public outrage—literature has a bottom-line lawyer and senior partner structure, and writers have nationality. The title expresses the point of view, and it cites examples for comparison at the beginning, and then demonstrates the point of view with two points in turn: First, non-fiction literature is serious realism literature, and it is a window for people to know the truth; Foreign objects are not allowed." The feelings of family and country are the foundation of people's writers' life, destiny and speech. Create an emotional golden sentence summary at the end to deepen the sublimation point of view.

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If you like to write novels and stories, you can refer to the nine node ideas for setting the plot to quickly build an article framework.

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